Lakme Lip Palette (Gypsy Collection) - Review

What it claims: A wardrobe of possibilities. Wear each color on its own or blend together for the perfect shade. The satiny texture melts over your lips. Discover five universally flattering shades of terracotta. 

Price: Rs. 600 (includes 5 lip colors, lip brush and mirror on inner side of container)


1. The texture of the lipstick is nice, soft & creamy. It tends to veer towards a matt appearance on me despite being sheer. I personally like the 3rd & the 5th shade the best. The lack of shimmer makes them good choices for daily office wear.
2.  The lip brush is of very good quality, easy to clean and apply lipstick with. This one is a keeper
3.  The shades will suit most Indian women, and considering that you get 5 colors for 600 bucks it is a good bargain plus it is a novel concept for the Indian market.
4.   Ok, this is just something that I tried on a whim, I found that the 3rd shade works well as a cream blush too. I just dab a little on a cheek and blended it in well, thanks to the sheer, creamy and lack of shimmer – it made for a nice pink – brown toned blush. Unlike the lipstick that fades away after 2 hours on me, it lasted for a longer 3-4 hours on my cheek.

1. The shades could have been better, instead of leaning so heavily towards brown family. I think they chose these shades because the Terracotta lip pencil from the night fever collection was pretty popular.
2. The texture is rather sheer on the lips, it is creamy but not very long lasting. The lipstick is gone within two hours with no trace of a tint.

Overall Opinion: I like the concept of a lip palette a lot. Some of the shades like the 3rd & the 5th one are nice. I guess this is a good economical purchase for girls or women who like brown family shades, because for 600 bucks you get to try 5 shades.

I do wish that Lakme does a pink palette too in the next collection.

This product was provided by the company/PR for my consideration, that however, has not affected my review or my opinion of the product in any way.


  1. haha..i wrote d same..i thnk 3rd one is universal choice...many liked d 3rd...

  2. I think I am the odd one out but this lip palette didnt really impress me much :( I found the shades too typical of Lakme

  3. Gonna give this a pass as I am tired of Browns.. Have you tried their blush from the Gypsy collection?

  4. @Butterfly: 3rd one is the prettiest of the lot :)

    @Bhumika: I know, I think Lakme shd take a clue from here and do a pink palette now :D

    @HD: I know what you mean, yes, the shades are very "lakme"..
    Most women in India are still stuck in the brown - burgundy alternating phase. For them, this palette is perfect :)

  5. @Pooja: Blush is still not out I think.. Have been waiting for that.. :(

  6. too much of browns, but i still feel the concept has been good, they had to be more experimental with colors, they played a safe game maybe

  7. The idea of a lip palette is really good & the 2nd & 3rd colours are nice. And every blogger who has reviewed these has liked the brush, so it really must be awesome. However, I agree with HD; the colours are a bit 'blah'. They may be good for office wear, but they sure look a bit boring.
    Also, how much quantity do you get in this palette? I've very curious to know this.

  8. @Retnu: Yea, they have played it very, very safe with simple browns.. I too wish they had been more bold and maybe come up with a palette of either their top 5 shades or else some really nice pink - peach - red shades :)

    @Poohkie: Yup, concept is great. The colors yes, are very okay. I'll check on the quantity and let you know. I didn't get an outer cover with this too, like the kajal :(

  9. Hi thats a lovely post you got there...I did check this lip palette at is nice for cost but it could be more moisturizing...otherwise i think it is pretty gud deal....

  10. i loved the colors on your hand Tanz.:)

  11. Hey I was thinking the same thing about them doing these shades coz the Terracotta lip Artist was popular :D


  12. I get bored of wearing browns everyday to office :( and I dont understand if Lakme was not ready with its products why did they have to launch it this way!! I think by the time the blush actually comes out in the market ppl would not even remember that something of this sort was launched and would just loose interest

  13. Also, you said that the texture is quite creamy. How does it compare to the regular lakme lipsticks?

  14. @Poohkie: I felt it is slightly creamier than the regular lakme lipstick, but also much sheerer. The lakme lipsticks they have sent me go on much more pigmented on my lips compared to this. But that could simply be, because I use a lip brush with this. I may be applying more lipstick when used directly as compared to when I use the brush. But otherwise they are very similar, they both give a matt finish & they even have the same typical lakme smell.


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