Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Makeup Brands on a Budget

If you are more of a budget person, but like me are still tempted by big brands like MUFE & Inglot to name a few, life can get difficult. The various gushing reviews by other bloggers tease and threaten to break your last resolve as well as your bank balance.

Here are some tips that I keep in mind when trying out expensive stuff.

1.      Don’t buy immediately: Try out the products on yourself for at least an hour before you invest. Check yourself out in different lights and observe how your skin reacts to it. If possible, try out the products at the store, come back & google for reviews. It will give you an idea of how the product actually performs. And no, the SA won’t think you are a cheapo if you try out stuff & don’t get anything.

2.      Get something that you can't find elsewhere: There is no point getting another clear lipgloss or black eyeliner. Look for unique shades like that perfect red, textures like gels or liquids or things like foundation & concealors that are hard to find matches for in smaller brands. You could also opt to invest in things like makeup brushes that will last you a long time and will help you wear your makeup better. Brands like NYX tend to have dupes of a lot of MAC eyeshadows.

3.      Space out your purchases: Planning & spacing out your purchases will help you maintain some kind of control over your budget. It will also give you time to evaluate and compare with other brands as well as figure out how the product fares on you. Plus you can also take advantage of sales (although honestly I am yet to see a sale at any of these high end brands – but you never know)

4. Learn a trick from the image above: Still went over-budget? Make a cute face like the oh-so-cute dog in the picture above. No one can stay angry at that.

I hope these tips help you, how do you buy big makeup brands on a budget?


  1. loved ur post dear :) but what to say ??? i agree i will make puppy face and go for shopping :) ...
    the post like these insipres so much :) and i love u for this :)

  2. Hi are you dear...was very busy and I couldn't read my favorite blogger's I'll read some of my fav...great..another great post...these tips really help me.Thanks

  3. hehe..i simply can't resist now :((

    courtesy Rashmi , Shivani and Cynthia:)

  4. I do #4 a lot! lol. Lovely tips T...I needed to read them :P

    @Ana~ haha...


  5. Hi Tanveer, great post as usual and greater tips as well. I will remember these forever, I need to :)

  6. I do that always..think before I buy..but there are those days when i just buy too..yet to mature i

  7. good tips...... it's so easy to over indulge while shopping.

  8. hey nest tips tanveer. am ing to cut down my shopping but it aint happening :D

  9. Great tips. I have started thinking a lot before buying cosmetics cus they stay put in my drawers. I feel sad when i see my credit card bills. :(


  10. i need to print this out and hang it on my wall lol i seriously always go overboard and get buyers remorse but then i make sure i used my products everyday so i wont feel its a waste lol

  11. Awesome Tips. I have struggled to stop over spending on makeup but I have recently found a system that works. I can anything I want as long as I don't have something like it in my collection already. Needless to say I had to stop shopping. Using your four tips would have saved me a lot of cash.

  12. Hi Tanveer! I recently discovered your blog and have read through most of it:) I loveee it esp your sense of humour and that you don't talk about Mac and stuff all the time. This is another great post. Thanks!!

  13. awesoommme post Tanveer!!! Loved reading it thoroughly!!

  14. I think life is too short, and if you have a passion for something, why let your mom stop you? HAHAHA. Shop as long as you have money ;) Don't take my advice, of course. Thank god, I dont have a credit card.

  15. When i'm on a budget I simply avoid going to the shops... best way for me!

  16. Great post...and I agree on sleeping over a lemming and the puppy face trick..:-)

  17. Haha ..tip 4 is the best !!! lol....
    No but seriously, its so easy to get reeled in to these expoensive brands ..what u said about spending money on something unique is true...theres no point in going and buying a clear gloss from MAC

  18. very nice posts- really helpful!!
    Will try the puppy dog look nxt time!!:)


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