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Debasree says "I am basically looking for pre bridal packages for my upcoming wedding in Nov. Would you be able to do an article which includes the services of the package, price etc. Am also looking for suggestion regarding my wedding makeup. Like which foundation,concealer etc to buy. I shall ever be greatful if you help.. BTW am from Kolkata & have combo skin type."

First of all, congrats Debashree on your upcoming wedding!

There are many pre-bridal packages in the market to suit every budget. Most offer services like waxing, bleaching, facials, manicures, pedicures & body polishing as a part. You can refer to your married cousins or friends to get an idea/review of what services are included, as well as cost and value for money, or else call up the salons themselves and get an understanding of what is offered. Most salons are more than happy to offer you customised packages. Do look into them as well.

The least minimum you should get done is a facial / treatment to remove all blackheads/whiteheads and treat sun damage. Start this 3 months prior to the wedding so that your skin has enough time to recuperate.

As far as wedding  makeup is concerned, book a makeup artist. There is a lot of stress during the wedding, and the last thing you want to be doing now is your own make-up, even if you are very good at it. Wedding makeup will have to last through the ceremony without fading or melting, and look good not only in photographs but also in real life. MUAs are trained in special makeup techniques like countouring and highlighting and will help you look your best, even if you are a bundle of nerves inside.

For your bridal make up kit, invest in the best brands that you can afford. Try getting a mix of brands like MAC, Inglot, MUFE, Revlon et al.
If you have never bought makeup before, the best idea would be take your makeup artist for the wedding, along with you as your shopping guide. She will guide to shades and colors that best suit your skin tone and features. If that is not possible, take a friend or cousin along, who has some knowledge of makeup to help you choose. Go bare faced, so you can try concealors and foundations on your face in the store to get the best match.

For the D-Day, do let the MUA know, well in advance, the colors of your dress so she can carry makeup accordingly. If you have any preferences, discuss them with her well in advance, preferablly during the trial.

While it is important to look natural during the wedding, don't under-do your makeup. You will need some definition in your make-up for the photographs. Define your eyes with beautiful dark thick lashes, good brows and a nicely shaped eye socket. Pastel make-up suits few, doesn't give enough definition and tends to look washed out in the photographs. Also it can look very old fashioned.

All the best!

What advice would you offer Debasree?


  1. Hey :)

    Useful post! I would advise her to first and foremost visit a dermatologist and revise her skincare regime if she has any skin probs or acne. Lots of water, face packs at home, exercise will all give a glow without makeup also :D

    as far as hiring a MUA - make sure you see the portfolio and don't hire her on word of mouth. Do get a trial before the D-Day.

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Useful tips there Tanveer. My cousin recently got married- one thing- carry a spare lipgloss with you and tell yr friends/sisters to keep it- yr going to be there on stage for a looooong time- touch ups will be needed.

    I so agree about pastels- they really look washed out in pictures-

    Also make sure your mascara and kajal are water proof- theres going to be a lot of crying at indian weddings, and you dont want to look like a panda with black streaks running down yr face now do you

  3. ooh and also- invest in a good solid foundation and concealer- remember yr going to spend close to an hour near the fire- you dont want yr foundation melting away with the heat..

  4. @Ki: Hey! Nice to see you. I hope yr wedding prep is going fine, it must be in full swing now. Thks for sharing your tips

    @Mehak: Thks.. Yea, waterproof eyemake is a must. U have given some very good tips yrself. Thks.

  5. Tanveer you have done a real great post...very concise without missing anything important. I agree with everything you have said.

    Just one suggestion for Debashree...try not to stress..I know its hard ....but stress can give real bad skin..

    Just regularly, clean and moisturise.

    And, btw Congrats !!!!

  6. Thanks so much Tanveer..Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. It's gonna help me a lot..

  7. I also think its best on a big day like that to not take any risks in regards to makeup. Stick to your tried and tested, most flattering makeup techniques but perhaps just a more defined eyes and concentrating a lot on perfecting the complexion...


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