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Best & Worst of... Maybelline

A quick run down of the products I love & the ones I didn't work for me from the Maybelline India range

I loved:

1. Maybelline Unstoppable Pencil Eye liner in Deep Brown: Deep, pigmented, long lasting pencil liner in twist up format. This is my go to liner when in a hurry.

2. Maybelline Define a Lash: Honestly I liked this one more than Colossal Volume. Says what it does, just defines the lashes for a perfect no makeup look. I always get the waterproof one though.

3. Maybelline Colorsensational Lip glosses: Fabulous colors, long lasting these fade to a tint, super moisturising and pretty economical at 250 a pop

4. Maybelline Colorsensation Lipstick: I hate the smell of this, but I do love the color selection they have offered to us consumers. I am making the ones I have from this range by using them as lip tints. The color is longlasting, the product is moisturising and again these are very economical at Rs. 299.

5. Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte: This is a very useful quad for pretty much everyone, the colors are basic and can be easily used by newbies to practice their skills. Just make sure to use a base under these shadows or else you'll get hardly any color.

What didn't work for me

1. Maybelline Dream Mousee Foundation: Patchy, chalky, cakey and emphasises every dry spot and even my pores. Very difficult to blend as well. Didn't like this one at all.

2. Maybelline Mousee Blush in Peach Satin: I thought this shade had just too much shimmer for my taste, plus while the mousee texture made it easy to blend, it just felt a little weird to me - you know, like a slippery gel. Didn't like the texture.

3. Maybelline Drama Gel Liner in Black: The brush with this is awesome! I wish I could say the same for the gel. It works fantastic when used for tightlining, but for lash lines, this one is not very pigmented, it goes on rather sheer on me. Also I wish they had launched their other shades as well. This is a pet peeve I have with maybelline - they launch very selective shades/products in some categories like mascara and gel liners.

4. Maybelline Nail Polish: Some like Dusty Rose & Berry are my favourite, others like the Black one from the range Creamoso are very sheer. To get a nice even deep color I need to apply multiple coats that tends to go & thick and goopy, plus it dries to a matt finish.

These are just some of the products that worked/didn't work for me, my two cents.

So what worked for you from Maybelline, and what didn't?


  1. Agree with all of those!!! the dream mousse line was a nightmare for me

  2. I love this kind of posts, with best and worst products!
    I have not tried all of them but I agree with you on your opinion about Maybelline quads and the dream matte mousse foundation!

  3. hey nice post but i kinda like the gel liner. it works well on me. but i am yet to splurge on the gloss. they are my next buy from maybelline

  4. Hey Nice post Tanveer!!! I love Maybelline as a their moisture extreme lipsticks, Chai Latte Quad, Vivid n Smooth eyeliner pencils, Nail Paints..I personally dont have their expert wear blush but I like the texture of that too :) And the latest Colorsensational range is a total hit na!!! I mean who doesnt like the lipsticks/lipglosses of this range

  5. very nice post,completely agree with you.

  6. great post!! need to get some of these things!!! really nice to giv an overall review of their products!!

  7. Hey nice post T. You're right about the Peach Satin blush, it was all shimmer n the color didn't show on my cheeks as well. It's kinda okay as a highlighter.
    Too bad the gel liner didn't work for u.


  8. @PnB: Thks :)… I guess the dream mousee line was for super – duper oily skins.

    @Catanya: Hey, glad u enjoy this! I am planning to cover more brands in a similar vein soon.. I am glad u agree.

    @IMW: That is so gr8 ya that the gel liner worked for. I so desperately wanted it to work for me. But :(

    I hope you enjoy the glosses! I actually like them better than the lipsticks, but then I am a gloss kinda girl :)

    @HD: Even I like Maybelline – they are affordable & generally good quality. I am yet to try the moisture extreme range, any reccos?

    I know! CS is really awesome, only self control & my dislike of the smell keeps me from buying all the shades in the range :)

    @BeautyDiva: Thks, glad u have a similar experience

    @Simran: Hey! Thks :)..

    @CZ: Thks so much babes! I got peach satin after reading so many “Love” reviews all over the net. In fact first few weeks I was like feeling guilty for not liking it as much, coz it just made my cheeks look frosty & shimmery. I so wanted the gel liner to work for me, I kept hoping it wld be my answer to MAC Blacktrack. I still keep talking a stab at it once in a while, hoping that as the gel dries it might become more pigmented.

  9. I liked their eyeliner and Quads..have not explored the brand in blush..but they looked pretty to me..will give a skip to it now.

  10. @Anamika: I have just tried their cream mousse blush & have mentioned that in the review. It wasn't nice.. I had a hunch that I shd have got the darker plum shade in that blush - but the SA kept insisting that I shd get the lighter peach satin for my skin tone.. I was new to makeup then & bought her word - greatful that here was an SA who was helping me make a choice as opposed to other SAs who would have tried to sell me both variants. :)

    I haven't tried their powder blushes at all, but I do remember reading Retnu's review today on it & she says it has poor staying power.. Their blushes are very pretty although :)

  11. I love d chai latte quad,mositure extreme lipsticks n d colorsensational range too..d unstoppable n vivid n smooth eye pencils..n i love my gel liner stays long widout smudging on my waterline too..n can create different looks with it...its so easy to use it...

  12. This is a good post. I love maybelline & barring the unstoppable eye liner, I haven't bought anything that I haven't liked. I love all their lippies, even those watershine ones! I also like the vivid & smooth eye liners in different colours.

  13. hey excellent post, bangon, in letting me know, what to buy, and what not to from the Brand...thankyou thank you

  14. Tanveer...Try the desert bloom shade from moisture extreme...I loooooveee that lipstick of of my most worn...Also check silver sand...its a brown shade with shimmer..another one of my favs :)

  15. the dream mousse foundation spoiled my party pics ..lookin like a ghost coz its so cakey...I hate it... :(

  16. I agree about the mousse blush, I have 40 Soft Plum and it's a very pretty color, just too shimmery for some days!


  17. Hey HD...even I have silver sand n like it...will check out desert bloom next tym...I also want bronzy orange...tanveer..check chestnut u like dark colors...

  18. any idea what the quantity of the Colorsensational Lip gloss is?

  19. Nice post! I love the two shades I have from the Colorsensation lipstick range and now I am going to try the Chai latte quad too!

  20. hehe Bhumika...same pinch :D...I am on my 3rd tube of silver sand...that was my most worn lipstick to office until I got desert bloom and couple of other pinks...since thn I dont like wearing brown lipsticks as much :(

    @ Poohkie : Colorsensational Ligloss is 6.8 ml

  21. @Bhumika: Glad u like so many products from Maybelline, it is a good brand! Thks for all the reccos! I’ll def chk out these shades :)

    @Poohkie: Thks :)

    Too bad ya, that the liner didn’t work out for you. I too feel the same when everyone loves the gel liner & it just didn’t work for me. Everyone is raving about these watershine lippies, I have to check them out now :)

    @Retnu: You are most welcome, glad u liked it..

    @HD: Thks for the tip. I’ll get Desert Bloom & Silver Sand now for sure & Thks for answering Poohkie question!! :D

    @Anuradha: I know what you mean, I went looking like that for a dinner party once. The guests arrived before time, I was planning to clean up that ghastly foundation, but then I had to go as it is.. Horrid Evening thks to that foundation :(

    @Val: I know, I wanted to get Soft Plum as well but the SA literally forced Peach satin into my bag! Just too shimmery!

    @Harshleen: I hope you like the quad, but remember to use a base with it, or else the pigmentation is just meh


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