Preventing Sunburn through Diet

Most of us think sunburn / tanning happens when we step out into the sun without adeqaute protection in the form of sunscreens and hats. But we never look to our diet for protection.

Research has proven that we can make fun in the sun safer for us - through our food. In a study recently published in Nutrition Reviews, Dr. Shapira has shown that a diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, like the diet eaten in Mediterranean regions where skin cancer rates are extremely low, can help protect us from sun related skin damage.

Foods such olive oil, fish, yogurt, beans, whole grains and colorful fruits and vegetables help to fight the oxidizing effect of the sun. Further studies proved that these antioxidants, especially carotenoids -- fruit and vegetable pigments like red from tomatoes and watermelons and orange from carrots and pumpkins accumulate in the skin where they serve as a first line of protection.

As temperature and humidity get stronger, which aggravates the damaging effect of solar UV rays, it is increasingly difficult for sunscreen alone to protect effectively. So while covering up, slathering on the sunscreen, and avoiding the sun during peak hours are still important to prevent a burn, consider dietary changes too, to promote skin health.


  1. very very informative post Tanveer...we always try to find the solution of this problem in different type of creams and lotions but don't care of our diets...great post.

  2. hmmmmmmm this is interesting. new info.

  3. Tomato and Spinach are the best vegetables to make your body resistant towards sun damage itself. They act as natural sunscreen from inside. So, do not forget to include lots of them in your diet.

  4. wow this is real good info Tanz..loved it

  5. i had read long time ago that yellow makes the skin more photo sensitive. i.e. after eating mango, we must wash hands, mouth really well and apply sunscreen if going out.

  6. @Rakhshanda: Thks.. U know I got thinking this way when I got introduced to a girl recently. I chatted with her and all thro the conversation, I thought she was around 29 - 30s. Imagine my surprise later, when conversing with the friend who introduced us, that she has a college going son! I was shocked, she looked so young that i would have a hard time beliving that she is a day over 30. When I met her again, I couldn't resist but ask her the secret. She said it was diet. She ate very healthy fresh fruits & veggies.

    So her anti-aging trick was her diet and not lotions!

  7. @IMW: Thks.. I am sure this was not new news to you, you might already know a lot about nutrition yourself, being a Dr. :D

    @Sky: Thks for the tip :)

    @Anks: Thks :)

    @Poohkie: Really? I had no clue, infact during summers I use mango juice as face pack.. Thks for sharing this, will keep in mind


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