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Addicted to Blush Awards 2010

Carrying on the tradition from last year, presenting this year's Addicted to Blush - Beauty Awards 2010.

These are the products that appealed the most to me during the year. This is of course, not a comprehensive list as I have not tried every brand in each product range and the final selection was based solely on my experience with the products.


Medium to Heavy coverage:
Bourjois Healthy Mix – good matt, glowy coverage without looking overdone.

Light coverage:
Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer with spf 15 – love this thing! I use Sheer Ivory 01 in winters & rainy season and Sheer Rose 02 during summers (I seem to get a bit of a tan then)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealor: Instant under eye brightness! Magic :)

Loose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder light, airy, fine powder. Does a decent job.

Compact Powder
No winners here, simply because I didn’t get any compact powder this year. Nothing interesting enough….


No winners in this category for me. Nothing impressed me much. Any suggestions?

MUFE Aqua Cream #2: A steely deep grey. A light wash makes it perfect for day. Layer it on for a night time smoky eye.  Long lasting, water & smudge proof.


Another category that went unexplored during the year for me. I am still using Elle 18’s old liquid liner. Yet to try out the new one.

Bourjois Duochrome Eyeliners: Why do these win? Simply because they broke the monotony that has taken over eyeliners these days – most brands have the same 4 to 5 shades of boring deep brown, dark blue, bright purple, forest green – which I am so bored with already.  Bourjois has some interesting colors & shades – smokey blues, greens tinged with golden yellow. Interesting.

Lakme Black Satin Kajal – deep, rich, intense, creamy and glossy black. I like.

No winners in this category for me. There were very few mascara launches during the year & hardly any that really, really impressed me. I’ll have to go with my last year choice – Maybelline Define a Lash – which I am super bored with now, btw.

Eye Base
NYX Eye base in Pearl. The white shimmery base just makes all eyeshadows pop beautifully.


Lakme Rose Trio Blush – Is there a single makeup blogger in India who doesn’t own this? The powder is silky smooth, the color payoff is nice and it looks great.

Inglot Liquid Face Blush in #81 – Blends smoothly and gives the most pretty natural flush ever!

Colorbar Blush in Cinnabar – although this is a blush it works great as a night time bronzer for me, plus all the fine silver shimmer it has makes my skin glow.

NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks: A pretty red-pink in the pan – this goes on fairly pink on the cheeks for that perfect winter look – pink cheeks from a walk in the chilly wind.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Rose
Competition in this category was at its most brutal, with Maybelline also launching their Color Sensational line. But for me Revlon is the clear winner. The shades are pretty, the quality is top notch, and they all look so damn nice. Soft Rose is a pretty soft pink that looks good – day or night!

Lakme glide on lip color in rose and honey are still my favourites from last year. I just got one lip liner this year – Sexy Mauve by Jordana – I liked that too, cost 100 bucks and looks just as nice.

Jordana LOL (Lip Out Loud) Lip gloss. These were launched recently in October and have become total favourites for me. They are available in a lot of colors, are very glossy & pigmented and they also last long. Love these. Will review in the coming week.

No winners here. Last year’s Body Shop Cheek & Lip Tint still holds sway. Revlon & Maybelline kept promising to launch their lip tints. Yet to see them.

Nivea Pomegranate Lip Balm Intense shine, pretty flush of color.

Have you tried any of these? Which ones are your HGs of the year?


  1. Wow!! Perfect. Unfortunately I am yet to try all of these prodcuts....:)


  2. when i saw this on face book i rannnn to check out the awards...

    congratts to all the winners product :)

  3. I have used only a couple of the products that you have mentioned... :-))

  4. wow really amazing list. if u r looking for a translucent powder I can recommend clinique.its amazing, very light, sheer and natural.can be worn on its own too.its a bit pricey, but u get a lot of product which will last u for a long time.

  5. Kudos to all the winners......

    Did u try Lakme Lash Artist? I bought one recently and kind of liking it. The Inglot AMC blush is in my list.

  6. do i qualify in anyway to be a beauty blogger? I havent tried anything from this, not the nivea lip balm at least....but i love to try each and everything except foundation, eye shadow and blush :) ur post deserved a rating, girlie....

  7. I agree about the lakme rose trio blush and ponds TM !! Love both of those...i hardly buy any eyeshadows ever since gpt my coastal scents pallette!!!
    Nice post..enjoyable read!

  8. Super lovely blog you have here!


  9. Wow, quite a list. Am always amazed at all the make up stuff women own :-) awesome. I cant really use chemical based cosmetics because they super irritate my skin but yes the lakme kajal i have tried and i found it to be dark black, creamy and rich, better than a lot of int'l brands...Anamika K

  10. @Anamika: Tht's so sweet! Thanks :D

    @Bhumika: Thks :D

    @SIB: Ok, I hope u liked them as well :)

    @IMW: ohhh, thks for the recco babes, yet to try anything clinique - will check it out :D

    @GGG: Thks! :)... I do have Lakme lash artist actually with me since few mnths, but I am yet to try it, since my bourjois one is still working. I had got it from the PR person to review. I generally use only one mascara at a time as it expires so soon..Will dig it out to try :) Thks for the recco.. I hope u like inglot :D

    @Retnu: I know! I love it :D

    @Divs: Of course my TBS addict u r very much a beauty blogger! lol, no issues, try them in yr own time. As it is u have such amazing stuff frm UK :D.. Thks for the ratings babes :D

    @PnB: That is precisely the reason why I don't want to get a costal scents palette - u get caught with the product & feel guilty to get anything else. I prefer my eyeshadow singles :D :D..

    @Dylana: Thks! :)

    @Anamika: :D :D.. glad u liked the kajal :)

  11. nice list and review ... very helpfull !!! but I really thought that bourjois detox foundation would be there instead of the old one :D

  12. @CP: I have used Healthy Mix all this year.. while Detox I have used twice. I can't really compare right now. :)

  13. i used detox its very drying ...u tried sample or u bought the one ??
    i tried the samples

  14. I like MAC's powder blush. And among lip balms: Lotus Herbals is really good!

  15. Woah! This post is an information digest in itself. Haven't tried most of the products but will defnitely keep ur recommendations in mind while buying makeup :)

  16. Nice products there T. Now I really want Nivea Pomegranate lip balm :)



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