July 2010 favourites

July was a good month, make-up wise. We saw a lot of new launches, some good, some not so good. Here are some products that I liked this July

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Glosses: I liked these much better than the lipsticks. They are quite pigmented, shimmery, and last long without being sticky. They could smell better though, I am just glad the caramel sweet smell disipates in a few minutes.

2. Beyu Eye Primer: Using this for a month now, it does make the eyeshadow colors more vibrant and true to form, (I had almost given up on my NYX Champaigne and Caviar Eye shadow pallette - untill I tried them with this as a base) but the lasting power is not greatly enhanced by this. For a more detailed review, visit Palak's Blog Teenage Woes

3. Bourjois Blush in #33 Lilas D'or: Cynthia of India Vanity Case discovered this amazing dupe of NARS Orgasm. Over the last month having worn this during day and night, I have been amazed by its versatality and ability to go with all kinds of makeup. To say that this has become my HG is an understatement. The shimmer is very fine and the pink tone of the blush is just perfect.

4. Max Factor Creamy Blush in Soft Pink: I won this in Cynthia's giveaway.
While this is slightly less pigmented than NYX Cream Blushes, it is far smoother in texture and blends like a dream, as a result of which it looks uber - natural, like you are glowing from within. Lasting power though is less than that of NYX. It lasts for 3-4 hours, after which it begins to fade. But despite that, I am loving this baby and plan to try Soft Murano next from this line. Thanks Cynthia!

5. Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss: This self changing clear gloss is lovely these rainy days for a soft pink look on the lips.

6. Nivea Deo Pearl & Beauty Gentle Care:  with precious pearl extracts, this offers 24h regulation of perspiration for beautiful and dry underarms. Formulated without alcohol or colourants. I brought the 35 ml tiny spray bottle for 50 Rs. It is very tiny (the size of your palm) and fits snugly into my purse. It has a very intense feminine floral frangrance that lasts 3-4 hours. The only downsize is a tendency to leave white deposit on the skin. I quite like this as a deo on the go. Smells nice & fresh.

7. Sure Anti-Perspirant (Roll on): I got the smallest bottle in this too. It is a very effective anti-persirant, but it hardly has any smell to it, which is pro for me, it offers protection, but does not interfere and allows me to use perfume as well in conjuction. I use this, and then layer on my favourite vanilla body spray.
Have you tried any of these?


  1. I too was looking for ward for Bourjois Blush..and now when you too have mentioned it has been stored in my memory like a save as file.:P

    Like yur july products:)

  2. Love your monthly favourites.. Review NYX Champaigne and Caviar Eye shadow pallette with swatched pretty please :)

  3. This is a nice feature on your blog..your monthly favs :-) Saw the Nive deo the other day during my usual browsings at the store...tx for the mini-review.

  4. Thanks for the link love girl :)
    I too love "sure" :P
    and the Bourjois blush ? Sigh .. I can not get it this month or even the next month :(
    I already Over shot my allowance with the recent visit to MAC .. ssshhhhh :D

  5. Beyu's primer is shimmery na?

  6. i have been following your blog for the past days.came across through your hostel packing list.completely new here.:(
    i wanted to know where i could get the fabindia products in mumbai..and also if u have any review of the TBS seaweed day cream..i have very oily skin and m desperately in search of a moisturiser..
    tc..the list really helped by bringing it down from 5 pages.:)

  7. i have so much lip stuff but i sooo wanna try the colorsensational glosses!!! :(:(:(

  8. Your picks are always gonna help others a lot!! I'm one of them...:)

  9. Great post...nice idea...yes i love Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Glosses...really very good.

  10. Hey Tanveer, have you tried the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses? Those are really great!

  11. Some great favourites you have there gurl!

  12. hiya, thanks for subbin to me :) just reading ur recent post.. i love bourjois blushh actually the entire line lol :) you on twitter? x

  13. Okay, this is kinda random and I'm not sure if I should post is somewhere else...

    anyway, I was just going through your maybelline mascara reviews and I noticed that you bought the waterproof varieties. I've read in a couple of magazines that waterproof mascara thins out the lashes over a period of time. Have you noticed anything like this?
    Also, I know that you used the biotique almond eye cream and didn't like it, but have you tried the seaweed eye gel?

  14. thats a nice list Tanveer!!! I recently got a color sensational lip gloss and really liking it...its quite pigmented...

    Eyeing the Bourjois blush since the time I read abt it on Cynthia's blog...dunno whn I will get it


  15. I loveeeeeeeee Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Glosses, and also the Maybelline limp plumpers, they really really work !!! Also, the nivea anti perspirants are nice, but after a while they start leaving white stains on your skin- i dunno if i just got a bad product or what..

  16. @Anamika: Hehehehe.. I hope u like the Bourjois Blush. Thks :)

    @Sarah: Thks. I'll try & find some time on a weekend to review the NYX pallette

    @Rads: Thks :).. Sometimes I really don't have much to say about a prdt - so I put it in these mnthly reviews :)

    @Palak: You are most welcome. I got the Primer after reading your review. So what did u get frm MAC? Anything interesting?

  17. @Ki: Hmm.. well, not really. It has very fine micro-shimmer, that is visible on your finger or brush when you apply. But not on the lid. It has never caused my matt eyeshadows to look any different or turn shimmery all of a sudden. The shimmer is so less & tiny that I don't think it is a very important feature of this product. But if you are very fussy about shimmer, then do test it very well in different lights before purchase.

    @punky: Thks for following girl. I am glad the hostel list helped you and welcome to Maximum City! I hope u have a good time here. You can get Fab India prdts at all fabindia stores across Mumbai. You can refer to their site for the complete list of stores.

    I haven't tried TBS seaweed as I have dry skin. My sister has oily skin and she was quite happy with Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer as well Aroma Magic Hydro Gel.

  18. @Rima: Well then, you must try Hooked on Pink. It is a fab color :)

    @Shoppingaholic: Thks! I am glad they help you :)

    @Rakshanda: Thks :) I too love the glosses. My fav colors are plum-tastic & hooked on pink

    @Mani: Not yet :P.. Waiting for wallet to recover from on-slaught of Color Sensational before I try Revlon :)..

    @Gawjus: Thks :)

    @Simarjit: You're most welcome. This is my first bourjois blush & I just love the super smooth texture and how fine-milled it is! Yup I am on twitter. My handle is Thea Selene

  19. @Poohkie: No issues.

    Yea I always buy water proof versions of mascaras. I find it hard to wear the other type in Mumbai's humidity. I didn't notice any thining of lashes and all. I suspect that happens because water proof mascara's are lil difficult to remove. So the tugging & pulling breaks lashes. I use Jergens all purpose face cream to remove make up, & I apply it directly on the lashes and wait for a minute before wiping it off with a damp cotton. The mascara comes off completely and no lashes are broken due to tugging.
    I have used both almond eye cream & their seaweed gel. I didn't like either. The almond cream would sting my eyes. & the gel would initially feel cool, but it would dry and then pull on my under eye skin, it felt like something was stretching my under eye skin.

    @HD: Glad u like it too :)

    @Mehak: I haven't tried the lip plumpers yet. But even I love the glosses :).. Even I have the same problem as you of white stains with Nivea. Guess it is a prdt feature :P

  20. hm...will check that out :)

  21. oh and thanks for telling about the biotique eye gel. Been eying it for the longest time...guess I'll stick to my aroma magic gel. it's really good.

  22. By far your best favorites hehe. I have to wait till I'm back in Delhi to get the Sensational n Bourjois lipglosses :(. N yes the Nivea deo too!
    I'm happy u like the blush :)

    Thanks for the link ♥



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