Elle 18 Color Bombs in Mumbai - Where Are You?

I have been looking for the new Elle 18 Color Bombs Collection since it was launched, but I just can't find it anywhere. I must have asked in at least 5 - 6 stores in my area before I gave up. Has it even been launched here?

Have any of you in Mumbai been able to find this collection? I wonder if this is an issue only in my area..


  1. Here in Chennai, I've only seen the nail polishes. Other items are not yet available.

  2. even i checked out some stores but didnt find any! :( I thought its a prob with the plaze i live in lol.I think they have launched it in delhi.....but dont know abt mumbai!

  3. I still haven't spotted these in bangalore..

  4. I too checked the stores but there r no where to be seen ...

  5. but Rashmi said that they r every where..u can ask her..

  6. @Poohkie: I can't find anything here - not even the nail paints.. & this is in stores that used to stock the earlier Elle 18 liquid liners

    @IMW: LOL! Even I thght the same, that they haven't launched in my area :P :P

    @LadyLavender: ohhh! Not even in Bangalore? I thght only Mumbai was being deprived..

    @Anamika: Ohh, even Hydrabad is berefit of these? So now its Mumbai, Bangalore & Hydrabad on the blacklist..

    ohh, I'll ask Rashmi then. I checked out a good 6-7 general beauty stores in my area & none of them seem to stock it!

  7. I asked around and it seems most places will have them in a week. This seems to be the situation in most of New Bombay. Dont know about other places in Bombay.

  8. is it available in pune..cuz ive chkd it everyvr

  9. Hey... I've found the Elle 18 Eye crayon... i live near Matunga, and found those in Matunga market....


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