Reader Query: Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturiser

Brenda says...

Hey there girls..  I finally got Ponds Tinted Moisturiser based on all the various rave reviews...I think I should move up a shade too.. I think sheer ivory 01 looks a little white on me..Maybe sheer rose 02 would be better.. when one is confused.. should you go lighter or darker??

How do you apply this?? I find I need a lot more than a pea sized amount.. maybe I am smearing on too much... It blends so well I cant tell if I missed a spot.. Help!!

Hey Brenda, I hope you are doing well & I hope you are loving Ponds TM as much as I do. :-)
Ok, if Sheer Ivory looks too white on you, then you must move up a shade darker. Sheer Rose is a bit darker but it also has a ting of pinkness to it. The stores generally have testers for all 3 variants so I would suggest you try them on your jawline to be sure. They also have Sheer Honey 03 - you could try that out too. I tend to use Sheer Rose 02 in summers (I invariably get sunburnt & a tan no matter how much I try) and Sheer Ivory 01 in winters (my skin tends to lose the tan by now)
When buying foundation, I always ask the SA to show me shades darker than the first product she shows me as SAs here have a tendency to give you foundations that are too light for your skin tone. I don't like the concept of using foundation to lighten the skin tone, it just looks fake & makes it obvious to others that you are wearing makeup.
But there are times when I get caught between 2 shades - one is a tad lighter, and the other is a tad darker than my skin tone. When this happens, I tend to go a shade lighter than darker. Darker foundations tend to make my skin look dirty or like my foundation oxidised on me. I generally "correct" the color then by following up with loose powder to match it to my skin tone. Since the color difference is not a lot, loose powder suffices to make it look better.

Also TMs tend to be sheer, so I am able to make do with a lighter shade as it gives very light coverage in any case.

But do bear in mind that this is something that works for me, personally. There are some people who prefer to go darker.
When purchasing foundation, never buy it the very instant you swatch it. I tend to try out the foundation the first thing when I get to the mall, then I complete rest of my shopping. This gives me a chance to check out how it appears in different light, whether it oxidises, and also in case there is any reaction.

How do I apply Ponds TM, two ways actually depending on where I am & how much time I have

With Fingers: I just take tiny pea size amount on my left hand index finger and dab this all over the face in spots with my right hand fingers. I primarly apply the most in the centre of my face - around my nose, mouth area and then I blend it in using fingers in an outward direction. 

NEVER apply it directly from the bottle as it will look way too heavy.

This is what a liquid foundation brush looks like.
With Brush: I use ELF Foundation Brush (pretty economical, cost me 149 bucks). Like in the earlier step I dab the foundation in small dots all over the face. Then I dampen the brush, (I make sure to remove all excess water by using a tissue to wipe the bristles) and blend using downward strokes all over the face. Damping the brush actually makes the TM even more sheer than it is, plus it gives my skin a moisture boost. That's ok with me as I like sheer coverage and have dry skin, but if you do then I would suggest you try it with a dry brush as well to compare the results, depending on your needs.
Between the two, the brush method gives me very superior results. The TM gives me adequate coverage yet I appear like I have nothing on my skin.

The TM could be giving you a whitish cast because you may be applying too much. TMs tend to be sheer and will not provide coverage for acne spots or other discoloration. You need to use either a heavier foundation or a concealor in that case.

I hope this helps you.

Any other fans of Ponds Tinted Moisturier? Any tips for Brenda?


  1. I use the 03 shade ...Because I am wheatish in complexion and so is Brenda. I will suggest her to go for little darker foundation rather than lighter one..dusky people look too whitish when they buy a shade lighter .On the hand if one is fair in complexion then going for a lighter shade is best as Tanz advised.

    beautifully written article Tanz.



  2. When I had tried it at d counter both ivory n rose look very similar n u tend to get m nt super fair...normal i chose rose..n its many r sayin dat dey feel shiny after 3-4 hours of application..loose powder wud help in dat case..try lakme rose powder...

  3. m at wheatish, but ivory goes well with me.........i really get confused with these shades, so got both rose and ivory, ultimately ivory suited me the most

  4. Hi Tanveer... I can’t believe you wrote a whole article based on my query. I was so sure i was asking the most stupid question but i thought I might as well try my luck with asking the expert. Thank you so much. The article is really detailed and so well written.

    I live in the UAE and I asked my mom to pick up the Ponds TM when she was in Mumbai for a holiday so i didnt get to try the samples. She picked up what she thought would suit me best. Ponds TM is not available here.. :(

    I never ask someone else to pick up makeup for me but I made an exception with this one.

    I have combination skin with a tendency to go dry because of the constant air conditioning in the UAE and I have only recently started realizing the advantages of good moisturizing. My skin is also relatively sensitive. I don’t break-out that much (actually it only happened once with a Nivea oil control face wash that was obviously too harsh for my dry skin) but i do tend to flake (especially during winter) which is a total nightmare because nothing hides flaking!!!

    Based on all you have said about your own skin I feel that the products you use would work on my skin. I tried the TBS Bath gloves and the St. Ives Vanilla Body Wash…SOOOO GGOOODD!!!! (I left an anonymous comment to thank you for that one). Your reviews are always so insightful that I keep returning to your blogsite for advice before buying anything.

