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After tackling makeup giant Maybelline last week, I thought I would do a Best & Worst of, for a skincare brand next. This time it is very own herbal, home grown brand Biotique.
Just for your information, I have dry skin, but also have a tendency to develop whiteheads & blackheads.

Products that worked for me:

1. Biotique Chlorophyll Gel: I always carry this with me, excellent for using immediately after waxing & threading, it also is very cooling and great for insect bites & rashes. It doesn't hydrate the skin so much so I don't really use it as a moisturiser. Just one of those handy gels to carry on a hiking trip. I also find this to be very soothing after a hot day in the sun or on tired, achy feet.

2. Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion: My first purchase from this line. This is a light moisturiser that is perfect for the day time. Once I got stranded on a holiday with only this, and I wanted a thicker moisturiser for the night (It was a very cold place). I just add a drop of coconut oil to a little bit of this in my palm, mixed the two and voila! I had thick cream for the night. The only problem with this is that I feel that it loses its potency over time, so I always buy the smallest size.

3. Biotique Wheatgerm Cream: I have a tub of this in my office. This is my emergency saviour for hands that feel dry from handling paper, or the face that might need a extra dose of moisture and protection on certain days.

4. Biotique Tinted Moisturiser: This is a very thick moisturiser that has a tint added to it. I use it on days when I have been lazy the previous night to apply my thick cold cream. By morning, my skin is feeling dry and this instantly moisturises and softens. But this is a pain to use in summers when it is very hot, too thick for use then.

5. Biotique Papaya Scrub: Works like a charm each time I use this, has gritty particles of walnut & apricot that exfoliate thoroughly.

6. Biotique Basil & Red Sandalwood Powder: I love using this talc, it smells great, prevents prickly heat (I get that a lot in summers) and is very useful in high humidity summers of Mumbai.

Products that didn't work for me:

1. Biotique Almond Under Eye Cream: This was too thick which made it a pain to spread around the delicate eye area and worse of all it stings the eyes really bad.

2. Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion: Takes a good 5 minutes of rubbing to absorb into the skin, doesn't smell all that great & effect is very temporary. I was very disappointed with this. Plus once when I used this on my face, it gave me acne.

3. Biotique Dandelion Face Vitaliser: I had bought this for someone else, but it somehow landed up back with me. Maybe I am too young to use this, but this supposedly packed with goodness serum did nothing for my skin. Even after using it for more than a month, there was no difference.

4. Biotique Orange Peel Exfoliating Soap: Perfect soap for a painful bath experience, unless you need real heavy duty washing - avoid.

5. Biotique Cucumber Water: It sounds all exotic with extracts of coriander, cucumber & peppermint, but it did nothing for my skin. I get better results when I use homemade cucumber juice on my face.

These were my experiences with these products.

What products from Biotique have worked for you, and what hasn't?


  1. I recently got Biotique lip balm which claime to remove lip pigmentation and horrible taste good product from their range is there tinted moisturizer and skin whitening face pack.

    a nice way to bring out the best and worse of brand Tanz..i like it :)

  2. i liked this post, helps me to know, what not to buy from the brands

  3. I havnt explored this brand alot...the only thing which I am using is the Milk Protein Pack which seems to do nothing for my skin :(

    Hope ur day went well yesterday :) how was the blueberry cheesecake and dinner ??

  4. @Anamika: Which lip balm are you talking about? Is it that pink tinted one in the new range? It tastes bad?? Thank goodness you told me, I was planning to get that one.. Glad u told me. I too like their tinted moisturizer & fruit face pack (the results are temporary though, gr8 to use before a party)..

    Thanks a lot Anks! Your appreciation means a lot to me :-D

    @Retnu: Glad u enjoy this post Retnu!

    @HD: I haven’t tried this milk protein pack, now that you have told us it is no good, I think I won’t be trying it also :)

    The moon finally rose at 9:30, by then I was so tired I could barely eat any dinner & I had to skip the blueberry cheesecake :(

  5. I love d papaya scrub...I found morning nectar,chlorophyll gel n honey water ok...
    I want d new bio berry lip plumping 1 lip balm..which tastes lik mixed fruit jam :p ..heard gud reviews
    n also d fruit pack..

  6. This is a fantastic post T. So far I'm not a fan of Biotique. I'm tempted to try the Papaya Scrub though


  7. great post tanveer. I always have a love-hate relationship with biotique. it does work but not tat well on me :(

  8. gr8 post! Love your honest reviews. read your reviews of biotique and recently bought morning nectar and fruit pack.

