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Lakme Night Fever Eye Magic - Review

PS: Before I start, sorry for the long absence, been a little under the weather with Jaundice.

What it claims: The lightweight, translucent gel comes with quick dry formula that fixes the sparkle in place. Paint crystalline lines for a soft look or sweep the entire eyelid for a jewel encrusted look. Can be used as an eye shadow or as a highlighter for cheeks or any other part of the body in classic shades of gold and silver for a subtle, pearly shine.
Price: Rs. 295/-

1. It does dry pretty fast and stays on for a good 3-4 hours (of partying and dancing), fading very little on the lids. In fact adding this on top of my eyeshadow also considerably increased its adherence. My eyeshadow stayed on longer.
2. Thanks to the fact that it is liquid & quick dry, it is totally non-messy compared to similar shimmer powders for the eye. There is no fallout.
2. Takes any ordinary matt eyeshadow to another level of oomph. It just transforms the entire look.
3. Can be used as eyeliner with a thin eyeliner brush.
4. Of the two colors, I veer towards golden more as I tend to use warmer shades such as browns and bronze for eye makeup. But the silver one too looks really awesome on shades like purple and grey.

1. It dries pretty fast for me, so I have to been really quick to apply this before it sets dry
2. Despite what lakme says, I don't think this can be used as eyeshadow by it self. It's just very fine shimmer suspended in a liquid base. It will not give you the required full lid coverage and will appear to settle in lines and creases, giving a very messy look. This is best used on top of eye make itself. Also I noticed this adheres better on top of powder shadows as compared to cream shadows.
3. The applicator tends to pick up the eyeshadow that you have applied on the lid. Over time this will cause the liquid to turn muddy & discolored
Tip:  Instead of using the sponge tip applicator given, directly, I use an old, clean lip gloss wand to just transfer the liquid to my lid. Also you need to gently DAB this onto your eyes. Don't blend it too vigorously or else you will end up wiping off your make up

Swatches: Cynthia has done some pretty neat swatches that you can see here

I would say that while these are not a must have for everyone, they are a neat addition to any girl's makeup kit who attends a lot of parties and functions, is experimental or  esp if you don't want to shell out separately on matt & shimmery eye shadows. Just get a couple of matt eyeshadhows for day wear and use these to work them for the night.

Also if you like shimmer, then you will love these for their versatility. I am going through a shimmer phase these days where I am loving shimmer in my liners and glosses (maybe it is the jaundice).

These products was sent to me by the company for consideration, however that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. oh you're down with jaundice! get well soon! i can only imagine how it must feel. my brother got infected with jaundice and typhoid, both at the same time. :(
    since these eye magics are clumping and creasing all over the place, wouldn't it be better to invest in a shimmer powder? i totally understand how it's better to dab them on and not swipe them.

  2. @Rima: Thks a lot :).. I hope yr bro's better now.

    I am so totally sick of throwing up & eating plain boiled rice all the time.. Uuggg. :P

    Yea, they do crease a bit when applied to bare skin. I am very clumsy with shimmer powders and suffer a lot of fallout, so I liked these coz they stay put.. But yes, u can use shimmer powders to create a similar effect :)

  3. oh my brother's fine now. this happened like 6-7 years back. :)
    i'm not too fond of shimmer on myself. i'll buy a pot of it to force myself a bit. :P

  4. Hey Tanveer...hope ur feeling better now...Get well soon!!!!

    I didnt quite like the eye magic...have a shimmer powder so guess that purpose is served..


  5. @Rima: Ok, lots of people don't like shimmer so much. I go through phases. I generally like shimmer in my eyeliners :)

    @Anks: Thks :)

    @HD: Thks... Yea, this is basically shimmer in a quick dry format. So if you're doing well with a powder, i guess you cld very well do without this :)

  6. How are you now?Hope you recover from the after effects(this includes horrible bland tasteless food also) of jaundice soon.Take care.

  7. Sorry about the jaundice :(

    I'm not sure this is my kinda thing - I'll stick with shimmery eyeshadows!

  8. You know Tanveer I was thinking about messaging you for long absense..My gosh eating out is costing you a lot...

    Take care..

  9. hey i was wondering about your long absence in the blogosphere......Get well soon

  10. hey get well soon!!!

  11. Hi tanveer Sorry about the jaundice :( get well soon

  12. Gosh jaundice? Hope u get well quickly T. Take care.

    Great review! I like that it dries quickly. Much better than glitter on vaseline :D
    Thanks for the link


  13. Haw ! Jaundice ? get well soon T
    I'm loving the review but I'm not a fan of glitter , so I skipped this .. but they are very pretty ! no doubt :)

  14. @RS: Thks a lot.. I am much better now & thankfully not eating a lot of bland food :)

    @Ki: Yea, everyone may not like them..

    @Anamika, Retnu, Priyanka, Sarah: Thks for all the best wishes :)

    @CZ: Glad u liked it.. I too like these snazzy tubes a lot :D

    @Palak: Yea, these are good for people who enjoy glitter :)


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