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LUSH Angels on Bare Skin - Review

What Lush claims: Picture a cleanser called Angels on Bare Skin and you probably wouldn't imagine a lump of stuff resembling grainy, grey putty. We could try to make it more attractive to look at but that would be at the expense of its true beauty: its ability to cleanse and exfoliate your facial skin. We based it on a medieval recipe that would have been excruciatingly expensive at the time. To make you face 'faire and smoothe' take a small, pea-sized piece in your hands, smooth it all over damp skin and wash it off. The ground almonds exfoliate, lavender oil helps to balance oil production, kaolin (china clay) absorbs oils, rose softens your skin and glycerine helps it to absorb and retain moisture.

Ingredients: Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Glycerine, Kaolin, Water (Aqua), Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Lavender Flowers (Lavendula hybrida).

Price: Rs. 585/- for 100 gms.

How to use: take a peanut size amount of the cleanser. Add some water to make a paste & use.

I use this a little differently as I find with the above method it just turns into a milky thin liquid making it difficult to use. Instead I wet my face, take a pea sized amount, warm it in my palm using fingers and then apply it directly to the face and neck.

1. I love the intense smell of lavender in this cleanser. It is a very strong, very intense smell, so do take a whiff before you get this thing. Everyone may not like it.

2. Very calming for the skin, it instantly calms down any inflammation that I have. The scrub is gentle enough for daily use and I love crushing the bits of dried lavender flowers that it has to release the frangrence.

3. Leaves the skin soft and smooth and it has actually overtime helped balance out oil production, so I no longer get dry bits or flakes. It does leave a film of moisture/oil on the face. I don't mind it, but people with oily skin might not like it.

4. Lasts quite long for something without preservatives. To be honest, I do store this in the freezer. It is just too damn expensive for me to let it just spoil by lying outside. Every week, I remove a small amount and keep it outside for weekly use and the rest goes back in my freezer. I have been using this since March and it is still in mint condition *touchwood*

1. Very tiresome to use, the scrub bits get entagled in hair and keep falling all over the place

2. Although it is called a cleanser, it doesn't remove makeup, and the exfoliation is quite gentle. The almond peices are very soft and almost squshy. Those of you who like your scrubs to be a little gritty, or densely packed with scrubbing agents (think walnut, apricot granules) may not like it. The good thing is, you can sample this at the store, feel the texture.

3. The price, a hefty 585 for 100 gms. & you can't buy lesser than this.

Will I re-purchase: Unsure.

I do make a very similar scrub at home with ground almonds. Though it doesn't smell as nice as I don't have bits of lavender to add, it too does a pretty good job of exfoliating gently, softening and nourishing my skin as well. Though not as well as this & I also just love the smell of this cleanser, it is so soothing at the end of the day to smell all that lavender. Feels like a treat.

Have you tried this or any other cleanser from LUSH? Any reccomendations?


  1. Hmm....will have to try this cleanser...thanks Tnaveer

  2. Freezer..oh I put mine in the fridge, and it lasted. Hmm..should try the freezer thing, though I am not sure if it effects the essential oils. Am not too informed about all this.

  3. Not available in my city so will have to make do with my home made stuff.

  4. Lush product are sooo expensive :(
    i always wanna buy them cos they all look so good , specially the shampoos...tried any lush shampoos yet?

  5. Very nice blog Tanveer :)

    I have tried Lush Angels on Bare Skin...I kinda like it...going to buy the second one soon :) You must try Ocean Salt..its a very coarse exfoliator, but it's awesome! :)

  6. I got it! After your reco...thank you. But I ended up gifting it to someone with such dry and sensitive skin that she only uses water on her face 5-6 times a day. She totally didn't break out with this. I'm gonna get another tub of this soon.

    I've tried fresh farmacy for really long. It helped calm my skin but was drying.

    I also bought skin drink which is just lovely for my skin. Was using lush's celestial before and HATED it.

    Btw, they gave me a free tester of crash course in skin care. Nuthin thaat great. I mean skin is softer but like thats it.

  7. @Mehak I haven't tried their shampoos but I've read great reviews about them. Although they aren't cheap, Lush claims that their solid shampoo bars are equivalent to three bottles of normal liquid shampoo so it might be a good deal to spend on the shampoo bars.

    I've used Angels on Bare Skin and it did work well with my face but a few months later, my skin got worse. I'm not sure if it's because of AOBS or not - but I've stopped using it.

  8. Hey Tanveer,

    Was looking for a review on this product and came across this post. Sounds like a cross between a cleanser and exfoliator and hmm....not very impressive. will give it a miss i guess

    Anamika (

  9. @Rakshanda: It is really nice for dry skinned gals

    @Rads: LOL.. I don't know either how freezing affects the essential oils. I just did it on a lark & it seems to going well

    @Sonia: :)

    @Mehak: I know.. I hate lush for being so expensive, you spend a bomb & leave with a tiny tub.. Nope, not tried any shampoos yet :)

    @Appu: Thanks! I'll check out Ocean salt for sure. Thks for the reccos

    @Neha: This is ideal for dry skin only I think. it does leave behind an oily film :) Fresh Pharmacy should be used only max 2 times a week, that is what the SA told me.. I have been eyeing their moisturisers since forever, but they are so expensive!! So never tired skin drink, celestial or crash course :(

    @Fieran: Yup, good thing u did. I mean, why take a chance right, if it ain't suiting you :)

    @Anamika: Yup, it is a bit of both :)


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