Reader Queries: FAQ on Acne, Scars, Ingrown Hairs & Dark Circles

It's been two years since I began writing this blog. It has been a great experience and I have got the opportunity to interact with some of my readers. A lot of the queries that I get from the readers seem to center around acne, tanned skin & scars, ingrown hairs and dark circles.

These 4 together seem to the bane of the modern Indian woman. Below is my take on each of these:

Q 1. I have terrible acne, please help!

Ans: If your acne is like one – two pimples on your entire face, like once a month; then try using a paste of chandan (sandalwood) mixed with honey dabbed over the spot overnight. You could also make a toner of lemon juice in rose water and apply that over the skin to reduce oiliness & prevent further acne.

But if your acne is more than 2 pimples, covers a large area of your face/back or is leaving behind scars – please go visit a dermatologist to get treatment.

Acne that is persistent & chronic, when ignored or left untreated will not only result in scars, but it also causes long term damage to the skin structure. Plus acne can worsen due to the formation of pus due to bacterial infection. This requires medical treatment.

Q 2. I have scars on my face due to acne, hyperpigmentation, and tanned skin, how do I treat it?

Ans. For a simple tan try using curd as face pack every alternate day. It helps remove tan within 2 weeks of usage.

As for acne scars & hyperpigmentation, there are lots of creams in the market that claim to help with such issues. I generally avoid recommending these, as there is a lot of controversy on their ingredients. It is claimed that some of them are harmful in the long run and there is no way for me to tell how your skin might react to these ingredients. It is best to again refer to a dermatologist for scar lightening creams as they will examine your skin and suggest a solution that best suits it.

Q3. I have ingrown hair, what do I do?

Ans: Please refer to this earlier post for tips. If none of these work, then (yea, you guessed it) – please go to a doctor, it could be a fungal or bacterial infection that you might be dealing with or change your parlour.

Q4. I have some mysterious red boils all over my face / arm/ back / leg.. What do I do?

Ans. Stop self diagnosing & self medicating, get a medical opinion.

Q5. I have terrible dark circles, please suggest a miracle cream?

Ans. There is no long term solution for dark circles other than a good concealor.

You can make them lighter and maybe less obvious by following a good diet, getting plenty of sleep & being happy.

I have tried Biotique & Aroma Magic under eye creams – but they didn’t work for me at all. I have heard Ponds Age Miracle cream is very good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

What are your tips for these Big 4? :-)


  1. nicely answered! i love ur q&a sessions. u explain everything in detail.

  2. I have acne/pimples & scars & I completely agree with what you have mentioned. If it's just 1 pimple every other month, then home remedies might be fine. But if it is always present, it could be the symptom of some other underlying problem - diet allergy, hormonal imbalance, dandruff or improper cleansing, so a dermatologist is a sound idea.

    I have eczema/psoriasis & I have tried countless home remedies in the past. It never worked. I had also gone to several doctors & always felt disappointed when the medications didn't work right away. But then I realised that the key is to be patient with the medication (if any) & consistent with the prescribed treatment. I have been undergoing treatment for the past month & this time I have been taking it correctly. And the results look promising.


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