L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Range - Review

What it claims: The 1st Total Repair for damaged hair with Ceramide cement that fights five hair problem- Hair fall, dryness, roughness, Dullness and Splits Ends.

Proven results:
Day after day, it fights the 5 signs of damaged hair to become: Strong, Shiny, Smooth, Silky, Repaired tips

Total Repair 5 range includes-

• Total Repair 5 Repairing shampoo Price Rs. 130 for 200ml and Rs. 72 for 100ml shampoo

• Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner. Price Rs.150 for 180g and Rs. 80 for 90g conditioner

• Total Repair 5 Repairing Masque. Price: Rs. 325 for 200ml

I have tried all 3 products from this range.

Review - Shampoo

Smells nice. Does leave the hair soft and cleans and lathers well. It also was able to remove all traces of coconut / hair oil in one wash itself leaving my hair squeaky clean. I naturally suffer from quite a bit of hairfall, so I don't think this stopped it in any way, but it also didn't make it worse. I liked this one.

Review - Conditioner

I have very fine hair, and while this did make the hair smooth it also weighed it down making my hair appear limp.

Review - Masque

This I loved the most. This made my hair very smooth, soft and shiny as well but did not weigh it down at all. Smells nice too :)

I liked the masque most, followed by the shampoo. Conditioner I did not like at all. I generally use the shampoo as my first wash for the hair & follow it up with L'oreal Force Vector. I use the masque once in two weeks, I just wash my hair once, and then apply the masque for 15-20 mins. (I make a pony tail at the base of my neck and apply this only to hair that falls below the pony tail, that prevents conditioner from getting into the scalp and making it oily). Also the range is quite economical, prices are decent.

But I will re-purchase only the shampoo from this range again as I want to try the Force Vector (FV) masque next as the FV shampoo quite suits my hair.


  1. Few month back I was using Dove Masque which was quite good too and i guess of same range..will try this one too...

  2. hi..i started using the shampoo n conditioner 2 mnths bak n it worked well for me .. i had this serious prob of hair fall previously n this product helped in reducing it to a gr8 extent so i luv the shampoo n conditioner both.. didnt try the masque instead using the Himalaya herbals ones..thts gud tooo.. :)

  3. I've never used a hair mask before. After reading your review, I'm really intrigued now.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. 我是台灣人,很愛你們的,希望你們也會愛我!
    Hello! My name is 酒店經紀 called, from Taiwan, has no intention to see your homepage, thought the article writes is very good!

  5. I hav never used a hair masque b4..sound interesting!!

  6. I'm tempted to give the masque a try :)

  7. Hey have you tried Loreal smooth intense leave-in serum?

  8. I am always tempted by loreal hair products, they never disappoint! have you tried their re-nutrition range yet?

  9. ^ hey GG, does the loreal smooth intense serum help with frizziness?

  10. Im surprised everyone here has something nice to say about this product. It didnt work for me though :( I have naturally wavy, slightly frizzy hair and the shampoo and conditioner made it worse. I normally use dove dry therapy and that works fine for me so I'm going back to that! Btw does anyone know of a good heat protection serum available in india and I mean the kind that works with straighteners n irons? And an anti-frizz serum that doesnt weigh down hair giving that ugly oily feel?

    1. Awww, too bad this didn't work for you, it seems to be worked quite well for me :)

  11. Hey guys

    I have been using the Loreal Total Repair Five Shampoo and Conditioner for over a yr now and its suiting my hair really well. The conditioner however has lost its previous effect. So I have discontinued it very recently.

    I was always tempted to try the masque, but dint really dare to try as was a bit apprehensive. Bow after reading your views, m definitely going to buy one. :) :)

    Thanks a lot.


  12. I have the masque and was thinking of trying it...shall do so now :)


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