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Back to Business :)

Hello Gals!

I'm back from my trip to Punjab. It was amazingly cold there, after a long time I had the opportunity to layer my trench coats & winter scarves - I enjoyed it tremendously. The food there was amazing - especially in my village where everything (Cauliflower & potatoes) had been harvested that morning to prepare our lunch. The curd was fresh & thick. The carrots were so red & so sweet - everything was organic & so yummy. The air was fresh, the water clean.

In fact I completely neglected my skin during this trip - no sunscreen, no day moisturiser, just this Neutrogena scrub & a dab of cold cream at night - my skin was glowing - no dryness, no acne - nothing. I had forgotten my foundation here in mumbai during the last minute packing frenzy - I was so worried - what would I wear for the wedding functions - But my skin behaved so well that I probably would have skipped it in any case.

But as soon as I was back in Mumbai - my skin began to react weirdly - it got dry around my cheeks & felt rough to touch, overnight I now have a new pimple on my forehead. I was very disappointed - what is the point of living in India's money capital if our quality of life (food, air, water) is so horrendous. People who live in modest towns in Punjab seem to be eating much better food that me.

Their lives are simpler, cleanser & more wholesome. *Sigh*.

But enough with my rant. the point I want too make here is for all those of my readers who live in smaller towns & feel like they are losing out on bigger brands & new launched - you don't need any of it - what you have is far more valuable than us - we will never be able to buy clean fresh air, or wholesome food here in mumbai no matter how much we pay - you guys have the stuff that lays the foundation to a healthy mind & body - so cherish it :D

Reviews will start again from tomorrow - my Lappie is still reeling under a viral attack so I might have to use standard images. Please bear .

How have you gals been?


  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful trip. Yes, the clean water and air make a wonderful difference to their overall health and wellbeing, and it shows on the skin. :-) Lucky you, btw! :-D

    (Some problem with comment form, so FYI, this is Speaking Chic). :-)

  2. Hey Tanveer...welcome back!! Looks like you had a gr8 time!!!

  3. Welcome back T. Sounds like u have a great time. I know what u mean about the fresh air in small just makes u feel detoxed instantly


  4. just reading this makes me want to pack my bags and go to my good ol' punjab !

  5. I don't know many punjabis but from Chetan Bhagat's 2 states all I knew is they love Paneer.. is it so???

  6. welcome back:):)

    missed your posts:)

  7. sounds super nice...i love d traditional punjab thg..been der jus loved it..welcum back :)

  8. Hieee!!!

    great to hear from you :)

  9. Welcome back tanveer!! Hope you had a great time:)Missed you!!

  10. Aww you're so true about the fresh and air and nature, small towns and villages have. I still dream of my village, fields, gardens, orchrds, cattles and on top of eveything smoked food... WOW

  11. Glad you enjoyed your trip Tanveer!It sounds so good. I just had food but your description of the fresh cauliflower, potato and curd has given me quite an appetite :)

  12. Hey really nice post!! Did you go to Rangla Punjab?? Isn't the food there fabulous?!
    And you just made me feel soo good about living in my little punjab town! Thanks:)

  13. Hey Tanveer.. It seems you have enjoyed your trip a lot ... I have also been to punjab a couple of times and can easily relate my experience with yours :)

  14. Welcome back Tanveer ! you were missed. I know what u mean, when i stay over in ludhiana, i come back with a glow (not just because of the ghee). And here my skin starts becoming dull and sallow again...

  15. @aarthi- lol hahahahah...panneerr.,..yes and butter chicken, and sarso ka saag and makki ki roti..we just love food. period.

  16. I agree. Simplicity is real beauty!! Seems like you had an awesome time!!!

  17. oh the villages and interiors are so clean and fresh and they definitely get a more wholesome food than us :) which is very healthy

  18. Hi tanveeeeer! missed you and can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!!:D

  19. 'lo there....welcome back :) I've been missing in action too...I think I am getting a tan from all this radiation from the decided to give my skin and fingers a break!...and you are so right...we all deserve a break once in a while to a place free of technology and trappings of city living...envy you!...but inspired to take a break!

    Anamika K,

  20. @Rohini: Hey! I always knew that fresh air & food are imp for the skin. Never realised that they have such an huge impact!

    @HD: Thks :) I did, I had fun there :)

    @CZ: I wish I cld have got a cylinder of that air back :)

    @Rima: You must! When was yr last trip? :D

    @Aarthi: I can't speak for all Punjus - but I love my paneer! :D

    @Anamika: Thks! I missed reading yr blog too :D

    @Vinita: Thks :)

    @Rakhshanda: Thks :D.. I missed reading yr blog too

    @Shoppingaholic: Awww! You are making me nostaligic now ;)

    @Corallista: :D

    @m.273: Thks! I cldn't go to Rangla Punjab as there was no time; in fact I wanted to show my hubby Model Town (Jalandhar) as well - but I had no time. I did go to Haveli though for my cousin's wedding & managed to sneak a trip to Raink Bazaar :D.. You are very lucky to live in such a fab place. A lot of times I feel like settling down in Chandighar myself :D

    @Shalini: I did! I wish I had more time though. :D

    @P&B: Thks! :D.. I missed reading your blog too, trying to catch up on all the posts now. I sometimes feel I wld need lesser prdts (=more savings) if i settled in punjab itself. & I agree, we punju's are big foodies - I love the papdi chaat & aloo tiki chat at Raink Bazzar in Jalandhar. :D

    @AOYV: I did! :D

    @Swati: not only is their food fresher, it is cheaper too! I was at Star bazaar yesterday - horrid veggies at double the rates :(

    @Afterglow: Hey! Thks for the warm welcome. I didn't shop much there - just got a couple of suits & a few rose earrings. Will share pics once my lappie starts to work

    @Anamika K: You shd spend some time in my village then - no cable TV, no internet. I spend my evenings looking for fireflies :D

  21. i went probably more than four years ago! should make a trip this year.

  22. Awesome post...I read it yesterday n then again today..You know the enthu is evident..And yeah...village life is so pollution, fresh air, fresh food...sigh

  23. I second you on that one. panjab da paani hi kaafi hai.
    i live in NY and every time i go back home to visit, my mother tells me how my skin is not so healthy and how my hair is dry and 2 weeks later she ll look at me and say, hun laggda khaande pende ghar da baccha. and i honestly don't know if it's my mother's food or the panjab effect, it literally makes me glow. sigh** :(


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