New Launches in The Body Shop India

Other than the Moisture White Range, The Body Shop has 2 new product launches this month:

1. Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour: Since we women end up ingesting a lot of our lip products (about 4 pounds) over a lifetime, TBS has launched this range of sheer lip colors that are made from 100% food grade ingredients. All shades contain blueberry oil from two blueberries, as well as being enriched with pomegranate fruit seed oils, delectable cocoa butter, sugar derivative, rapeseed oil and vitamin E.

There are 6 shades in this range:
• 01 Sheer Lychee
• 02 Sheer Toffee
• 04 Sheer Candy
• 05 Sheer Elderberry
• 07 Sheer Raspberry
• 09 Sheer Pomegranate

Price: Rs. 595/-

2. The DeoDry Collection: This line consists of deodorants that promise antiperspirant protection as well, with natural ingredients.

More wonderfully & importantly, this range is aluminium salts & paraben free. Aluminium salts in deos & antiperspirants may be linked with breast cancer, you can read the report here.

DeoDry keeps you dry with its unique patented technology, featuring natural volcanic mineral in an ultra-fine powder with remarkable water absorption capacity. It is this powder that absorbs wetness, so your underarms stay fresh and dry and you can feel confident for up to 24 hours.

You can choose from a deodorant roll-on or stick, depending on your preference.

Cool & Zesty has a unisex citrus fragrance and feature lemon and thyme essential oils, as does Chilled & Breezy yet with a more woody fragrance.

Fresh & Floral features a more feminine fragrance, with rose and chamomile essential oil.

Price: Range from Rs. 545 to Rs. 645/-

Have you tried any of these products?

I am yet to check these out, but the sheer lipsticks in Raspberry & Elderberry sound yummy, as does the Cool & Zesty Range of DeoDry.


  1. I have Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour don remember the color ..Its nice..I like it:)

  2. love the delipscious sheer lip colours!!!!!! must check out. grrr stop posting about new things!!! :P

  3. i don't have anything purply so these sheers will be amazing to start off on that colour.

  4. lik the idea of natural lip colors..

  5. The Delipscious lippies sound delish



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