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Are You in need of a Makeunder?

Before the Makeunder - Mother Liz & Daughter Vennessa
Sangeeta, (who happens to be my BFF from High School - yea, we go back a long way!) sent me a link yesterday on Makeunders on Oprah's site.

I was intrigued, what is this makeunder? As I read I discovered that it was an intervention designed for women who wear far too much makeup on a daily basis, so much makeup that it makes them look wannabe and overdone.

The women who appeared on the show spent upto 20 hours a week, teasing their hair styles and blending their pale blue eye shadows to perfection.

I personally feel that makeup should only subtlety enhance your features, & if  it makes you look older, even if you are 16, understand that you are doing something wrong, unless that looking older is your motive.

After the Makeunder
Makeup should make you look younger, fresher and healthier than you are and it should do this in a manner so subtle that even in harsh daylight you seem like you have hardly used any makeup.
From the two above images, the most glaring mistake they seem to have made in terms of makeup is the abuse of nude lipstick - lipstick that is beige.

Very few people can carry off beige lipstick without looking older and made-up. In the after picture, the mother has a light peach color lippie and the daughter a pretty pink.

Also gone is the frosty pale eyeshadow blended till the eyebrows, blush has been toned down. And color in their clothes (instead of the top to bottom black) has really lifted their complexion.Overall they both look far more fresher and younger too with their new styles.

While most women in India abhore makeup as something evil, I have also begun to notice some women in need of a makeunder as well. Top of the mind recall is Celina Jaitley. Also I include women who still continue to use a darker lipliner around the lips and forget to blend it in.

For those of you who are new to makeup, you can watch this video by the British Makeup Artist Lisa Eldrigde. I love this video and have it saved to refer to very often. I love how she simplifies makeup. On a daily basis when I have like 5 minutes to get ready, I really don't have the time to fuss over my look with brushes or contouring. All I need then is stuff that helps me look awake and fresh. She breaks a number of makeup myths - the most prevalent being that you need to apply foundation all over the face.

I tend to stick with my mascara, cream soft pink blush & non-shimmery lip gloss for a everyday look.

What are your tips to avoid a made-over look? Have you too noticed women in need of makeunders?


  1. Lavanya Narayanan26 August 2010 at 15:30

    Very Good Post Tanveer. Thanks for the video too. How have you been doing ?

  2. Make under..never heard of this...My tip will be foundation as this is what I have seen in India..Women trying to go over board with it thinking it will make them FAIR..

  3. very nice post...informative..I hardly use make-up...I like to go out side without any makes me free...lets watch me this video....i love your blog as its not only the market of reviews...Its the place of information.

  4. Loved reading this post Tanveer!!!!!!!!! Though yes even I feel some ppl go overboard or are obessesed with maekup never thght that something like a makeunder existed!!!


  5. both the ladies look much better and younger, personally i use only sunscreen, kajal and pink lippy, or if I have time then i add tinted moisturizer and blush to the above.
    I think anamika has already said what I wanted to say in terms of going overboard with makeup.

  6. Good post, Tanveer!

    It's true, women need to stop overdoing makeup. Sometimes dressing down is dressing up.

  7. great post !! i agree ppl dnt realise that over done makeup makes them look UGLY !!!! :(

  8. about 80% of the ladies i know who apply makeup need a make under. i feel women in india at least lack the basic makeup application skills. they need to pull up their socks.
    look at the overuse of bronzer by the mother-daughter duo! it makes me shudder more than the nude lipstick.

  9. lol this is a really good post. I have seen a couple of makeunders on the oprah show years ago and the person who receives it always looks fab in the end. This should be a reminder to all us makeup lovers to keep it on the lesser side.

    Also, thanks for the video link. I'm now completely addicted to watching all the other Lisa Eldridge videos!

  10. really wonderful post tanveer. u r rt....women dont need too much makeup to make 'em look glam. i am basically from kerala so there most of the population don't wear foundation or blush on a regular basis and me & my sis are the few who actually wear 'em atleast for functions. i always swear by a good eyeliner,mascara,lipgloss and a great sunscreen. am basically a no foundation gal. after being in mumbai for the past 3 offense to any mumbaikars ....i have seen lotsa gals packing on foundation,blush and wat not...even if they are just headed out to supermarket?? they do look nice...but the question is why all this powder on face?????anyway excellent post and keep the good ones coming

  11. you know its probably me. LOL.
    no the other day i was trying out a new look full on 1980's pink eyes with fuchsia eyeliner and everything. and i had to go to the bank with that face, i was like i should probably take it off. but god darn it, i loved that look.

    I feel that in India people are more critical of others in terms of appearance, here nobody gives two hoots. If I was in India, I'd never do it. (Mainly because of the creepy men who fixate their eyeballs on you). Overall, in India ladies hardly wear much i'd not know who needs a make-under there. (maybe Celina Jaitely, but that's it) but here its the annoying, high school drop out type girls who get on the full face of make-up to the bed.

  12. Am I living in a jungle? I can't even view the images now!!(blocked in the campus)
    Anyways really true...
    Make up just enhance what u already have, its not to transform u into a diff person..
    nice post!!


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