Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel 03 - Rose Sensuel - Review

What it claims: Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick is a smooth formula that deposits a fine and radiant film of colour on lips. Enriched with lightweight oils and waxes, it combines polymers and argan oil for its emollient properties. It also contains a gel complex that ensures maximum comfort upon application and intense colour.

Price: Rs. 600/- (I have the shade 03 Rose Sensual) for 3gms


03 - Rose Sensuel

1.  Long lasting: Although it doesn’t claim so, but the color lasts a good 4-5 hours.

2. Very lightweight on the lips, the formula is amazingly moisturizing and glides on very smoothly on the lips. No tugging or pulling.

3. The finish is really nice – sheer but buildable, just swipe on more coats – without any product buildup. The finish is almost glowy – not matt, but not shimmery either. Pigmented with a little bit of shine and gloss

4. The lipstick claims to be made from ingredients of 100% natural origin.

5. The packaging looks really nice, it just looks nice though. (see con below)

6. The shade I have 03 Rose Sensuel - is a mix of peachy pink shade that tends to go on more pink on my lips. It looks natural, yet polished thanks to the fact that it doesn't look heavy or textured on the lips.

1. The silly “push button” to slide out the lipstick mechanism!!

I don’t understand why Bourjois makes simple things so complex.  I thought their blush had the most incompetent & obnoxious locking system (which breaks after a while), but then I met this lipstick. The first few times I tried using this lipstick, I literally had to struggle with it for a good 2 minutes, sometimes I even gave up & used some other lipstick that opens the old fashioned way. There is a learning curve here &  I have got the hang of how to slide the damn thing out.

But even then, Bourjois stop making your products Mission Impossible to open & use.

Will I re-purchase: Yes, I plan to get more colors from this range.

They are quite similar to Revlon Colorburst, but they are better in terms of moisturisation & I also feel that they last longer as well. I even like the shade selection – they have a lot of pretty English Rose type of colors to choose from as well as darker shades. I wish they would do something about the silly lock!


  1. i like the color, its so good

  2. lovely shade .. i must try this :) .... have seen so many raving about this range :D

  3. there are only 5 or 6 shades in this..i like d 1st one...dat is d only light color..u wud like d darker 1s as dey wud suit u...

  4. @Retnu: Thanks!

    @Rashmi: I hope you like it too

    @Bhumika: Really? Coz I saw a good 12 shades in this range.. Yup I like these lipsticks :D

  5. lovely lovely shade..price is bit high but bonjour is with in this range only :)

  6. The colour looks so coral and so damn pretty Tanveer. Yeah lol i know wat u mean about the mechanisms, but i dont have too many problems with their blush...Ill check these on a lip product spree these days

  7. Such a pretty color! Hey, I like the silly push button :D, but not the ones in the blush pots though


  8. ya only 5-6 shades on the site..I dunno how many on the counters though..

  9. Hi Tanveer,

    That looks like a pretty English colour. I love these kind of colours. I am not really a lipstick person, more a lip balm kind of person. But i like the colour and more so the fact that the ingredients claim to be of 100% natural origin. Will def have a dekko.

    Anamika K,


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