Lakme Lip Love Lipsticks - Preview

Lakme has launched a new range of lipsticks called Lakme LipLove. The packaging is pretty neat - the lipsticks are engraved with the word LOVE. Here are some images of the shade that I got - Aphrodite's Blush.

They are priced around 500 Rs, and there are some 20 different shades. I quite liked some them, and bought this one first to test it out.


  1. That looks cute...Love Lipstick..hehe..Quit different from their usual style..Thanks for the heads up Tanveer.

  2. Heard about this one but didnt see it. Thanks for the preview dear. Wish you a very happy new year in advance :)

  3. so they have a new one too..didn;t know that...look beautiful:)

  4. oh i didn't know about this new lip love. the shade looks awesome

  5. the packaging is fantastic...but a lil pricey...are they creamy????

  6. cool color & snazzy packaging! waiting for the review :)

  7. @AOYV: Thanks! They have some nice shades in this range :D

    @GGG: You are most welcome - honestly the lipstick is nothing like Lakme - snazzy packaging, I like :D

    @Beautydiva: happy new year to you too! You had heard of it?? I was completely unaware, spotted it on the counter & I was like - what is this snazzy red thing with hearts on it??

    @Anamika: Yup, new launch.. yes, they look very good :D

    @Rima: neither did I, a new launch :)

    @SSG: yet to use them, they seem creamy tho. Can't say for sure.. I'm ok paying 500 bucks for a lippie - as long as it is worthy of it.

    @IMW: :D... i hope this turns out to be nice :D

  8. very pretty shade and pls review it fast :) .. the color is adorable tanz isnt it ??

  9. ohh my sooooo beautiful shade it...surely will want to buy are right, it is worthy of it.

  10. new launch from Lakme!! but whts with their prices?? wht kind of shades do they have ? any nice pinks? waiting for the review coz I am not way buying anything from Lakme without a feedback!!

  11. @Rashmi: Sure, I'll review it tomorrow.

    @Rakhshanda: They have some very nice shades in this series. I hope you like them too

    @PnB: Thanks

    @Bhumika: Yup, even I like it a lot.

    @HD: Yes, another new launch & these are imported from Italy.

    I think they are positioning these as Lakme's answer to Revlon's colorburst. In terms of shades - they have some nice rosy pink shades as well as brown ones. hehhehehe, I will review it soon :D

  12. nice colour


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