Fall Beauty Trends 2010

Instyle Magazine compiled makeup trends that celebrities have been sporting across red carpets for Fall 2010, here are some that caught my eye:

Green Eye Shadow

Green Eyeshadow on the Red Carpet

There's something about green shadow that makes eyes really golden.

Green can be a neutral eye shadow, but it's important to be very measured when you use it. Keep the shade below the crease of the lid to avoid looking overdone, and reach for a brown liner for definition. A smudge under the bottom lashline can also have subtle impact.

Berry Lip Stain
Tailor your application method to your skintone. Pale complexions look best with a sheer wash of color; darker complexions can handle a thicker, more opaque finish. Personally I love berry colors & I tend to sport them year round. So this is more like a personal style & I am liking that this is in trend!

Cool Pink Blush
keep the color focused on the true apples of the cheeks, which helps the look pop. I think I saw Ash sport a look like this in Robot in that funny Kilimanjaro song

Be sure the rest of your skin is clear and free of imperfections, which will help the blush stand out.

Heavy Black Eyeliner
This look is about giving your eyeliner a sultry, lived-in feel.

A  coating of liner along the inner rim of your bottom lash—also called the waterline—is the quickest way to amp up the drama. Put it on the waterlines, blink, blend the liner and start again. Building this imperfect, smudgy line is incredibly sexy.

This is another trend that I am quite liking, although back then I didn't even have the wildest idea that this is in trend. I have been sporting this ever since I began using Maybelline Unstoppable liner in Deep Brown & now with Lakme Black Satin Kajal.

Mixed Metal Eyes
"Layered silver, gold and bronze on the eyes is like wearing jewelry on the face. Keep the rest of the faces neutral—and opt for white dresses—to really work the look.

Too much mascara can interfere with these sweet, sparkly shades. Use brown mascara to keep it light.

Shiny Red Lipstick
Red lipstick is a classic look that never gets old. The shine keeps the shade fresh and gives the illusion of plumpness.

A full mouth of shiny red lipstick can look a little clownish. Avoid that effect by using a creamy matte formula and dabbing the center of your bottom lip with a clear gloss.

Of all these I like the Berry Lips, Heavy Black Liner & Mixed Metal Eyes trend the best.

Which of these trends will you be sporting?

For the original Instyle article go here


  1. I hv to tell this to you...recently when I had gone to a mall..there was a counter by chambor where they were doing free makeovers and me and my friend decided to get it done...I was wearng a bright leaf green tshirt that day and the person doing makeup picked up green colors for my eyes and my first reaction was have u gone mad!!!! but thn I just went ahead w it and got green eyeshadows put...he did a nice job and I got soo many compliments that day!!! kinda loving green eyeshadows since thn :)

    Other than this...loved the pink blush and metal eyes

  2. Hey great post Tanveer!!! I love using green shadow...It looks good with my brown eyes.

  3. I so love green , heavy eyeliners and red...u made me smile Tanz:)

  4. nice 1...i jus love heavy black liner...it wakes up d eyes instantly...

  5. @HD: I know what you mean.. A few months ago I met this MUA, and I was talking to him and I told him, you know I just cannot use black liners and I can’t even use anything on my waterline or lower lash line – it just looks crazy.. He got up, & got a black liner and this deep grey metal eyeshadow & despite my look of horror did my eye makeup with only these 2. And Boy, oh Boy! My eyes have never looked better in makeup my entire life.. To say that I was shocked is an understatement.. I realized that day that almost all of us can carry all colors – the trick lies in the technique & how it is applied. I learnt a bit from him that day & since then I have overcome my phobia of dark liner on lower lash line..

    I personally am a lil petrified of green eyeshadows, but after hearing your experience I think I’ll give it another shot..

  6. @Rakshanda: Really! You like green, you must share some tips with us on the best way to carry it off :)

    @Anks: You too must share green eyeshadow look with us – another smokey FOTD??? & I know how well you rock red lipstick, you just look super hot! I am happy I made you smile Anks :)..

    @Bhumika: I know! I have been wearing heavy eyeliner to office for more than 2 months now, and whenever I skip it now, people keep asking me if I am ill :P

  7. u said it bang on Tanveer!!! I've had many such 'discoveries' in the past but when I saw the first thing in this post...It instantly reminded me of this recent incident :)

  8. I love really heavy eye liner and ofcourse the berry lips. they are really in these days

  9. woww great choice... i recently got a berry lipstick from revlon and am just loving itttt

  10. hi tanveer i think the heavy liner n green thingy i gud..


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