Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eyeliners - Review

What it claims:

From L to R: 75 Prune Moderne, 81 Blue Virtuose & 73 Gris Ingenieux
Intense color up to 16 hours. Enriched with pure pigments, this kohl allows for an intense result from the very first stroke and lasts up to 16 hours.  
Its soft and bendable formula is ideal to apply both on the inner and outer rims of the eye.
Hypoallergenic, with natural wax and vitamin E, it is gentle on the delicate eye contour area.
Intense color in just 1 stroke.
High tolerance. Ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Tip: Blend and shade to define the shape of the eye or apply to the inside rim of the eye for intensity.

Price: Rs. 220/-

1. Very pigmented liners – deposits loads of color in a single stroke and are very nice to create smoky eyes in a jiffy.

2. Very soft tip, this never drags the skin, it is a breeze to apply and easy to blend.

3. Very interesting shades, considering that this is a kohl pencil which tend to be generally boring black – this is a nice change. The colors are nice matt shades with a hint of metallic shine to them

From top to bottom: 73 gris ingenieux, 81 blue virtuose & 75 prune moderne

4. The shades I have are #73 – a charcoal grey, #75 – a smoky purple (I love this one, generally most brands have garish bright purple liners & I don’t like them – this one is extremely wearable to office coz it is dark but set off with a hint of eggplant aubergine purple) & #81 Blue Virtuose (one of those rare dark blue eyeliners that I can carry off)

5. The price – very economical

1. True to their first claim the color does last a good 16 hours – but not where you deposited it. This liner smudges & smudges – even if you don’t touch it. Mere blinking causes it to smudge, within 2-3 hours the liner has moved to my upper crease (somehow!!) and also bled below my lower lash line. The blue one seems to smudge the most for some reason. The purple & grey one are still ok.

But then this is a Kohl pencil & all Kohls smudge.

I sometimes apply a light thin layer of Lakme Rose powder (or any other loose translucent powder should also do) around the the line. It does seem to prevent some smudging - but not completely. (PS - apply the loose powder with a liner brush - and apply a very, very miniscule amount - if you can see the rose powder on top of the liner you have applied too much)

Will I repurchase: Yup! They are awesomely pigmented, have interesting shades of purples & greys, they literally glide on the skin & I love them for that.

I just wish they wouldn’t travel all over my eyes on their own accord, but then that maybe asking for too much from a kohl pencil.

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  1. Nice review..I agree no matter what you do,kohl you are tempting me to buy one of these

  2. love the purple will get it n these r quiet reasonable as well. cool review.

  3. all the colors look awesome and thanks for the great review.i liked the blue one the most

  4. I have used it earlier and you are right apart from the smudging part it's very good

  5. I'm yet to try this eye pencil , it sure is pigmented..:)

  6. i dont like pencils which smudge, but kohl pencils r expected to smudge, this are just not meant for me, though i liked the purple one, but i will have let it go

  7. Lovely shades Tanveer, purple is the best. I want it...... I want it.... :)

  8. I have it in black n blue..n i so agree bout d blue smudges like stays fine for me on d upper i use only for dat n not on lower lashline..

  9. Ooh, I love the difficult to pronounce, #75 so pretty.These are total bang for the buck! Btw Tanveer, the NYC blush on e-bay, I put up a link on my blog comments section since quite a few people wanted to buy it.I wasn't sure if ur blog would allow links in comments so put it on mine, chk it out. HTH :)

  10. i love all bourjois eyeliners .. but agree this one smudges a lot
    good review Tanz :D

  11. thnx for the review.. but the liner dt smudges doesnt work for me..

  12. Oww..too bad they smudge. I like the price...might get one for myself The charcoal one looks nice!


  13. I too like the price and colors..but evn normal ones smudge too much on no ways that I can try this!!


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