Lakmé Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Crème with SPF 9 - Review

What Lakme Claims: This finely crafted moisturiser deeply conditions dry skin and even repairs skin damage caused by the harsh winter. The soothing blend of Honey and Avocado help restore skin's moisture, giving you soft and radiant skin. So indulge in this day crème with SPF 9 that will not only protect your skin but will also let you enjoy the winter sun.
This deep penetrating 12-hour moisturiser is packed with the richness of honey and avocado. Honey hydrates and smoothens dry, rough and flaky skin. Avocado with its natural moisturising factor, vitamin A (retinol) and E give you young, radiant and beautiful skin. With added SPF, this moisturiser even protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Smooth on a dollop of Lakme Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Lotion with SPF over cleansed face and neck for soft, smooth, supple moisturized skin all day. For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.

Price: 50 gm: Rs. 150/-
1.  The moisturizer absorbs quickly without any greasiness, easy to follow up with makeup.
2. It does moisturize quite well for 7-8 hours, and smells mildly of fruits.
1. It claims to contain retinol (Vitamin A). Retinol has been claimed to be a miracle drug – but the truth is it is a double edged sword.

While retinol does indeed help repair sun-damaged skin, it also causes the skin to become more vulnerable to the sun’s rays. This means that if you use retinol to repair damage, you need to ensure that you use a high SPF sunscreen when you go out to prevent further & even more intensive damage from re-occurring.
If you are using a retinol based product during the day, you should use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 along with it.
Now my major grouse with this product is that first of all – nowhere is a safety warning printed on the pack – that this product contains retinol which is known to cause an increase in sun sensitivity.
Secondly the SPF 9 of this product is too less to protect the skin from damage caused due to retinol.
This product, if it really contains retinol in concentrations appreciable to repair skin damage, should have been formulated with SPF 30 as base.  
I personally feel there hardly any or maybe no Vitamin A in this to repair any damage what so ever – it is all just marketing hype.
2. The moisturizing effect is very transient. By late evening my skin would feel very tight & itchy. I don’t know if this is because of any ingredient allergy or the cream itself.
Overall Review: While this is a good basic day moisturizer, I would strongly recommend anyone who decides to use this in conjunction with a  SPF 30 sunscreen with it. 

This product was sent for my consideration by the Company / PR but that has not affected my review of this in any way.


  1. Tanvi, wat was that hamper all about? Sorry, but I shd be talking abt the product first :) love the basket, by the way....

    Itchy? u wud still use this, though? So far, i have tried only strawberry cream from Lakme, which is still available i guess....I love that one, but not sure if i would go for this...thnq so much for the retinol-thing :)

    tell me wats with the hamper basket, for sure :)

  2. i love the strawberry one, eventhough it doesnt do anything special to my skin, i love the smell! great review,, u r rt, products with retinol should be used with caution

  3. Hi... i just started following your blog. I have combination skin. It gets dry but when i apply any cream, it becomes really greasy n i have to wash it off after an hour. Could u suggest a suitable face cream please ?

  4. @Divija: I didn't like that strawberry creme at all. It smelt lovely though. Yea, i did feel a lil dry & itchy when i wld use this creme, in the evenings, not sure if it had to do something with the cream or just the dry cool weather our city has been having.. the hamper basket is just to make the prdt & the pic look good :)

    @IMW: Even I bought the strawberry coz of the way it smelt. Damn waste of money it was, I used it later as a makeup remover. It was pretty good at that for some reason :P

    Thanks, glad u found the review useful :)

  5. @Chica: Maybe you should take a re-look at your cleansers - they might be too strong & the reason for your dry skin. In moisturisers you could try Fab India Vit E gel moisturiser for oily skin. I also suggest you go in for a professional consultation with either a dermatologist or one of these skin clinics. You may have misdiagnosed your skin type, needs or maybe using the wrong type of prdts. I hope this helps.

  6. this is quiet an intelligent review Tanz..This one is not for me at all ..will give it a pass for sure..

  7. amazing review :) ... i love u for ur honesty :)
    and thank u so much for mentioning it in detail :)

  8. Thanks a lot... I think i will go in for a consultation ! :)

  9. @Anamika: Thanks! Glad u liked the review.

    @rashmi: Hey! Thanks a lot. Glad to know you appreciate it. I just feel a sense of responsibilty that if I know something is not right I should inform my readers & so that they can make their own choices.

    If I don't do that What would be the difference then between marketing/PR depts of brands & my blog? and I also feel that readers can tell - when a review is genuine, and when it is a "paid for positive" review.

  10. yeah tanz i completely agree with you .. and thats why i love reading ur point of view :D :D
    seriouslly appreciating honey :D


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