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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Moisture Spray Conditioner - Review

What it claims: Leave-in conditioning treatment for dry, naturally coarse hair.

For weightless rehydration. New BC MOISTURE KICK is perfect to rebalance the hair’s moisture level. The innovative HYALURONIC ACID DERIVATE (amino acid and Milk-Protein Complex) recharges the hair with essential moisture without overburdening it. For soft, supple and nourished hair, full of healthy shine and bounce.


HYALURONIC ACID DERIVATIVE: a vital ingredient commonly used in body moisturisers. Its molecule is able to balance the water content. Its outstanding hydrating properties result in increased smoothing, softening and combating dryness.

PANTHENOL: penetrates the hair shaft to inject hydration and balances the natural moisture level.
AMINO CELL REBUILD TECHNOLOGY: penetrates deeply into the hair to repair the inner cell structure.

Ideal for: Hair damaged by environment, mechanical damages and damaged by natural wear and tear needs medium care level.
  • Normal to slightly dry hair.
  • Naturally dry, rough, brittle, thirsty hair.
  • Normal to fine unruly or curly hair.
How to use (this product was recommended by my hair stylist & this is how he asked me to use it): Shake well (you will see there are 2 separate layers of liquid in the bottle) and spray 3-4 times on damp hair. Style your hair, and during the day use this once in the afternoon and once in the evening to re-hydrate and freshen up my hair.

Price: Rs. 650 for a 6.8 Oz (201 ml) bottle (I got this over a year back-so prices may have changed)

Where: Alfa (Irla) & New Beauty Centre (Khar)


1. I have incredibly fine, brittle and frizzy hair which makes my hair look very messy. Part of the reason for the frizziness is the humidity in Mumbai air as well as the fact that my hair is dry and very brittle. I can't do anything about the atmosphere, but this product really helps hydrate my hair and control the frizziness.

2. The conditioner is very light, nonsticky solution, it hydrates without weighing my hair down or making it greasy, the hydration makes it easy to detangle hair and also helps the hair retain the style for longer.

3. It has a nice light smell, not overpowering.

4. I have been using this for a year now. Initially when I purchased it I thought it was rather pricey, but today when I compare the fact that it has lasted me a good 10 months despite daily use, it seems like a good buy.

5. Over the last few months, this product has made an incredible difference to my hair texture. It is smoother, softer and appears healthy.

6. My hair is very fine and dry. Hence I cannot use conditioners as they weigh my hair down and make it look limp and no bounce. This is a good alternative for me, as it is nourishing enough to condition, but not so heavy as to weigh it down.


1. It does seem to build up on the hair. If you are using this daily, be prepared to wash your hair every 2 days or else it will turn greasy 3rd day onwards.

2. The bottle is quite big, making it difficult to carry on a daily basis unless you have a big handbag.

Will I re-purchase: Yes.

P.S. I tend to buy hair care products on my hair stylist's recommendation as when it comes to hair, I tend to trust experts more than my own random judgement.


  1. hey dear, need a suggestion, would you prefer this or go with Organix Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum, cant make up my mind, youve tempted me towards both

  2. @Retnu: Frankly I use both. I use the serum only on damp hair and this everyday. But if I had to choose between the two - certainly the Organix Coconut Serum.

    Simply because it delivers results right from day 1. You will notice that your hair is shiny and softer. And you will use it only when your hair is damp. But if you apply too much it will grease up your hair.

    This one takes a few days (10 -12) days for results to start showing, plus you have to use it everyday. It is much lighter in texture and feel as compared to Organix, and it will rarely make your hair oily like Organix can.

    I hope that has helped you :)

  3. oh yes, you solved my problem, thanks so much

  4. I have never used any spray conditioner hair sounds fun but I don think so it will suit my oily it specific for dry hair or the company have the product for different hair types as well.?

  5. Tanveer, where would I find this Organix serum, any ideas?

  6. great product Tanveer..must add this to my shopping list

  7. @Anamika: Yea, this company makes a lot of different product ranges depending on hair type. You can check out more at their website here:

    @Rads: I have seen Organix only at New Beauty Centre at Khar. They carry the entire range of shampoos & conditioners.

    @Rakshanda: Glad u liked it. I hope it will benefit your hair, although I must re-iterate that getting a recommendation from your hair stylist is generally a good idea. Hair fall due to a bad product can be pretty traumatic :P

  8. hey,Tanveer =)...nice post...was wondering if you could perhaps suggest or do a post on hair straighteners for thin/fine hair.cant seem to figure out the best quality ones available in India...thanks :D

  9. I HAVE to try this! I love the Bonacure line and my dry hair needs some revival!

  10. Hey Tanveer, bought the color changing gloss and it turned a cute pink color on me which I quite liked :)

  11. Thanks for dropping by Tanveer :-)
    You won't believe but I have skin and hair exactly like yours. My hair is so fine that you can practically thread it. The trouble is, if I don't apply to manage the dryness, I have so many flyways. And , if I apply something,my hair goes limp....I am stuck in middle.
    But, I might try this.

  12. @Anne: sure.. I'll answer your question in a post :)

    @Kajal: I hope you like it too :)

    @Suchita: The bourjois one? Wow, I love it too and am so glad u liked it :)

    @Maddy: I have the same problem as you with my hair :P... alternating between fly-aways and limp hair.

  13. I've always used Schwarzkopf's BC Repair Rescue range for as long as I can remember. But this moisture kick range seems good, especially cuz of the HA in it. I always use TRTs, shampoos, and conditioners; never used a leave-on product like this, but I guess we all have our preferences.


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