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Are you scared of oil too?

As some of you might already know, both Anamika & I are great believers in the powers of Oil Cleansing Method. She has oily skin and I have combination - dry skin, yet both of us have benefited greatly from this technique.

But a lot of girls hate oil, as much as they hate the dreaded zit. An oil is the most misunderstood ingredient in skin care products and also the most 'unwanted'  - most girls clamour for products that cleanse every bit of oil from their face, skip the moisturiser or use one that is oil-free and somehow are still victims of acne, skin dullness, excessive oil production, dryness in patches.

Basically what has happened is that by stripping the face of oil by using harsh cleansers and oil blotting sheets - you send your pores into a tailspin who overcompensate by producing even more oil, which you instantly blot off.

Part of this dread is fueled by cosmetic companies. Using oil as cleanser has ancient roots. Greeks would smear and massage olive oil all over their bodies, and then scrape it off with a warm wash cloth. This was followed by a rinse with warm water. This was their daily cleansing routine.

Oil Cleansing Method is based on the principle of like dissolves like. We tend to get blackheads and acne when sebum hardens in our pores trapping dirt with it. The warm oil massage over time, dissolves these blocked pores.

This has a number of benefits for the skin, right from reducing pore size, to eliminating blackheads, regularising oil production as pores channels clean up, amongst others. Overall, skin looks better, is moisturised and glows! This is the best and most natural way of attaining that dewy look.
I do it almost everyday, I just warm up a spoonful of sesame oil and first use a few drops to remove all my makeup. I wipe off the dirt with a damp cotton and then massage the rest of the oil gently all over my face. After 15 minutes, I wipe it all off with a warm water. Once a week add a drop of sandalwood essential oil to it to give it a boost.

Does oil have the potential to block your pores? yes, it does - if you don't remove the oil properly it can cause acne. You can also get acne if the oil you use doesn't suit you. I have experimented with jojoba, coconut, castor, olive and almond oil combinations, before realising that sesame oil suits me the best. Not that the others were bad or harmed me in any way, my skin just loved sesame the moment I began using it. It absorbs very fast and never leaves a oily residue.

It is possible that you too would have to experiment a bit, before settling down. But then, that is true for regular skincare too. We have to use different foundations and moisturisers before we find the One.

To read more on this topic, go here

Do you use oil as a part of your skin care routine?


  1. i am one of those girls whose scared of oil, since i think my skin produces so much of oil, i dont require any more of it....i might surely try it soon

  2. Hey Tanz...thank u thank u so much for obliging me on your blog..

    i have oily skin and i did it yesterday only with coconut oil this time..moment i do it my skin feels so soft and i have seen all the benefits which you have mentioned.

    to remove off the oil later i do clean my face with a cleanser but this is must for me..

    I so so love it..

  3. nice 1..hd read bout ur OCM too before...

  4. Wow, I finally came across a post which is useful enough. My dilemma was that I do not understand oily skin but I thought that oil is not bad for oily skin. So, on those thoughts, I had sometime back posted on natural moisturizers for oily skin and I would really love it if you would comment on my post. The link is:
    Looking forward for your comments and if Anamika is reading, she too is welcome to check out the post and give views on it.

  5. Wow!! What a great post!! I don't dread oil at all. Greeks fascinate me a lot. i am gonna read their history now!! Let me grab some book. and Oil bath... yes... I am gonna try this weekend.


  6. i'm scared of oil cleansing even though i have dry skin! i just hate that oiliness, no matter how mild it is. prefer creamy cleansing lotions or my good ol' facewash to remove my makeup :)

  7. bt tanveer u hd sd dat u broke out after a week in ur ocm d solution to it is scrubbin to remove dead skin..rite ?

  8. @Retnu: Yea, lots of girls are very terrified of using oil on their face. It's like a nightmare for them. I guess they have just had bad experiences.

    @Anamika: You're most welcome. :).. I have now been using sesame oil for this and am seeing pretty good results.

    @Bhumika: Thks :)

  9. @Sky: Thks :).. I will chk out your post :D

    @Shopping: I hope you enjoy it :)

    @Rima: You're not alone. Most girls hate that oiliness as well. :)

    @Bhumika: Yea, when I first tried OCM, the tradional way I broke out. Most sites on the net that I refered to advocated that castor oil is a must in OCM. Now castor oil is very thick and sticky and a pain to take off. Also for some reason it is very drying in nature. So to cut the story short, it didn't suit me at all. It wld dry out my skin, and was difficult to remove.. Also back then, I was not exfoliating my skin.

    Now not only do I exfoliate my skin every 2-3 days, I also have stopped using castor oil. I use much lighter oils like sesame that suit me :)

  10. hey, had post a comment earlier too..I want to try the oil cleansing method, but can't seem to find the right oils. seems we should use only some clod pressed one. sesame oil should be easily available. Can you please name the brands/types you use. - thanks a lot


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