Katrina Kaif’s Look in Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani

I know, this movie released like ages ago. I saw a re-run of this last weekend on TV. While the movie is total TP, this second watching allowed me to notice other things – like how Ranbir seems to be sporting The Body Shop Cheek & Lip Tint 01 on his lips in the movie, and also how ethereal Katrina Kaif looks.

Her style is totally girly, with cute headbands, polka dotted knee length  dresses coupled with those cute forehead bangs.

As far as her makeup is concerned:

Skin: flawless, dewy, glowy. Shivani of Adorable on Your Vanity thinks she must have used a MUFE HD foundation. (Thanks for the tip Girl!). Highlighter used along the cheekbones.

Eyes: Lots of mascara on both upper & lower lashes. I think she is also wearing some false eyelashes – probably a half set or individual ones on the upper outer lash line for that fluttery doe-eyed look. Also the lashes used are probably the straight ones as they tend to make the eyes look more rounded - which is perfect for the innocent babe look.  Tightlining with black eyeliner, Upper lash lined with black/brown eyeliner – most probably a liquid liner.  

Lower lash line done with dark brown eyeliner – thicker on the the outer corners – very lightly smudged on the inner corners. Eyeshadows kept subtle and minimal, highlighter used along the brow bone. The only smoky eye I saw was in a song where she wears this huge, billowing black dress.

Well defined thick but neat eyebrows to frame the eyes. The shimmery highlighter on the brow bone helps to give them a nice lift.

Lips: Neutral pink lip colors in creamy textures, in some scenes she is also wearing a clear gloss on top. The lips & cheeks are co-ordinated. So she is wearing a blush very close - almost identical to her lip color.

Cheeks: Peach pink  blush to make the skin look fresh, dewy & like it would look after a walk in the cool winter season. Most probably a liquid or cream blush. No shimmer & no heavy contouring.

So what do you guys think? Any more tips to help master Katrina Kaif’s look the movie?


  1. @IMW: Yup, the attempt was to give a general breakdown of her look.

  2. I just love katrina..her dresses,makeup,evertyhg..shes always so pretty..she has an angelic face...n in APGK she was so girly..wit nice makeup n oh so pretty dresses..loved ur break down..

  3. What a breakdown, you made it look so easy. Her eye makeup was really cool in the movie. Thanks Tanveer :)

  4. Awesome post!!! I really like Katreena in this movie...her hairstyle is really cute:))

  5. Nice breakdown :) This is the only movie i like of katrina.

  6. I love reading breakdowns, you should do them more often! :)

  7. awesome breakdown Tanz :) .... pls post them often .. and with so much ease you explained everything ... i would love to see kajol's makeup look breakdown if you can :D

  8. Awesome!
    Please check out my blog. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much :)

    Enjoy the holidays!!

  9. hie..i missed out on this..her skin is looking really dewy and her blush can be MAC Desert rose..just my two cents of contribution :)


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