    Anyways, I tried the method of applying the Pond’s TM by dabbing it all over my face and then blending it with my fingers today morning.. no whitish cast!!!
    Yipee!! Previously I tried to apply it like regular moisturizer.. BIG MISTAKE !!! What was I thinking!!! In my defense I was sorta in a hurry to try the TM… blame it on excitement!!! And I was getting late to boot!! But the finish was dewy and smooth. I will try the brush method but I need to get a brush first.. I have the Vega Blush Brush.. Do you think it will work? I was also thinking (whilst I read your article) of trying a wet sponge.. I have a sponge! What do you think?

    I LOOOVEEE this!!! i want to use it daily … how long does a bottle last… I need to make arrangements to get another dozen bottles!!! Thanks Tanveer!!!

    @Anamika – I love your blogsite as well. I plan on trying out a recipe or two soon!!… I am still trying to figure out my complexion. I don’t think I am fair like Tanveer… but dusky is more like Bipasha Basu… not me!! I also have dark eye circles so the foundation always tends to look ashy in that area and concealor always looks cakey.. I am probably not applying it properly!!

  5. Anamika: Thks so much for all your support! :-D.. Glad u liked the article

    @Bhumika; They both are similar but they also differ in subtle ways. Sheer Ivory has a yellow toned base, although it is lighter. Sheer Rose on the other hand is slightly pink toned. I have dry skin so I have never had the problem of any shiny look the entire day and I so love the dewy look this gives, I generally avoid using loose powder as that dampens the glow. But oily skinned ppl might need to use loose powder :)

    @Retnu: Yea, like I mentioned earlier I feel that Ivory & Rose differ in their base shade – Yellow & Pink. I hope you like this too :)

    @Brenda: Hey! No question is stupid! I just try to offer my perspective which may be right or wrong. I am glad you found the article useful..

    Ohh, Ponds TM is like a god –send to me and I always keep one backup. I am so obsessed with it :P

    I have combination skin too – I used to get a lot of acne earlier but 4 years of A/C living has resulted in me opting for heavy duty moisturizers. I understand what you mean by flaking & the whole issue. I get flaky skin myself during winters. It is just terrible.

    Glad u liked the Bath Gloves & Vanilla Body Wash ;) and happy to know that you find the blog useful.

    Hey! Tht’s cool, that you were able to work the Ponds TM! I can understand your excitement, sometimes we hear so much about a product that we just can’t wait to use it :)

    You can use the Vega Blush Brush but I don’t think it will work as well. The ELF brush I use is made of synthetic fibers (doesn’t absorb the TM) and is very dense and flat. This helps lay down the foundation as opposed to a fluffy brush which gives you a soft, diffused application. I prefer to use sponges only for very thick high coverage foundations (like stick foundations). Sponges absorb a lot of foundation (wastage in my eyes) and do help avoid the cakey look (a possibility with stick foundations, but not with TMs which are so sheer).. But then this is just my perspective and what works best for me. I would encourage you to experiment & maybe these might work out for you..

    A bottle used everyday generally lasts me 7 to 8 months. So I think you maybe able to safely order more before you run outta this :)

  6. Ive been using my fingers to apply foundation all these days, now I'll try ur tip with my ELF Foundation brush.

  7. @Tanveer: Thanks for the quick reply. I totally plan on getting a Foundation Brush to try the technique. I visited a INGLOT store recently to find some concealor. The SA actually used a similar technique (dabbing with a wet foundation brush)to apply the concealor. The concealor looked pretty well blended at the end of it but i imagined the technique was reserved for thicker formulas like concealors or foundations.(they did not have the correct shade for me in stock that day...:( so no concealor for me!!dont you just hate when that happens).. How do you apply concealor?
    That little bottle lasts for 7 months!!! Excellent!!! Now i will definately use it everyday!!

  8. Yes I found that it does leave a white cast, esp in photos. I think it's the SPF in it. N ya using a brush is better coz u won't end up using so much product, which will make u look even whiter.


  9. Hi Tanveer, great blog!
    Needed to ask a specific question to you, after noticing that you bought an ELF brush.. is the ELF studio powder brush available anywhere in Mumbai, or(as US bloggers complain)can you only get it online? Would greatly appreciate if you can find this out for me, bcos Ive been lusting after that brush for months!
    Thanks and regards,

  10. hi...well I hav heard alot abt dis tinted moisturiser. But the word age miracle make me a lil skeptical. I am jus 23 n nt luking fr ny such product fr aging. So is this TM gud enuf fr me or shud i luk fr another one? pls suggest me da one. I hav combination skin

  11. Hellloo.... again... Loving this product more and more.. i was using powder over it but i stopped because i really like the finish without.. my skin looks good in photographs too.. i just noticed... not ghastly like i noticed in some other pics...
    @angels never lie- TRY IT OUT!! i doubt you will be disappointed. I dont think its going to prevent you from aging but my skin has never looked better.i have no complaints... get the shade right though and use the right application technique!!

  12. @Classy & Fab: Thks :)

    @Aarthi: Fingers work well for me too :)

    @Brenda: I apply concealors neat - that is with fingers. I use a cream concealor from NYX, using fingers helps me melt it so that it blends well.

    @CZ: I think so too, almost all prdts with SPF leave a cast :(

    @Mukho: Thks! Glad u like reading the blog. ELF has introduced only its regular line here - not the studio line yet - in brushes & makeup. I guess you will have to order online only :)

    @Angels: I don't this prdt has any anti-aging effect per se, but then I could be wrong. If you are unsure, then I suggest you try the one from MAC. It will also suit your combination skin better than this.

    @Brenda: Even I like the glowy finish this product gives. I rarely powder over it :)


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