Fab India After Bath Seabuckthorn oil - Review

Hello People! I hope you all had a wonderful Diwali ;-)

Am back to Mumbai with a terrible cold - congested nose & all.

Back to business then, and the first review for the oil that saved my skin from flaking terribly in the cold.

What it claims: A mixture of seabuckthorn, coconut, sesame, soybean and almond oil, this oil is perfect for using all over the body after a bath.

Price: Rs. 250 for a 200 ml bottle


1. Despite being a mixture of heavy oils like sesame & almond oil, this product has a very light texture, it absorbs pretty quickly (within a minute or two) and feels very silky against the skin, never heavy or sticky. It also gets to work instantly, within an hour, rough dry spots like elbows and hands begin to heal and soften. It also works very well on dry feet, I would apply it overnight.

2. I used this on my face after skin started to flake despite the thick cold cream, it moisturised and soften my skin a lot. The flaking stopped instantly and my skin was much better hydrated.

3. It has an intense smell but nothing that I found offensive, is honey colored, and flows pretty easily, making it easy to massage all over the body and face. It also didn't stain my clothes.

4. I like that it is a mixture of all wonderful oils like sesame, almond, coconut and seabuckthorn. Seabuckthorn is a berry that is very high in antioxidants and helps the skin heal and rejuvenate rapidly.


Nothing actually. Although it is meant for the body, I quite like using this for my face.

Will I repurchase: Yes.

This instantly softens and hydrated  my face and body. I love using this underneath my foundation as it is so light. A drop or two massaged gently for two minutes, helped my foundation go on much smoother in the cold winter.

Do you use any body oils during winter?
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  1. happy diwali dearie, this seems to be a good buy for the oilies as well

  2. you got this one I got almond oil for body...love Fab India sesame oil too ..:)

    even their sea buck thrown shampoo and conditioners were there..have u tried them?

  3. ohh i forgot to read the first few lines...I hope u get better soon dear...take care.

  4. hey get well soon and welcome back! thanks a bunch for the lovely comment u left on my blog. this review sounds great. I have the sesame oil with me and love it! do take rest and get well soon

  5. Welcome back...and Get Well Soon.
    I hope you had great time during Diwali...missed your posts over last week

  6. I hvnt tried any oils from Fab India...maybe some day soon I will...hope ur feeling better here :)

  7. WELCOME BACK my friend and it's so bad that you are not well..Get Well soon dear...now about the product...I read your review and i think It will be nice to my mom and me..next week I'm going to Delhi and Inshallah I'll definitely try to get this product there because Fab India is not available here.

  8. Welcome back! Hope you get well soon - colds are the absolute worst.

    As for this product - fab India, here I come. My feet are so dry that the skin is peeling off *sob* and nothing is working. I'm about an inch away from tearing at my hair in frustration. Will check this out tomorrow.

  9. Welcome back hon, I hope you had an awesome Diwali.
    I really want to try out some fab india products. I will next time when I make a trip to India.

  10. Hey Tanveer,

    Welcome back!!!I have a loooong list of Fab India products to try.Will try this one too :)I have extra dry skin and I am sure this would help me a lot. Thanks for the review. Take care & get well soon :)

  11. Sounds great! I thought Seabuckthorn is some kind of shrub :D. Berry was very far from my mind lol.

    Welcome back T & hope u get better fast. Take care...


  12. Hi Tanveer

    Welcome back! So nice to have you blogging again...
    I am making a trip to Mumbai soon. Where can I find Fab India products?


  13. Sounds nice!!! Good review!!

  14. Retnu: Happy Diwali to u too! I hope this will be a good buy for people with oily skin also. My hubby has oily skin and he liked using this on his arms and feet.

    @Anamika: LOL! I think between the two of us we will end up reviewing every FabIndia product there is. I didn’t get their sesame oil as I found it to be expensive. I get pure sesame oil (200ml) for 35 bucks at hypercity. I did see their seabuck line for haircare, but I haven’t tried it.

    Thks for your wishes. I am feeling a lil better now.

    @IMW: Thks :).. Your eyemakeup was just lovely! Thks for the wishes!

    @maddy: Thks a lot, awww. I am so touched that you missed my posts! Thanks a lot for reading the blog!

    @HD: Feeling a lil better thanks to all the steaming & eucalyptus oils! Thks for your wishes!

    @Rakhshanda: Thks so much for the warm welcome1 I feel so special :)

    Yup, even I feel this product will suit your skin well. I hope you have a good time in Delhi & have fun shopping. If you are checking FabIndia out even their Vit E cream for dry skin is nice. They have open trial samples at the store, so you can feel the texture before purchasing :)

    @Poohkie: Thks so much! This cold is quite nasty. I get a headache almost everyday thanks to the stuffy nose.

    I hope you like this oil, like Anamika mentioned they even have a almond oil – you can also try that. Plus they also have an avocado foot cream that I read a good review of on Rashmi’s blog. You can try that as well!

    @AOYV/Shivani: Thks so much! I did have a good Diwali, but I suspect your’s was better with the MAC Tartan Blush Gift :)

    @Appu: I hope you like them as well :) Thanks for your wishes..

    @CZ: Err.. actually it could be a shrub too. I just googled for images of the fruit and got berry like images, so I assumed it was a berry.. I could be wrong.. :D

    Thks for your wishes!

    @Brends: Thks! You can find FabIndia products at all their stores. Their website has a list of store locations for all cities. You can refer to that to find the store closest to you!

    @Simran: Thks!

  15. I wanna so buy this but venever I go to hunt this, the store is always out of it :(

  16. can someone please tell if I can get sea-buckthorn oil (not a mixture of oils)



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