Reader Query: Tinted Lip Balms & Tinted Moisturisers.

Mary wants to know...
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Tanveer! Please suggest nice tinted lip balms & tinted moisturizers available in India!

Hi Mary!

These are the ones I know of, I have highlighted my favourites.

1. Nivea Lip Balms – priced around Rs. 129/-
2. Revlon Beyond Natural Lip Tints – Rs. 500/- (I have this in Deep Berry, this is a like a lip balm but the tint is intense and long lasting. A bit pricy though, they have 4-5 shades)
3. MAC Lip Tints: Rs. 800 – 900/-
4. Maybelline has launched some new lip tints – Smooth & Care – they cost some 200 bucks
5. Jordana Incolor Juicy lip tints (available only in Mumbai)
6. VOV cosmetics has tinted lip balms too (available at Khar beauty Center – these are highly pigmented and cost some 200-300 bucks)
7. Streetwear also has some tinted lipbalms. Can’t remember their names now.
8. Vaseline recently launched Rosy Lips – lip balm with a tint. I think it costs 99/-
9. The Body Shop also has some Delipscious Sheer Lip Tints

Tinted Moisturizers

1. Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer – Rs. 299
2. MAC Tinted Moisturizer – Rs. 1099
3. Biotique Tinted Moisturizer – Rs. 229 (very good for dry skin)
4. ELF Tinted Moisturizer – Rs. 199 (only in Mumbai)

These are all that I could remember. If you know of any more, please add them in the comments below :-)


  1. I didnt know tat maybelline has tinted lipbalms.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Actually Tanveer, the Maybelline lip balms are 99 bucks only & come in 6 flavours. Lotus herbals lip balm with spf has a nice tint to it.

  4. Thnx 4 the quick guide Tanveer.Found a lot of new brands 2 check out

  5. Ohh..I didn't know that MAC had a TM...need to try it

  6. I recently got the Maybelline one in the lightest pink color- Its just Rs 99. Thanks for the list!Gotta try them.

  7. fantastic list Tanz..u always come with well researched answers:)

  8. me too used to have a maybelline one..n loved lovin the nivea 1..

  9. Hey is the ponds TM good in winters for dry /flaky skin?

  10. hey tanveer i have tagged u, come and take a look

  11. I'd like to add, Avon has a wonderful tinted lip balm too and its priced between 80 and 100 depending on the offer going on.
    I really really want to know if e.l.f is still available in India at Mumbai?


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