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Reader Query: Nude Lips, Dewy Makeup & Hair problems!

Hi Tanveer,

I have the following queries.
(Skin tone - Dusky (Very close to the lid color in Chai latte), Skin Type - Very Oily, Hair Type - Oily, but frizzy after oiling and shampooing)

1. My lips are dark. Upper lip dark brown and the lower lighter shade of pinkish brown. Please suggest brands and shades for nude lips. I wish to experiment with peach, orange and coral shades.

2. The right make up products for a fresh, natural dewy look e.g.: foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, eye shadows etc. I do not have much blemishes.

3. I oil my hair before shampooing (Use an ayurvedic oil) but my hair gets extremely dry and frizzy and tangles. This is even worse in dry conditions (I am in Bangalore). I used Livon in college to tame my hair but lost a lot of hair in the long run. Many of my friends had the same experience. Please suggest a remedy. Do you think leave-in conditioners can cause hair fall ???

Looking forward to ur suggestions :D


Hi Deepa,

Thanks for reading the blog :)

1.      Inglot has some really nice peach, orange & coral shades in their lipsticks as well as lip pots. The lipsticks cost around 550 & lip pots around 750. You could try those. Revlon has a peach & coral lipstick in their colroburst range & Maybelline too have some nice peachy pink shades – that you could try out. For a nude lipstick I would suggest you try Sugared Honey, Autumn Rush or My Mahogany – all 3 are from Maybelline Colorsensational line or Rosy Nude from Revlon colorburst. You could use a lipliner to fill into your lips before applying lipstick to minimize the the difference in coloration

2.      Since you have oily skin you should preferably avoid tinted moisturizers as you might find them too heavy and greasy. Stick to oil free foundation formulas or use compacts like Revlon, Maybelline or Lakme Rose Powder to mattify your skin. Use a nice fluffy brush to apply and blend these powders so that they look natural and not chalky and white. You can skip concealor since you don’t have too many blemishes – just use a simple brown eyeliner with black mascara, some pink-peach blush (colorbar’s peachy rose or Jordana sandalwood) and apply a lipstick/gloss to finish off

3.      I think you might be using either a shampoo that is too harsh & drying, or else shampooing too often, or not using a conditioner appropriately. I suggest you switch to a milder shampoo and use a condition only on the hair that falls below the nape of your neck. Don’t use it on your scalp. Although I think it is best you ask a hair stylist for recommendations as she will be able to examine your hair & suggest something accordingly.

       As far as Livon is concerned – no I don’t think it causes hairfall. Basically all it does is help tangled hair. These tangles are generally created by hair that is broken and gotten into a knot with othetr hair. Livon helps open up these tangles and all the hair already broken falls out. So it seems like Livon is causing hair to fall. This is my experience with all leave in conditioners. It could be that your friends & you are allergic to something in it. There is really no remedy for that – just stop using it.

I hope this solves your queries Deepa.

Any more suggestions for Deepa?


  1. I love these posts :P

    Hey sweetie, for nude lips, try cocoa craving by revlon - it's a matte lipstick that isn't a dead nude - it's a rosy peach that won't stand out too much :)

  2. Hi GIRL...i think you have my kind of skin and my kind of problems too..

    for nude lips you can chekc out body shop lip glide colour 63 hides dark lips and gives a nude lips like appearance.

    After applyig tinted moisturizer i use revlon compact powder to avoid greasiness and it gives me good coverage as well..

    oily hair0 you can try garnier shampoo(the green bottle) it will keep oiliness at bay for 1-2 days..

    rest Tanz has taken everything in detail.:)

  3. Tanveer,
    Can you please email me at
    I have some suggestion for you from MAC Venomous Villains collections

  4. For nude lips try revlon's nude attitude...its awesome. Its my perfect nude.
    Use a very mild herbal shampoo, should help you.
    I myself used livon but nothing happened to my hair, Tanveer is correct that you and your friends might be allergic to some ingredient in it. Thanks :)

  5. Hi Deepa, my skin tone is very close to the chai latte lid shade too. Same pinch. As for a good nude, try Faces Velvet lipstick (shade 188). If it's not available, then I suggest any lipstick that is brown with a slight pinkish tint. Anything that is just brown looks muddy on me & pure pink looks barbie-ish.

  6. Hey Tanveer, really nice advice. Very helpful!!

  7. Hey Deepa
    Actually, Livon can cause hair fall too if you have been using it too regularly. Its main ingredient is a silicone based one which does impart shine to the hair in the temporary go but creates a coating on the hair and causes hair to weaken and ultimately break in the longer time span.
    And, yes, as said by Tanveer, you should probably give another shampoo a try. There are a lot of herbal ones in the market now which are gentler on the hair and do a weekly or at least once in two weeks deep conditioning hair regimen to tame your hair apart from just simply oiling it.


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