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Roghan Badam Shirin Almond Oil - Review

What it claims: A good source of Vitamin E, Manganese & Iron, Roghan Badam Shirin acts as a natural skin tonic protecting from free radicals, aging & blemishes. It’s like a natural skin tonic.

Vitamin E protects healthy cells from destruction by an overabundance of molecules known as free radicals. Manganese is a versatile trace mineral used as skin supplement for premature aging, irritations & blemishes.

Price: Rs. 75 for 25 ml bottle

Available: at all chemists


1.  A smooth textured, light, yellow colored oil, it spreads easily, absorbs quickly & does not feel very greasy.  Only a drop or two is needed for the entire face. It really helps treat dry, flaky skin on my face.

2. Excellent for the under eye area, it has helped lighten my under eye area considerably. A lot of under eye creams have almond in them as it said to lighten dark circles, sadly none of those creams did anything for me. This oil however has helped a lot, and my eye area looks brighter – I have been using this for about ten days now – twice a day.  Plus this is really mild & doesn't sting the eyes at all.

3. Easily available at local chemists

4. I also find this suitable for using as a base underneath  makeup. After I wash my face, I apply a drop or two all over my face & let it settle for about ten minutes. I proceed with my makeup after that & I have not had any problems.

5. Rich in antioxidants, a study published in the March 2010 issue of the International Journal of Dermatology claimed that almond oil protects the skin against damage from harmful UV rays. Subjects who were treated beforehand with almond oil experienced less photoaging of their skin.

6. Ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greci-Persian medicinal schools have used almond oil to treat problematic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. According to the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at the Salisbury General Hospital in the UK, almond oil has shown to reduce scarring.

1. The moisturizing effect is a little shortlived. While it softens the skin, it doesn’t seem to moisturize from within. If I skip this for a day, my skin starts to feel dry again. I am not sure this is because of the oil, or the unnatural dip in temperature & cold, chilly winds that Mumbai is experiencing.

2. While I appreciate the fact that it is sold in a glass bottle which is less damaging to the environment compared to plastic, (as glass is easy to recycle), I do wish they this had a flip cap on top as opposed to the screw cap cover. It would be easier to get to the oil.

Will I re-purchase: Yes.  

I plan to continue using this for the undereye area. Nothing has worked this well for me, to eliminate dark circles.
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  1. it works on the undereye area,, wow! I have to get this for my hubby then, he has terrible dark circles. guess I must buy this and threaten him to put it everyday lol.

  2. i am using fab india body oil...and i like its packaging but as it is a body oil i don use it on my face..:(

  3. works for under eyes... that gr8. i wanted a review on this oil for quiet a few months. thanks

  4. I like it so much, I use it on my legs and arms and on my nails as well :)

  5. You can eat flax seeds to moisten your skin from inside. It will keep dryness and flakes away ... yay !!! You can read about it in my blog if you want :)

  6. I also use this oil but for my hair along wiht other oils like olive, sesame and coconut oils. It's gonna be really helpful for people who have dark circles.


  7. amazing for hair too ...... if u want long , shiny , frizz free hair .!

  8. I have heard a lot about this..wud get this after d khadi body oil gets over..have u tried dat ?
    n how wud u compare this with d fabindia 1 u used ?

  9. @IMW: Yup, it did seem to lighten my undereye area. I hope it works for yr hubby too

    @Anamika: :D.. I tried to get patanjali almond oil - but that store is always closed :(

    @Amel: I hope u like it

    @Beautydiva: I just use ot on my face mostly..

    @Chennai Ponnu: Ok, thks. Will read it :)

    @Shoppingaholic & bubbly.babe: Not used it on my hair as of yet.. Thks for the tip, will try it :)

    @Bhumika: Nope, I have not tried khadi oil. I can't really compare this with the fab india one as I use this almond oil only for my face - that too primarily undereye area, and the fab india one only for my body. I have never used fab india oil on my face or my undereye area so I can't compare.

    1. is it also works as luxative.
      I mean is it good during constipation.

    2. Ha ha! Rohit, I'm sorry but I don't know.. I have never consumed Almond oil.

  10. That one single statement that it helped your dark circles...I am buying itself

  11. i used this all thruout my pregnancy... but still got stretch marks... didn't know abt the under eye effects... great tip.. will try them out!

  12. I religiously use this to lighten my dark circles..It also helps to soften d hair if used an hour before washing d hair with shampoo.A must have for every 1 with combi/dry skin.The only downside is its smell.There is also a Dabur version of this.Have u tried it?

  13. @GGG: I hope it helps you :)

    @Anks: I haven't used this on stretch marks so can't say.. I hope it works out for u this time :)

    @Minnie: I haven't used this on my hair yet. will try it :)... I don't mind its smell actually.. Nope, not tried the Dabur one - I had no idea there was a dabur version also. Will check it :)

  14. I use coconut oil..Makes my tangles behave...
    good review!!!

    1. Coconut oil is said to be awesome for hair :)

  15. Hi Tanveer.. i picked this up.. i applied it under the eye.. but do u wipe it off or do you just leave it on?

  16. hi, this oil really works...i'v got a normal skin so at times my skin behaves strange whenever the season changes.... bt by using this oil my problem got solved. This oil also works wonders on the ageing spots on face and other marks of injuries...... and yes good for hair as well.... i apply it daily on my face b4 going to bed...

    1. Yea, even I think this is very good for skin :D

      Thanks for sharing :)

  17. i have this but never used it regularly...i just add it to olive oil and massage my face!!!

  18. on d bottle it is given dat it shuld b taken along wid milk at night.. so is it ok if v use it fr external use lyk applying fr body n face???

    1. yes its perfectly fine for external use

  19. Hi all, I liked all the reviews as it sounds quite satisfactory. I just need to ask one thing. Can males use this oil on their face? I am already using badam shirin oil for my hairs as they are rough. So please tell me if I can use it on my face too as my skin is also dry and I have a little dark circles. Thanks.

    1. ofcourse you can use it on ur skin :) its a great oil for dry skin

  20. Hi everyone, I really liked all of your comments. I am using this almond oil from a week for my hairs and it showed quite satisfactory results. But, I want to know one more thing. Can men use this oil for their face? Because my skin is also dry and from last two months im noticing these ll ittle dark circles. Please give me some suggestion. Thanks.

  21. I have taken this for first time. I wanted to know whether we should apply this Badam Roghan Shirin directly to hair or we can mix it with our daily use oil(i almost use coconut oil for my hair)and use it.

    1. there is no problem in applying this oil directly or mixed with some other oil.

  22. As the oil promotes hair growth i was wondering if it is okay to use it on my face. i don't want facial hair

  23. As the oil promotes hair growth i was wondering if it is okay to use it on my face. i don't want facial hair

  24. Hi All.. I am new to this blog review site.. I am definitely going to try it for my hair growth and to lighten under eye dark circles.. i am dying to have long here, where this oil should help (fingers crossed).. Any further tip to grow hair faster???

  25. I've dark circles from last 2 years.. I hv used lots of creams to remove this but never secces.. Now i am going to use roghan almond oil. Plzz tell me is really its work?..

  26. I hv strong dark cirlcles from last 2 years.. I m so worried about this.. I hv used lots of creams to remove but never succed.. Now i m going 2 use roghan almond oil. I want 2 know does it really removes my dark cirlcles and help in lighting my under eye..?


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