Products of August '10

It has been just pouring and pouring this month in Mumbai. Not a day's respite.

Not that I am complaining, I love the rains. I so much prefer them to the heat & summers in Mumbai. I would rather get drenched in the rain, than sweat under the sun.

But the rains have also bought a lot of illness, people are falling ill with malaria & diarrhea & flu. Almost everyone I know is battling something. I hope everyone gets well soon!

Chalo, Now it is time to go through my hits & misses of the month

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Cherries in the Glow: I first sported this lipgloss on Divija's Blog, and I knew I wanted this. I finally laid my hands on this last month, and I absolutely love it! In the bottle it looks like a plain cherry red, that you fear might be too bright. On the lips, it is a sheer fleshy red pink that looks very natural.

It has hardly any shimmer, and it goes with all kinds of eye makeup looks. I think I may have found my HG Nude Lip Gloss. It also has a very light smell, and is very moisturising. As you can tell, I am in love with this.

2. Colorbar Apple Martini Nail Paint: Cynthia first swatched this here and started like a whole lemming drive behind this. Every second blogger wanted this, I was no different. This is an out there color, it will invite comment - some people will like it, some won't. It is kind of like the Bisleri Green color on my nails. I like it, and also like the fact that it draws attention.

3. Chambor Eye Art Pencil in Dark Brown & Grey: I have been using this pencils for a few months now. This costs some 400 Rs, and comes with a smudger at the back. It is longer when compared to most eye pencils, doesn't smudge after you have let it set for a minute and both colors are non-shimmery and perfect for office wear.

4. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Plum Perfect (435): I know, I said I can't stand the smell. Still Can't. But I figured a way to use this very pretty berry plum shade, thanks to Lisa Eldridge. I just dab the lipstick onto my index finger and then lightly dab that onto my lips. That way I get a very nice plum tint, without the texture of a lipstick, that caramel smell, and the dryness of a lip tint. Like I just ate a few berries, Just perfect.

5. ELF Cream Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl: Costs Rs. 199/-. This is a set of a light milky coffee brown and a deeper taupe like brown. Since this is a cream, it is very easy to blend around the eye. I use the BeYu primer underneath it, and it lasts for around 3 hours. The colors are pretty, the texture is good. But I wish they lasted longer, and also that ELF had some more shades in this range.

That's it for this month. Saving up to splurge in a big way on Diwali.

What were your favourite buys this month?


  1. wow I've read a LOT about cherries in the glow!!but i thought it would be red and not pink... and its cool that you found a way to use the maybelline lipsticks. i use the same method for dark colours.
    Wonder when elf and jordana will come to chennai?*sob*

  2. Is ELF available in India...I SOOO want to buy all of their stuffs!!!

  3. hey my fav prods would be nail color:-now am into "frankening" but i do have the shade "apple martini" with me and its groovy. lips:- max factor shine gloss and faces lipgloss,eyes:-estee lauder eye pencil in black and jordana "eggplant" loooveeeeee tat purple!skincare:-dermalogica skin hydrating booster(coz its monsoon and tends to make my facial skin flaky!)

  4. So you finally managed to get that lipstick to work for you...was wondering what you would do with it :D

  5. i had the super lustrous gloss and loved it while it lasted :)

  6. Where is elf available in Mumbai?

  7. You're luck that you have ELF stores around!! :(

  8. I really wanted to try colorbar nail paints...I don't know why i didnt :(

  9. btw, just wanted to ask you - since you have a LOT of blushes, how do you decide which one to wear every morning? With the little makeup I have, I end up taking AGES to choose which product to use...

  10. Hehe...I wasn't aware that I started a lemming drive :D. But I was half out of the blogging loop at the time.

    Glad to hear u still use the Color Sensational inspite of the smell :)


  11. hey which concealer,foundation,compact n highlighter do use ? daily wear n party wear ?

  12. @Poohkie: It is kind of red, not completely pink. Kind of like a cherry color.
    I had to do something with those lippies. Brand new, they were just going waste.

    @Srish: yes, ELF is available in India, but their Studio line has not been launched.

    @Indianmakeupways: I loved yr idea of franking, it was just amazing! I too love jordana eggplant, only it doesn't last very long. Nice prdts of the mnth :)

    @Retnu: LOL, I am gonna go in that mode very soon. Saving up :)

    @Rads: yea, I wld keep staring that them and lamenting on the money down the drain. Finally I figured a way out.

    @Rima: :)

  13. @Anon: You'll ELF at all Beauty Centre outlets in Mumbai.

    @Shoppingaholic: Not really. They are nice, but they havn't launched the studio line here. So I sometimes feel cheated, like they are selling us the sub-standard older product line.

    @AOYV: You shd have! Did you try any Indian cosmetics on yr trip here?

    @Poohkie: Well, I have been doing makeup for so long, that I kind of know what to pick once I have chosen my outfit. But I'll try and explain it further in a post :)

    @Cynthia: Yea, had to make my money count :)

    @Bhumika: I hope I answered yr question in today's post :)

  14. wow i was so surprised me too wearing the same nail paint SAME PINHHHH joor se:)
    and revlon's cherries in the glow is my fav too :)
    wow m happy :)
    i have to see the other u mentioned though:)
    its a nice post sweetie to know the leaming phase let me think mine now:)


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