Khadi Mauri Facewash - Review

What it claims: 100% soap free cleansing preparation fortified with natural cleansing extracts which deep cleanse skin removing all the dirt, germs & infection from inside the pores of skin and keeps the skin soft, clean , tender, well moisturized and free from pimples.

Ingredients: Each 100g contains
  • Saunf 2g (Fennel is a wonderful treatment for prematurely aged and wrinkled skin, wind or sun-damaged skin, or skin that has been neglected)
  • Chamomile flower 2g
  • Methi 2g
  • Brahmi 4g
  • Apricot oil 1g
  • Tulsi leaf 4g
  • SLES 3g
  • Purified water qs
  • Preservatives 0.375g
Price: Rs. 110 for 210 ml bottle

Purchased from: The annual diwali khadi exhibition that is held at Khadi centre, Irla, Vile Parle (W) in Mumbai.


1. Super gentle against the skin, this facewash is one of the gentlest ones that I have tried. It doesn't dry out my skin at all.

2. I liked that this product listed all the ingredients with quantities, unlike other khadi products which mention only some mysterious key ingredients.

3. Smells pleasant, not overbearing. Also it does not leave a film on the skin upon rinsing unlike other heavy face washes.


1. Notoriously difficult to locate. I was recommended this facewash by friend, but it took me a good 8 months before this was back in stock. Apparently it is very popular.

2. The packaging sucks. It is a struggle to open the flip cap everyday, invariably I end up either breaking a nail or scratching myself. I plan to transfer this to something less violent.

Will I repurchase: Yes.

Have you tried any Khadi face washes?


  1. Hi Tanveer, great review as usual. The ingredient list sound cool. Could you please let me know why to locate it in delhi or kolkata? Hope you had a great diwali. Thanks :)

  2. i have never tried any of khadi products..

  3. I have never seen this one. but will definitely look out for this cleanser. is it good for oily skin?

  4. you've seriously tempted me to try khadi products now.. 110 bucks for all that!

  5. I have likd all the Khadi products I have used till now but they are soooo damn difficult to find here :( I will surely pick this up if I manage to find it...where did u buy it from?

    n ya do transfer this to a more less violent container soon :D

  6. as said they r difficult to find though now i have started seeing them in Bog Bazaar but i thought they must be outdated so didnt check on them.

  7. Hi Tanveer...

    So where did you manage to locate this bottle?? Dare we ask??


  8. Any idea where Khadi products are available in Chennai??? I would love to try this sometime. My skin has been drying out BIG time :(

  9. @BeautyDiva: Thks! I know, it seems all natural & all. I hope it actually is :)
    I am not sure where you can get this in Delhi or Kolkatta. The bottle has a helpline number on it. I’ll add it to this review later today. You can maybe call on that & find out??

    @Retnu: Awww… I love their soaps :)

    @IMW: No clue whether this will suit oily skin. The friend who recommened this to be has combination skin with oily T zone. It suited her.

    @Rima: I know, the ingredient list almost reads like a Lush product na!

    @HD: Beauty Centre at Khar used to stock the entire Khadi line earlier, this face wash was available there then. Now they only stock the soaps. I bought this from the Khadi store at Irla in the Alfa lane, Vile Parle. They have a annual exhibition/sale around Diwali time – so I finally found this there. But there is also a Khadi store there that sells their line all year round.

    @Anamika: They are notoriously difficult to find. These products have the manufacturing date printed on the bottom. You could check that out. They mostly have a shelf life of 2 years.

    Thks, glad u liked the towels.

    @Brenda: I got this in a sale at the Khadi centre in Irla, Vile Parle W

    @Appu: I have a hard time finding these in Mumbai, so I have really no clue about Chennai. You could try Ponds or Himalaya or Neutrogena in the mean time.

  10. Tanveer, the helpline no. is of no use...I've tried :(

  11. Will hunt for this one.It's one hell of a mission to hunt down khadi stuff :)


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