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The No Make Up week Experiment

Some beauty blogs, mainly those written by authors abroad are having a "No Make Up Week".

Basically they are going to live the entire week (20th to 27th Sept 2010) without any makeup, no matter what the event, to explore their relationship and understand their dependency on makeup.

It is an interesting concept, it got me thinking - Why do I wear makeup?

The first answer that popped into my head is that it fun. It is fun to play with so many colors as well as your features. Everyday is a new day and a chance for you to experiment. Kind of like how we behave with clothes. We wear colors and dresses depending upon our mood at that point and to reflect that state of mind. It is the same with me when it comes to makeup. I see makeup as an accessory to my clothes, like a good pair of shoes or a fantastic jewellery, it helps to polish and finish up the look. An ordinary white Tee with jeans can go from drab to fab by just wearing a snazzy watch & lots of eyeliner.

I have been wearing makeup only for the last 2 years, so I guess I am still in that "Lets have fun" phase.

And of course, using a liner just makes me look less sleepy than I actually am. (I am a sloth when it comes to sleep, I can sleep for 12 hours straight and then after an hour sleep for couple of more hours)

There are times when I am down with the flu or just plain tired, and I skip makeup during those days. I don't see the need to camouflage my illness behind concealer and foundation, because it generally all starts to come off the moment I reach for the tissue for my sniffles.

Just for the record I am not participating in this No Makeup Week, as on most days - my makeup consists of eyeliner and tinted lipbalm. But if you would like to you can read more over herehere.

Just wanted to ask you gals, why do you wear makeup?


  1. I heard about this and many of the you tube gurus have showed their real face.

    it surely a great thing to do.

  2. make-up to me is an expression and i play along the whole my face but better idea. I am totally fine without make-up as I don't wear much everyday. Maybe just foundation. But I would flip off if they said no skin care. lol.

  3. Hey the same here .......i have foundation,concealer, eyeshadow and stuff but i have never used them regularly mainly coz my profession doesnt agree with the whole "get up" and moreover am just a sunscreen, eyeliner and lip gloss person.I believe more in skincare than in makeup

  4. i am more or less always in the no makeup look

  5. it's odd isn't it, that so many of us have a lot of makeup, but on a day to day basis we use only 1 or 2 products?
    I use makeup for fun. But on those days when I'm just not in the mood, I'll just use lip balm :P
    Really nice post btw.

  6. I feel my skin is too uneven, my dark circles are terrible, I simply couldn't be with no make up at all! If I could have a concealer, then I would be brave enough not to apply the rest.
    I wear makeup because it makes me feel more confident, makes me feel pretty.

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  7. I guess the true beauty is without makeup only. But yeah 2-3 products are even essential. Isn't it???
    Great post Tanveer!

  8. Hi Tanveer, I'm reviewing maybelline define a lash mascara. Is it okay if I put in a link to your review in my post?

  9. Make up is fun...I generally just use a lip balm, but if I am going out someplace exciting then its just something that enhances my overall look, like u said its kind of an accessory or handbag that completes ur outfit.

  10. @Anamika: I don't like it when some YT guru have makeup videos & they are already wearing makeup like foundation & eyeliner even before they start the look. I am glad some are now comfortable just being themselves.

    @AOYV: I agree with you, even I suscribe to my face but better idea when it comes to makeup, but skincare is a must.

    @IMW: I can understand. One of my BFF is a Doc too and she was sharing similar concerns with me once - the need to project professionalism which means minimal makeup like lipgloss. Even I wld give up makeup but not skincare.

    @Retnu: Good for you :)

    @Poohkie: Yea, it is odd, I guess it is a matter of habit.

    I think having a lot of makeup is kind of similar to having a lot of clothes & accessories, but we wld not wear them all at one go. We have to keep in mind the occasion. Indian women generally, hardly wear makeup, and to go out with a full makeup face would mean that we invite a lot of judgment. So I think while we do have products for when we want to glam up for the night out, on a daily basis we stick to a simpler routine, just like we tend to repeat certain clothes over others due to a comfort factor.

    Thks, am glad u liked it :)

    @Beauty Addict: Aww, I am sure you look good w/o makeup, but I can understand your need for concealor. As they say, if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. :)

    @Rakhshanda: Thks :)..

    @Poohkie: Sure, no issues :)

    @Simran: Yea, in my head makeup is totally like an accessory to complete the look.

  11. i dnt use any make up its fine..
    jus my kajal n lip balm r fine...

