Elle 18 Color Bombs in Mumbai - Where Are You?

I have been looking for the new Elle 18 Color Bombs Collection since it was launched, but I just can't find it anywhere. I must have asked in at least 5 - 6 stores in my area before I gave up. Has it even been launched here?

Have any of you in Mumbai been able to find this collection? I wonder if this is an issue only in my area..


  1. Here in Chennai, I've only seen the nail polishes. Other items are not yet available.

  2. even i checked out some stores but didnt find any! :( I thought its a prob with the plaze i live in lol.I think they have launched it in delhi.....but dont know abt mumbai!

  3. I still haven't spotted these in bangalore..

  4. I too checked the stores but there r no where to be seen ...

  5. but Rashmi said that they r every where..u can ask her..

  6. @Poohkie: I can't find anything here - not even the nail paints.. & this is in stores that used to stock the earlier Elle 18 liquid liners

    @IMW: LOL! Even I thght the same, that they haven't launched in my area :P :P

    @LadyLavender: ohhh! Not even in Bangalore? I thght only Mumbai was being deprived..

    @Anamika: Ohh, even Hydrabad is berefit of these? So now its Mumbai, Bangalore & Hydrabad on the blacklist..

    ohh, I'll ask Rashmi then. I checked out a good 6-7 general beauty stores in my area & none of them seem to stock it!

  7. I asked around and it seems most places will have them in a week. This seems to be the situation in most of New Bombay. Dont know about other places in Bombay.

  8. em.. need to go find them! -_-

  9. is it available in pune..cuz ive chkd it everyvr

  10. Hey... I've found the Elle 18 Eye crayon... i live near Matunga, and found those in Matunga market....


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