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Lipstick Men?

Read a very interesting article in TOI today on The Rise of the Lipstick Men.

No, these aren't men who use lipstick, but men who not only take care of their skin, but are also using concealers and foundation powders in the privacy of their homes to look better. The aim is not to enhance or beautify, but to conceal imperfections.

I found this, ahem, very amusing to say the least. This is not really new, a lot of times I have seen male movie stars sporting kohl lined eyes (I remember there was a Saif Ali Khan, Diya Mirza movie - the one that has the song Zara zara - Saif wore kohl for most of the movie) and even a hint of pink lip tint (how do you think Shahid Kapoor has such pink lips), but this trend is now moving into the general public.

Honestly I think it is fine. Why should items be gender bound and denied to a section of society. For those who wish to indulge, it is great news. For those who don't, well that's fine too. It is all about choice. And people should have that choice.

Maybe very soon we'll see SRK promoting Maybelline's Compact for men, for that all day glow!

What do you gals think?


  1. Ha Ha..Sharukh too use lip tint a lot ..i can tell u lot many names of bollywood actors who use lipstick.

    1 wont find him without lip tints at all.

    2. Shahid Kapoor

    3.Sharukh Khan

    4.Salman Khan -he uses lot of make up to conceal his eye bags..

    c my paarkhi nazar:P

  2. hmmmm even with all my addiction to makeup i would really freak out if my hubby asked me for my lip balm!!! eeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! i prefer men to be "men" so us gals can be ourselves! (plz this is no gender bias!)

  3. @Anamika: You sure have sharp eyes. Yea, most of them use lip tints to get color without the texture.

    @IMW: Really! Even a lipbalm using guy wld freak you out??.. I thght lip balms were like basic necessity for all, or maybe that is my lipbalm addiction talking :P

  4. hey tanveer, the usual "no-color" would be fine...but if it has tint??????? I WILL DIE :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. lol@ IMW. I WILL DIE :D... ha ha .

    I am okay until V asks for Mascara, eyliner and blush. Lip balms are okay, i guess.

  7. Hi Tanveer,

    Your blog rocks...I am basically looking for pre bridal packages for my upcoming wedding in Nov.Would you be able to do an article which includes the services of the package, price etc. Am also looking for suggestion regarding my wedding makeup.Like which foundation,concealer etc to buy.I shall ever be greatful if you help..BTW am from Kolkata & have combo skin type.


  8. I am not sold on this men using makeup thing. Yes, they should keep themselves clean and neat and presentable but nope i cant imagine myself dating a guy who cares so much about how his hair is and his skin is and his eyes me old fashioned..but men should be men!!!

  9. i don't understand the bollywood hero's fascination with pink lips! it just doesn't suit their skintone and character! govinda tops the list of men who abuse pink lipstick/tint.
    personally i've seen many men wearing kohl and some look quite sexy! (especially those who have this rustic look about them!)

  10. btw, the joey pic from the "lipstick for men" episode is hilarious. mooch mooch!

  11. I remember the friend's episode where joey is in that japanese lipstick for men ad.It just cracks me up.The other day I actually saw these chapsticks which were specifically marketed for men and I saw a couple of guys actually being them albeit with a lot of furtive glances towards me and my gals.Coud'nt resist passing comments ;)

  12. Hi Tanveer, thanks :)
    feeling better now

  13. Hey Tanz..

    hoq u doing../?

    enjoyed yur long break?

  14. interesting! I'd be fine if my man wants to use concealer n lip balm, but that's it! And applied by me not if he buys and applies them himself LOL.

    Actually a lot of Hollywood actors use lip tints too...but I guess in movies anything goes hehe...


  15. @IMW: I get what you mean.. LOL..

    @Shopping: I doubt men will ever ask for eyeliners & blushes. Their concept of beauty is to camoflauge rather than enhance. So they will be looking to cover blemishes and tackle acne.

    @Debasree: Thks. Congrats on yr wedding. I have already answered yr query in a post. I hope it has helped u

    @Mehak: :)

    @Rima: I know! I agree on the kohl bit, I last saw Arshad Warsi wearing it in a movie with Vidhya Balan and he looked quite nice :)

    @Sonia: The image in this post is frm that episode. Most big companies are now getting into the male skincare domain in a big way. It is an untapped, unsaturated zone unlike that for women

    @Poohkie: Glad to know that yr feeling better :)

    @Anamika: Thks for asking. I am fine too.. just was a lil busy

    @CZ: I totally agree with you, even I wld be ok with some lip balm, sunscreen and concealer.. Yea, I remember the Twilight series, those guys had pots of light foundation and lip tint. And a lot of girls had major crushes on those actors :)

  16. hehehehehehehe.. im unable to comment. im choked with using makeup? hehehehehe..and now i know why SRK's lips look so pink in spite of that heavy smoking habit. :-/ and no comment on Shahid Kapur, he is a total clown anyways. :P


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