Grey Hair - Why & How to Treat it

Scientist has finally cracked the mystery - why our hair turns grey.

Apparently hair turns grey as a result of accumulated damage, and not wisdom.

Going gray is caused by a massive build up of hydrogen peroxide due to wear and tear of our hair follicles. The peroxide winds up blocking the normal synthesis of melanin, our hair's natural pigment. All of our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes a lot. Grey hair is hair that has been bleached from within, causing our hair turn gray and then white.

So grey hair is actually damaged hair. Preventing this damage from accumulating might be the key to preventing premature greying.

Damage to hair can occur from simple things like harsh shampoos, use of rough hair brushes, exposure to UV rays, constant straightening, coloring or perming.

Sesame oil is reputed to help enhance the color of hair by promoting production of melanin. An ancient Chinese remedy is black sesame seeds. Eating black sesame seeds reportedly helps “restart” the melanocytes so they will start producing melanin again. Sesame is very rich in copper. Copper is needed for production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its color. 

I have been using Sesame oil for the hair since the last 3 weeks and I have noticed that my hair seems a little darker than normal. My hair is brown in color, since the last 2 months I noticed the appearance of a couple of white strands. But since I have begun to use sesame oil - they have disappeared.

What are your tips & tricks to prevent damage to hair and retain its color?


  1. hey i did this kind of post today:)

    yes sesame hair turns the color of hair but for premature grey hair many things are needed like good diet, amla and then some hair packs..

    i have suffered from grey hair in my teens..lolz...i think every day i come and tell u my stories Tanz.

  2. I have noticed one or two gray hair in my head since last year. Well, I think they start due to stress more than anything, but that's just me :P I'll try sesame oil. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. heyyyyyy even i have 1 grey hair rt in the front portion and ppl often make fun of me...but i say this is the "wisdom strand". but watever i tell others am kinda worried abt premature greying too. guess i should start using my fab india sesame oil religiously.

  4. hey tanveer...i always get to learn so much frm all of ur posts...truly...amazing tip...wel m jus 22..n dnt hav grey wud lik dark black..wud use ur tip..!!

  5. very very useful tips, it's a common problem today.even teenagers suffer from this. Here in Dehradun, lot of calcium is found in water which makes the water hard. It is also a factor contributing to this have done a good job by writing on this topic...very useful.

  6. thats interesting. we've always been told due to stress or getting old lol great post

  7. I got a few grey strands last year due to sheer stress. Now i see grey all the time. not sure if i'm imagining it or not! But hey its nice that sesame oil is helping you. I think i'll try that for my hair.

  8. waow will try it for sure :)

  9. @Anamika: I know! what a coincidence na :).. That is true, grey hair treatment needs to be multi-pronged and diet plays a important role.. I like listening to yr stories Anks :)

    @AOYV: Stress pretty much ruins beauty by causing acne & grey hair.. Guess our society in general needs a break. I hope it works for you :)

    @IMW: Yea, & also tell us hw u find the FAB india sesame oil. Anks has a lot of tips for premature greying on her site, you cld try those out :)

    @Bhumika: Thks a lot :).. I hope it works well for u

    @Rakshanda: Hard water is very bad for skin and hair. Strips it of moisture. Thks a lot for yr appreciation, means a lot to me :)

    @KayKay: Hmmm... actually stress & getting old do contribute to greying by reducing the rate at which damage is repaired, hence the hydrogen perioxide accumulates and bleaches the hair.. Thks :)

    @Poohkie: Do let me know how sesame oil suits you, like I mentioned earlier, you can also try the tips on Ank's site for overall treatment.

    @candy: Thks.. I hope u like it :)

  10. Wow...this sounds really nice!!!!

  11. Hi Tanveer,
    Thanks for the informative article, I have started noticing many grey hair and would like to take appropriate steps immediately. I have few queries....
    do I apply sesame oil on my hair overnight or couple of hrs on a weekend is good.
    do I need to warm it or apply straight from the bottle
    how often should I apply ?

  12. This information is not true. I have never damaged my hair and it starting turning gray when I was 25. I eat healthier than most of the population...I am sure, and I exercise. In fact I look years younger than my age. I am 41 and I don't have wrinkles. It is largely genetic and has nothing to do with damaging your follicles. Bogus article.

  13. @Anon: Too bad, things didn't work out for you as far as your hair is concerned. The article cites scientific research which you can further read here

    You can even google grey hair - hydrogen peroxide and you will get a ton of scientific papers to read. It could simply be that your hair is deficient in the repair enzyme hence you have grey hair. In any case like any piece of research - there will be nay-sayers. You are most welcome to not believe this theory and classify it as "bogus" - if it makes you happy. Have a nice day.


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