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Bobbi Brown - Living Beauty

Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite make up artists (despite the fact that I own none of her products) because I love her philosophy of natural looking make up and using it to play up your beauty strenghts. I recently bought her book 'Living Beauty", and it is a good read with lots of tips & tricks of the trade.

However what stayed with me was what Ms.Brown wrote in her foreword. I reproduce it here for you.

"I don't know why it's not OK to age. I think that a face without lines and planes is an expressionless face - it's a face that lacks warmth and confidence. That's why I am dismayed at the number of women today who are altering their faces in an attempt to look younger. Visits to the plastic surgeon have become as commonplace as visits to the hair salon. I have to admit that there are some women who get nipped and tucked and actually look great. But I see many more who have been pulled so tight that they look completely artificial, and others who are so plumped up and frozen that they just look old. There's a very fine line between plastic surgery that looks good and plastic surgery that looks plain awful. When you go under the knife there's no guarantee of the results - and no turning back.

Of course it's very easy to feel bad. Open any magazine and you're inundated by pictures of seemingly flawless girls who are barely twenty years old (and in some cases, as young as fourteen). Models older than thirty are a rarity. Television shows set in Los Angeles and New York glorify the lives of twenty-something characters. My advice? Don't compare yourself to these images of youthful perfection - you'll always lose. It's human nature to compare, but at least do it in a realistic way, with women close to your age.

Too many women of my generation feel bad about the fact that they're no longer young. These women have a laundry list of things they don't like about themselves - wrinkles, baggy eyelids, a too-small upper lip... I could go on for days. These women are so caught up in the negative that they don't have any energy left to focus on the positive.

I believe there needs to be a fundamental change in the way we think about beauty. We can either fall into this cycle of self-loathing or we can empower ourselves with the knowledge to deal with the things that make us unhappy. I want to get rid of the stigma that surrounds aging. Aging (or getting older) should be seen as a process through which a woman can gain more vitality, strength, wisdom, and a new sense of her beauty. It really is an evolution.

Today, there are many ways for women to be their best at any age. With knowledge, a strategy, and many lifestyle changes, women can be better at forty, fifty, and sixty than they did ten, even twenty years ago."

Powerful words there.

I sincerely believe that all of us can learn something from what she says.

She maybe talking about the insecurities that plague women who are at the verge of turning 40 +, but I have seen a lot of young girls too go through teenage and their 20s & 30s insecure, plagued with misery as they look at themselves in the mirror and notice only flaws.

There is intense phobia about aging in women, who link their self-esteem with their looks. Just think about your mother, did you stop loving her just because she developed laughter lines, or that favourite teacher of yours, did you stop respecting her just because she is now 50 +.

Make up & Proper skin care can help you look your best at any age, and embrace the fact that there is more to you than your looks. Work on your hobbies and self - esteem. Develop a personality and and aura of charisma.

There is nothing more impressive or beautiful than a woman who loves herself just the way she is.


  1. great her thoughts for aging..I also think that some old women are maro beautiful than younger..the only needs that we should feel it. thanks for this post.

  2. Tanz I agreee..i have phobia of getting aged ...and wish to have ash, sushmita or madonna like skin till i die..but this is something worth understanding

    thank u for sharing the article

  3. Thanks for reproducing the foreword Tanveer, i absoulutley second it

  4. Yes! Beautiful words.
    Women are Goddesses and so they should love themselves. It's almost embarrassing when even girls in their 20s cringe about growing one year older on their birthday, when they should be celebrating it.

    Nice share, Tanveer.


  5. heyy...
    u keep mentioning tinted moisturiser and tinted lip balm a lot.. can u advice sum good brands...
    thanks a tonne

  6. I love this post T. I just love BB's beauty tips n wisdom


  7. hi, nice post.

    I follow your blog and it is part of my blog role. While I am not much into make up per se, I like your passion and enthusiasm about letting people know the pros and cons about them.

    today when i was reading your post, i found it is interesting and coincidental both that yesterday I have also posted a note on aging and its associated issues in India. do visit if you find time and I would love to have your comment there.

  8. Great post Tanveer...Even I adore Bobbi Brown and her thinking style...She is so tight about Comparing to our own age

  9. hey nice post..its actually true that women notice more flaws in them than thinking about their natural beauty..

  10. Nice post!
    So agree with Bobbi here, an woman who dresses her age, and ages gracefully is much more beautiful than those who hang on to their younger years and try and emulate that...

  11. Hi, I’m Gunna. Found your blog last night searching for Bobbi brown. I love natural looks using minimum makeup. I would to finish my makeup within few minutes that would be revolutionary for me :)

  12. This is such a lovely post Tanveer. Thanks or putting it up.

  13. Oh I am catching up on all your posts today..I was just wondering the other day why you did not do any book reviews after the dan brown one..or did I miss any? This sounds like a good book..think I should get it...the foreword seems good.


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