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Braun Silk Epil Review

The female self torture technique - I epilate.

Let me state this upfront, the model I have is more than 10 years old (Yup, this has a very long life). At that time only 2 versions were available in India - Regular & Sensitive (had two attachments, one for arms/legs, other for more sensitive areas). My mom had bought the regular one for some 2000 bucks. She used it for around 7 years after which she gave it to me. I have been using this since the last 3 years. The box is no longer with me so I don't know the model number.

These days I you have a huge variety in Braun. (You can check them out here) I had initially decided against doing this review because the model I am reviewing is not even available any more (it's so old I can't even find any images of it online), but some readers have been requesting for it.


1. It combines the best benefits of both waxing and shaving. Hair growth is slow just like waxing, you won't see new hair for upto 4 weeks, and like shaving it is hassle free. No hot wax, or strips.

2. It has a very, very long life. As long as you follow the cleaning instructions, this will last a long time. It is very sturdy.

3. They provide a padded pouch with the product and the epilator, its adaptor and cleaning brushes all fit snugly into it. Makes it very travel friendly. It works on electricity and not battery.

4. Quick and convenient: It takes me like 10 minutes to do my entire arms & legs, plus I can use this at home as per my convenience. No appointments and waiting at the parlour.


1. If you haven't waxed in a long time (say 2 weeks), and the hair length has grown it will be very painful. It is best used on small hair (something like hair 2 days after you have shaved.) If you have hair longer, I'd suggest you shave it and then use this between day 2 & 3.

2. If you have sensitive skin this may not be a good option, as it essentially pulls the hair out from the root. It is not a pain free experience. It probably hurts as much as waxing does or even more probably as waxing is one rip & gone, this is, ahem, slower.  (I don't really know, as I have never waxed). It is painful initially, but over time I have gotten used to it and it hurts less now. It is a little bit more painful for me on the back of my leg and on bony areas like the knees.

3. My skin does tend to get covered in pink dots (you know what I mean) after I use for 30 minutes. I always use Biotique Chlorophyll gel after using this.

Overall: I quite like this product, it is hassle free, easy to use anytime, and is relatively low maintenance. To be honest, I do have very, very less hair on my arms & legs, and the hair that I do have is very fine. Even If I shave, I stay totally smooth for at least 10 days, sometimes longer.

I use this once a month and the job gets done. It is very economical and fast too. Were anything to happen to this model, I am pretty sure I will get the newer version.

If you have coarse hair / heavy / high density growth, I am not sure how this would work for you. My sister who has more hair issues than me, hates this. She prefers a quick wax job at the parlour to this.

So what's your favourite method of torture?


  1. Tanz..i have a story for of my friend was its dealer and that time we were in school.I got this one and my God it pained me like hell..tried many times on my under arms..just cant bear its pain..

    u r right it will suit those who have very very light hair.though i think i have soft hair too but i just don know about this one..

    your tip is great. the moment you get hair after 1-2 days u can use it..i will try it out this way .

  2. Anamika...its not meant for uderarms!!!!

  3. my cousin also uses it..n she has dt red dots problem frm lik forever...
    ders new dermaseta whch is out recently frm tele shoppin...looks much less painful n smooth...does any1 knw anythg bout it ??

  4. oh my god i hav used this and stopped it 'coz of the pain. no matter how i use it the pain was tooooooo horrible. it surely does its job but one has to be superhuman to endure the maddening process. i think my sis took mine and she is pretty happy with it.

  5. He He..i wasnt aware about this Rads ..was too young to know about these things but on my hands also it was a pain..

  6. Oh god...the first type of hair removal i tried- was this one. And im not the soft, little hair on body kinf of person. Add to that 14 years of no hair removal and then doing this as the first was tortureeeee!!!!
    But its definitely hassle free and it removes hair from the roots..If i had finer hair, i would probably use it..

  7. OMG I hate this. Its so freaking painful, though my mom has fewer issues with it than i do.

  8. I couldn't bear the pain and also bleed... that was enough of a try for me. I can't use it but think it is very convenient :(

  9. u hav already quoted my opinion!!hehehe!!
    Absolutely hate those times,,,,:(

  10. I would prefer waxing any day over epilating.I find it less painful plus it also removes dead skin and tan.

  11. I got a model from braun which you can use under water. braun epilator is the best on i have ever used.

  12. I love it..It works for me...its very easy and comfortable...

  13. Been thinking about buying myself an epilator since forever coz I'm tired of shaving. Waxing is ok but I can't keep running to the parlour.

    Now I'll take the plunge n buy one :)


  14. I have the one from Philips and I love it. My hair is neither fine nor coarse and the pain is bearable for me. Epilators work well on even on very short hair, which is good for me during summers when I need to wear skirts and sleevelesses, as I do not have to wait till full growth to run to the parlour.

  15. Hey tanveer,

    I was searching for some reviews on epilators when i bumped into this blog of urs..U got a new follower in me. Loved it to the core..every post of urs..Can u help me with a Braun Epilator model which i can get for around rs. 1500 - 2000..Cant really find prices of Braun epiators anywhere..coz I am not sure whether it will suit my skinjust recommend a model within that price range.. type or not..thanks..


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