Colorbar Blushes - Review

What they claim: Available in five shades, Plum Brown, Cosmic Rose, Fuchsia, Peachy Rose and Just Earth, the Blusher accentuates the cheek area giving a glow to the face.

This talc free, silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.

Price: Rs. 250 for 6 gms

1. Highly pigmented formula - shows up instantly on the skin
2. Very finely milled texture, has never caused me to break out or resulted in dry patches.
3. Amazing shades for Indian skintones - I have fuchsia (deep pink) & plum brown (pinkish brown) and love both a lot
4. Very economical and it is a nice sturdy packaging.

1. Because it is so pigmented, it is very easy to go overboard and end with clown like look. When using this always dust off excess blush from the brush.
2. The brush provided with this is of good quality, but I don't like it at all for applying blush. It doesn't blend it very well. When travelling - I would rather use my fingers to apply and blend than this brush.
3. Doesn't last very long on its own - a max of 3 hours, after which it is gone. It does last longer (read 4 - 5 hours) if layered on top of a cream texture though - so apply this either on top of a thin layer of cream blush or even liquid foundation. You will have to be little deft in blending though. Cream will tend to latch onto powder.
Will I purchase this again: Yes. I love the colors - Fushsia & Plum Brown. They are very different shades and I enjoy using them. However I do wish they were also available in cream format so that they would blend better & have long-lasting power.

You can also read reviews of this by Anamika & Cynthia.

Have you tried this blush? Any tips to make it last longer?


  1. Its on my list, definitely going to get me some color bar blushes from India next time! Also their nail paints.

  2. hey tell me ur preference would you go for the color bar fuschia or jordana sandalwood, and color bar plum brown or jordana bronzer shade...
    i just want an idea of which one to buy...i have been thinking of it, and your post came in the right time...
    thanks so much for doing the review :)

  3. Thanks for the link love T. I love my one Colorbar Blush too. I wish they would launch more shades


  4. @Retnu: Fushsia is a very deep pink - almost mauve in color. Sandalwood is a light peach pink. Since they are such different colors I wldn't be able to compare but if I have to I'd pick sandalwood as that is more wearable by everyone.

    Between Plum brown & Jordana bronzer - plum brown is a pinkish brown. It is not a completely brown color. If you want a blush that is more towards brown go for jordana. Personally I wld pick plum brown here. You could also try Just Earth from colorbar which is a plain brown shade.

  5. I have the colorbar blush in peachy rose and totally love it....which cream blush do u use with this?

  6. @HD: I use Golden by NYX. This is a pale skin colored blush with a hint of golden shimmer. Both these blushes I have are matt & they look nice layered upon Golden.

  7. I have Peachy Rose and plum brown...both are nice...but you are right..very pigmented..over all i love this product.

  8. hey i have fushia and i love it. maybe i should check out plum brown

  9. waiting to get peachy rose...wud chck out plum brown too...
    which wud u seect between jordana sandalwood,maybelline apricot flush n peachy rose ?

  10. @Bhumika: I have not used Colorbar peachy keen & neither have I used any maybelline blush. So I won't be able to tell u how they compare to jordana sandalwood

  11. @AOYV: I was actually expecting that you would try this brand out when you came to India, coz u did pick up lakme.. But never mind, there is always a next trip :)

    @CZ: Yr welcome! Same here, I wish they had more colors. I don’t like their shimmery blushes as I find the shimmer too big & too much for comfort.

    @Rakshanda: Even I like them!

    @IMW: I love fuchsia too! Yea, you could chk out plum brown as well it is a nice shade.

    @Anks: I know, me too like them lots. Wish they expanded the range a little bit or cam out with a blush palette

  12. Heard alot of NYX cream blushes....shud try them soon...u hv any other shade recos?

  13. Sounds nice...I will be picking up some colorbar the next time I am in India...especially their blushes :)

  14. @HD: If you are looking at softer shades try - Natural (a peach with hint of pink) or Rose Petal (soft pink).. If you are looking for a dramatic shade try Diva - a deep pink.

    @Appu: I hope you like them :)

  15. I have Just Earth and i adore it...adds a lot of warmth and earthiness to the face


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