Lakme Lip Love Lipstick - Review

What it claims: An exclusive lip color that leaves your lips hydrated while protecting them and nourishing then with SPF 16.
Made in Italy

Price: Rs. 550 (I got this for 485 at beauty centre)

In shade

In sunlight
 Shades available: 12, I am reviewing Aphrodite's Blush - a peach brown shade.


1. Pretty long lasting, although it doesn't make any claims of this sort, this lipstick lasts long - a good 4 to 5 hours if you don't eat/drink anything. After that it fades a little. I have been wearing this to office almost everyday since I got it on friday. I just need to touch up once during lunch.

2. I don't feel the need to use a lipbalm underneath this, it is moisturising but not that creamy to slide off your lips

3. The texture is very light, this doesn't feel very thick or gloopy on the lips.

4. SPF 16

5. The totally red, shiny christmasy packaging - it looks like a pretty christmas bauble - & also makes it very easy to pick out from my stack of lipsticks

6. It has some 12 shades out of which I liked Aphrodite's Blush & Rose Vintage the best. Even Strawberries & Cream is nice – it has a bit of shimmer to it. There are no blue toned pinks in this series. Most of the pinks are warm toned with a hint of brown, other shades are regular browns, plums, berry kinds shades.


1. It is a bit on the expensive side, I think these are being positioned as Lakme's answer to Revlon Colorburst. Well, it is good reply I must say.

2. For some reason, you cannot touch this up by just swiping it all over your morning left over lipstick. It doesn't adhere as well and also doesn't last long. The best way is to wipe clean all the left over lipstick from morning & start on a fresh slate. It somehow helps the lipstick last longer.

Will I repurchase: Definately yes. In a short time this has become one of my favourite lipsticks. Lakme seems to have stuck gold this time.

This is a very nice lipstick, it is moisturing, lasts long, doesn't feather, has some nice shades suitable for daily office wear. Aphrodite's blush is a very nice shade that goes well with most outfits & eyemakeup. I really like these & I am glad I took a chance with these.
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  1. I really like this shade!! But at such a high price why not prefer Revlon Colorburst lippies? What do you say?

  2. These lippies are sooo cute and so nice. The aphrodite blush is very pretty Tanveer

  3. @rakshanda: Coz colorburst doesn't have a shade like this! LOL.. I would rather get the shade I need rather than the brand. It is pointless getting another colorburst just coz it is the same price, if the shade I want is not there.

  4. Love the color :) great review

  5. d colors Lakme has gone totally crazy with prices..!! god knws wats wrong..

  6. @Nivedita: I know, I liked this shade too a lot :)

    @Sara: Thks :)

    @Shuchita: Yup, it is a pretty shade na

    @Bhumika: I guess since they were trying to match up to Revlon Colorburst they decided to price it the same. LOL. I would have loved it if they were priced around 300. Someone should tell them - if you are trying to beat the competition you gotta do something different (like a lower price band) and not imitate them completely! But then common sense is not very common, as we have daily proof :)

  7. these seem to be good and I too liked this shade but I am not convinced on the price...u know dont feel like spending so much on a lakme lipstick :P

  8. @HD: Awwww, I guess Lakme really needs to do some major brand building & trust exercise with its users..

    I obviously would have liked this to cheaper, but after using this, I am ok with the price. It is almost the same in quality as Colorburst, I feel. Just a lil bit of difference that Revlon's packaging looks real classy. I have been getting a lot of compliments on this lippie from my cfemale colleagues - they all wanna know what lipstick I have on, so I have no complaints. I feel that I got my money's worth.

    But if you are not convinced, better not to buy. :)

  9. I really like the packaging of this... So cute! That's lovely shade too. Yet to check them out


  10. i'm checking out all shades tomorrow :)
    i bet this colour looks awesome on you!

  11. These seem to be really nice- but as an Indian brand they shld have kept the prices a little lower- nonetheless they seem to be really gr8, will buy them when my revlon colorburst is done!!

  12. wow! such a gorgeous shade! must check it out :)

  13. Lovely shade... Could you do a lip swatch also.Helps lot better


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