  12. That's so cool!! I read the post and it's fun for them i guess wearing "no-makeup" at all.

    I wear kajal; because it makes my eyes look a bit bigger and defined. I can't do without this thing.


  13. Well, it sis an interesting concept..the no-makeup week thing but since I dont use much of makeup on everyday basis, I would skip it too :P
    I just wear eyeliner and tinted lip balm everyday and if I have time, I apply a lil blush too...:)


  14. Hi Tanveer...

    Sorry this post is gonna be really long... I have to give you a decent background as I need your help/tips. I am not sure this is the right place to post this question!!! This is about no make up... and I am posting a request for make up help from scratch... :-) I would like to remain anonymous on this post... Can you kindly take care of the same. I am posting from office. So chat with you is disabled. Hence am posting this in the comments section.

    I need your help on choosing makeup. Its my wedding in the month of December. I am totally new to make up (on myself). My daily makeup routine includes fair n lovely (if time permits) and vaseline. So you should now have a fair idea about me... Only on those "special" days i use kajal. Thats all i do. I have just one shade of lipstick and one lipgloss which were gifts and have never used :-))) So I am looking fwd for ur help. Mine is an orthodox family. So no beauticians wud be allowed in the wedding ceremony. It will be my sis who wud do the makeup or probably myself as i trust me to do it better... I have done it for a good num of ppl and have pretty decent steady hands.

    About my skin... Well I have the problem of dark circles all around my eyes.... And hairy face which I have to wax once a week... Though I dont have acne prone skin, the waxing makes my skin have red bumps for a couple of days. I have extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemely oily skin. I am of medium wheatish complexion. After reading all the posts on your blog for the last few days, I got to know about the existance of skin tone... I am not sure what tone i belong to... But I do feel that my skin has an yellow shade to it... My face is darker than the rest of my body... I need to buy makeup for me from the scratch... and I need ur help... My face oils in just half an hour no matter what i do/use... I was infact made up for a drama... when some make up person did apply foundation... but i ended up looking all cakey and ashey and even more oily and dull...

    Can you kindly help me buy make up. Considering i need to be sitting in front of fire for half a day... with the light from the video on my face thru out the day... Also another thing is... taking make up off... The time i was made up... when i tuk it all off... my face looked so bad... that i dint knw hw to go for a second round of make up the same day... i mean for my wedding i will have to take it all off... and get ready for a reception in the evening...

    I am not aware of this product called primer... and the SA stared at me when i asked for one... and i did not know which brands existed... I am looking for very minimal makeup... which can hide my blemishes and dark circles and make me look fresh... I am not looking for some fancy bridal make up... I need your help to pick out the foundation that would reduce oiliness, compact, eye liner, concealer, kajal (its a must for our weddings... so i need something which does not go all over my face...), mascara (preferably water proof), some light blush so light that it shud luk like i have not used any... Coming from a very traditional family, ppl will frown on me if i look made up even on my wedding day!!!! Also what is primer... and where are they available... my eyes are black, my lips are red.. but upper lip is pigmented... so any lighter shade of lipstick i choose... wont look good/same on my upper lip... Can u suggest some base or something to even out my lip color so that i can use some lighter shade of lipstick too??? Also the most I can afford is Maybelline/Lakme/Revlon/Street Wear... I am not sure I can opt for MAC sort of expensive brands. I am from Bangalore. So kindly let me know my options...

    Gosh that was a looooooooong post.. I know that my request is too much but I did not know/trust anyone else to help me on my crazy request... Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  15. Wow this sounds like an amazing idea to me but I'm so hooked and addicted that I woould feel so out of place.I suppose I'll get withdrawl symptoms if I stay away even for a day :D
    Will try though to get the addiction out of my system.

  16. I just gave you an award. Hope you like it :)

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  18. Hi tanveer,

    Have you ever happened to come across this site,

  19. @Poohkie: Yr most welcome & Thks for the award! :)

    @Bhumika & Shoppingaholic & Srish: I think most Indian women hardly use anything beyond liner & lip balm on a daily basis, so this experiment may not find a lot of followers here

    @Anon: The first part of your query has been asnswered. Second part will be answered tomorrow

    @Sonia: Glad to know you are a makeup addict like me too, while most days I hardly wear anything, on a day off I am sorely tempted to sometimes just apply some lip gloss even when I am home, just because I love it!

    @Edk: Thks a lot for letting me know about your programs, I will def check them out & get back to you :)

    @Anon: No I haven’t been to this site before, but thanks for sharing the link. I found it quite interesting :)

  20. I am still very new to make up, don't think its a big deal to take this 'No make-up week' :)


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