How To Hire a Makeup Artist

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I have been getting a lot of queries from Brides To Be, on various skin & makeup related issues.
One of the most crucial steps is hiring your MUA for the day.

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day & Makeup artists help you do just that. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect makeup artist
  • Most girls prefer to start their search with their local beauty parlours. Do talk to your friends & relatives too, particularly those whose bridal makeup you really liked, for their recommendations.

  • Do go through the work portfolio of makeup artists at parlours. That will give you an idea of the kind of makeup style the MUA prefers and whether that gels with yours. Ask for before and after pictures of work that they have done.

  • Head to the department-store counter of your favorite brand (MAC / Clinique ) and approach the people doing makeovers. A lot of the SAs at these stores are young MUAs who have just entered the feild and are looking for work to practice and enhance their portfolio—most of them do freelance work for a surprisingly low fee.

  • Schedule a trial. The easiest way to try someone out is to get a makeover right there in the store/parlour. If you like the way you look, then make an appointment with that person for your event. If the makeover didn't turn out that well, you shouldn't feel obligated to hire her.

  • Make yourself clear. Once you've found someone you like, ask plenty of questions. How much does she charge? (a lot depends on where you live, plus if you will need the MUA to travel with you.) Will she bring her own makeup and brushes, or use yours? Make sure you're entirely clear on the costs and your expectations both in terms of money and the look you want, and speak up about anything she did during the test run that wasn't perfect—"The eyes are heavier than I wanted'' or "That lipstick washes me out''—so she has a chance to correct it. Also make it a point to share with her the colors of the dresses you will be wearing.

  • Schedule your appointment for about three hours before the event; that way, you won't feel rushed, and the makeup will have a chance to settle. Plan to buy the same lip color / gloss from the makeup artist so you can take it with you that night—you shouldn't need to reapply anything else.

  • Buy 2-3 products like foundation, concealor and blush after talking to your MUA on what shades look best on you as well as brands & prices. Other than the wedding, there will be a number of smaller family functions where you will need to look as good, as they all will be photograped and most probably land up on FB (Damn those pesky cousins). Getting your basics right will help you rustle up a finished look even on your own for smaller ceremonies. Most MUAs are more than happy to help out. 
Any more tips to help our hassled brides out?


  1. hmmmmmmm I hired a MUA from b'lore for my wedding. she was excellent but charges quite a lot

    1. Hi! Im getting married in Dec. Can you share the details of the MUA on my email id

  2. I was lucky enought to get a fantastic MUA...Your info is going to help lot of brides Tanz:)

  3. nice u knw local MUA's here do a gud work at make up bt den i dnt thnk der products r gud..neither do dey buy d expnsve 1s..settle wit cheaper..n use d same thgs on every1...may lead to in nt safe..

  4. I know someone who has a lot of queries of hiring a good makeup artist. You article is of g8t help to her.

    P.S. I have something on my blog for you. Please collect it.

  5. Hi Tanveer,

    Let me know if some one really needs a good makeup artist and is not fussy.I wouldnt mind doing her makeup.Preferably in Mumbai...please mail me on

  6. @IMW: Talent goes at a premium these days when mediocrity is the norm :)

    @Anks: Thks :).. U must share yr wedding makeup!

    @Bhumika: I agree.. How can a MUA be good if they use bad products or aren’t careful about hygiene? I have generally seen that good MUAs use no less than MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique & MUFE. In fact it might be a good idea to check with the MUA the brands they will be using before hiring them.

    @Pooja: Thks, glad to help. I will chk out yr blog :)

    @Dr. Neeraj: I think u just made a lot of brides to be very happy! Girls in Mumbai, he is very good at his work. Do check him out for sure!

  7. awesome tips! I just need to find a guy to fall in love with, then I can use all these amazing tips :P

  8. Hi Tanveer !! i have a blog award on my blog for you... do check it out !

  9. Helpful helpful tips T. Lol @ damn those pesky cousins :D

    I wanna get married again now =(



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