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Aisha - Sonam Kapoor's Look

I finally I saw Aisha last night.

I quite liked the movie (the book is wayyy better though, and frankly so was Alica Silverstone's Clueless - another movie adaptation of the book), but I liked that Bollywood is now experimenting with Chick Flicks and also liked Sonam Kapoor's make up in the movie.

The opening scene has her in a cream lehnga which looks lovely. With that she has used silver and lilac eyeshadow to compliment the dress.

She wears a lovely frosted brown eyeshadow on her eyes for most of the movie, especially in scenes that show her pottering around the house. I felt it was a tad similar to Jordana's Mocha Frost eyeshadow, coupled with black pencil liner on her upper lashes, pink lip cream and  black nail paint.

She also sports red lips, full on smokey eyes and false eyelashes in the party segments and carries them off well.

Of course, the shoes & bags in the movie are awesome.

She was in collaboration with L'oreal for some make up products, but I felt that they were used only in one song segment.

Have you seen the movie? Any products you would recommend to get her look?


  1. Its almost official..I am the last surviving member of the human race to have not seen this movie :P

  2. @Rads: Since I heard such conflicting reviews of this movie, I decided to watch it on Vodafone Tuesday (a scheme we have here at Fame Adlabs - buy one, get one free ticket).. Maybe I went with low expectations, or maybe becoz I love the book Emma, I enjoyed it :)

  3. Tanz...the black kohl powder i have is difficult to handle but can give her smoky eye look..

    i loved the movie too and all her DIOR clothes..also Abhay deol was sooo cute:)

  4. Everytime you mention Jordana I feel bad its not available in the south :(

    But yes i also loved her make up , clothes and the whole deal.

  5. @Anamika: Yea, they have a shot of her very clearly using the kohl to line her eyes for the smokey black look. Her clothes were so fab!

    @Wanderlust: Awww.. I am sure u'll get Jordana there soon. :D

  6. i didn't like the movie at all! had high hopes from it! but yes, i have hope now that we'll come up with better click flicks in future! this movie is like the first step.
    i especially liked the indian wear that sonam wore in the movie. she has a great height and some pretty amazing shoulders.
    honestly, i feel like her makeup would have been done better? there was this scene where she's sitting at her masi's place after druv gets punched in the face and her eyelashes looked quite large, bulky and tacky! her eyes were a bit too smokey then, like a ramp model. this movie is a milestone, nonetheless!
    p.s. - i liked her black dior bag that she carried around so often in the movie

  7. Ya since Rima and I watched it together, she has said it all! :D Her eyes were often 'too' overdone. Even when she was brushing her teeth, you could see lots of blush and lipgloss! COME ON :P

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. no Rads... I am also standing in a queue to watch this movie yet... lol

  10. Haha, i have a post up on aisha as well..the clothes were soooooooo good...but there were some parts in which her makeup was all she had dark circles or smthng at times..but wasnt it such a fun movie? Even though its adapted from clueless but still

  11. @Rima: Oh yea, even my hubby commented oh her false eyelashes in that scene.. I quite liked the huge black dior bag she has when she leaves her sister's place in Mumbai for Delhi. quite awesome :)

    @Ki: You two saw it together! cool! :)
    Honestly, I liked her "overdone" eyes, they looked different, rather than the same kohl circled eyes I have been seeing on a lot of actresses.
    As for the make while brushing, well, this is a "bollywood movie".
    I once saw a pic of Frieda Pinto wearing full on makeup on her way to the gym, in real life. I guess these people are scrutinized and criticized so much for everything they do & don't do, they do get a little conscious of their looks and aren't always comfortable in their own skin.

    @Shoppingaholic: Heheheheh, maybe u & rads shd hook up :D

    @mehak: I just read it. It is awesome. I loved her hair too actually, the different styles she keeps sporting.
    I liked the movie, honestly, coz it reminded me of a time when I too was like her, trying to set up my friends. Only it ended up in a disaster, quite like her :P

  12. I sooooooooo wanna see it....Love the songs!!!!

  13. @Simran: Me too. I quite like the title track and it keeps playing in my head all the time. :P

  14. Hey Tanveer...What a coincidence...even I watched it y'day...and loved the Sonam kapoor in the movie. The makeup is so subtle and unlike other bollywood movies....
    Absolutely loved it

  15. Don't worry girls, I haven't seen it as well! In the past I never understood the fuss around sonam kapoor. you know the whole, 'she's so fashionable, she's a trend-setter' thing. But I can 'sorta' see it in the promos of this movie. But for that I credit the designers and not necessarily her. And yes, I totally want to see this. May not be meaningful cinema, but looks fun.

  16. Tanveer, I want to see the movie..somehow I felt I would like too love Emma. Guess we all are a romatically inclined bunch. Hehehee...Shoppingaholic, oh glad to find another of the dying species :P :P


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