  9. Well, I loved the winter removed my tanning and kept my skin moisturized in a very cold place..... hated morning nectar for same reason that it could not keep my skin moisturized...hate the papaya scrub because it is too granular and harsh on the walnut polisher instead.....hated the sunscreen which I tried though......and just for the record I have normal to dry skin which gets oily or dry depending on the weather....btw biotique kajal is good....

  10. nice post dear.. i so want the tinted moisturises but its not available out here also m thinkin of buying the papaya scrub..

  11. Awww...sad u had to miss the cheesecake :( makeup for it during diwali :)

  12. I want to like this brand, but I somehow feel like a lot of its products are geared towards dry skinned people. At least a lot of the products I've tried are are more suitable for dry skin :(
    But I will still keep trying to like it :P

  13. @Bhumika: I too was planning to get the Bio Berry Lip balm, but then in the store I saw Nivea tinted lip balm in pomegranate.. I suppose you can guess the rest of the story.

    Fruit pack is nice. But does tend to sting a bit.

    @CZ: Thks! Biotique doesn’t suit everyone.. The papaya scrub has pretty gritty granules, please try only if you like those kind of exfoliators and not the smooth types

    @IMW: I can understand. Not all brands work well for all. Like Lotus is consistently a big dud for me, even when I try products that others rave about.

    @Amy: Thks! I hope you like both of them :)

    @PSCFY: Wow, so winter cherry worked for you! I wish it had worked for me too, I still have a big bottle lying at my place. Lots of ppl can’t stand the papaya scrub, I like it a lot. Haven’t tried the walnut polisher though.. I had tried biotique kajal a couple of times, got it as a gift. I didn’t like it all. It would smudge like crazy, plus I didn’t like the matt black shade. :) Eventually I gave it away.

    @Butterfly: Ohh, ok.. like I mentioned before the papaya scrub is quite granular & some ppl find it harsh. Please buy only if you like scrubs with big granules. It is kind of like Jovees Papaya scrub if u would like a comparison.

    @HD: Yup, I guess I’ll do it then :)

    @Poohkie: That is actually true. Their products are very good for people with dry skin, and they have a good range of such products. Very good observation!

  14. the under eye cream is a total loss. it stakes the companys good reputation. thanks for the list... i love it :)

  15. Great post.

    This comment comes a bit late, but here are my 2 cents' worth:

    The plumping lip balm is nice. Nice tint, pleasant taste, and the lips tingle a bit, but do plump up. Am also trying the whitening lip balm (bio fruit) - weird colour, texture and taste, but hope it works.

    One of my favourite biotique products is the honey gel face wash.

    The Kajal is great, if a bit heavy, but I like it dark and creamy.

    The bio wheat germ creme felt lovely as a night creme, but seems to be giving me rashes! I've only been using it for a couple of days now, hope my skin adjusts to it.

    Another excellent product - carrot seed oil. At the end of a shower, shake a few drops of this, apply over arms and legs, rinse off and towel dry. Fantastic moisturizing, lovely, lovely smell. No reason why cocnut oil shouldn't do the same job though, but this oil is lighter and smells absolutely heavenly.

    Face packs: I love the fruit pack and the pistachio pack. The fruit pack does a nice job of removing tan, while the pistachio pack instantly picks up the skin, giving you a ridiculously airbrushed, glowing look that'll last only for a while though. Pre-party use.

    Summers I use the clove oil and turmeric pack for my T zone, but it is a little drying though.

    Mysterica pack - useless.

    Cucumber water - does nothing, I dont even know what it is for.

    Dandelion - does nothing.

    winter cherry - does nothing.

    Most of their shampoos are very drying, although soy protein shampoo mixed with coconut oil (2:1, add in bottle and shake well) is fantastic.

  16. I am a fan of Biotique products & like most of them specially morning nectar. Thanx for sharing this with us.


  17. I used the biotique detan and whitening face pack for some days and that turned out to be horrible.
    I now have several breakouts and I'm still visiting dermatologist to get back my previous skin.. the product was awful.. after applying it you will feel as if it's burning your skin


  18. I used the biotique detan and whitening face pack for some days and that turned out to be horrible.
    I now have several breakouts and I'm still visiting dermatologist to get back my previous skin.. the product was awful.. after applying it you will feel as if it's burning your skin


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