Gemma Arteton's look in Prince of Persia

To get Persia-nized, Gemma Arterton  spent hours (close to 3 hours everyday)  in the hair and makeup chair–an elaborate process, according to Arterton, whose hair was dyed jet black and lengthened with clip-in extensions. She also endured lengthy, meticulous henna tattoo applications and a head-to-toe fake tan achieved using a special face and body makeup by M.A.C. “The most tanned I’ve ever been in my life,” says the star of her Prince of Persia look. “When I watch the movie, I’m like ‘oh, God!’ Usually, I’m a very pale person.”

Ok, so while we don’t have to get tanned like her, her makeup in the movie, Prince of Persia, is still a nice, sultry look that one can attempt very easily.

PS: This is what I think can help you achieve the look, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Face: Just a simple tinted moisturizer would do, set with loose powder.  Under eye concealor is a must for this look.  Also conceal all your acne spots.

Eyes: Ok, girls whip out your kajals. First of all apply a matt eyeshadow that very closely matches the natural color of your eyelids, all over the lid. Use a shimmery nude highlighter on the brow bone.  Fill in eyebrows - make sure they look long & thick - well defined to showcase your sultry eyes.

Apply Black eyeliner in pencil all over the upper lash line, make sure the line is thin on the inner edges &  a thick line on the outer edges. Don’t make it a winged liner – just follow the natural shape of your eyes & don’t leave any gaps of skin – fill the liner well into the lashes. Use black Kajal on waterline and lower lash line (I like Lakme satin Kajal for this – u could use MAC Smolder too). Follow with tons of black mascara on both top & bottom lashes

You can also substitute the lid colored eyeshadow with a matt grey eyeshadow if you like a more smokey look.

Cheeks: a very light dusting of a natural blush/bronzer just to define the cheekbones– I like Colorbar Just Earth for this look.

Lips: Matt, MLBB lip color. As nude as you can go, if you can carry off pale beige nudes, then nothing like it, or else even simple brown pinks or light brown peaches will also do. Basically just a slight color on the lip – no lip gloss, no lip liner.

So what do you think? Any more tips to help us all look like Princesses from Persia?


  1. LOL I love your rules, I should steal them :P

    Nice breakdown!! I should try this look, this girl is so pretty!

  2. This is indeed an interesting break up and some what similar to what we also like in our every day make up look..isn't?
    in bronzer i would like to add mac get away bronzer with the famous colorbar bronzer.

    her eye brows are pretty thick in this look so filling them with a brown eye pencil will also work well..
    rest everything is so exact..

  3. I love this look...very simple and have guessed well about makeup...nice,fresh and interesting post.

  4. Tanveer! You answered my prayers! Ever since I saw this movie, i'd been wondering how to get Princess' look. I'm so trying this out soon! Man, isn't she gorgeous!? The look is SO SIMPLE and yet captivating...i think it's got a lot to do with Gemma's natural beauty:)

  5. oooo me too like your breakdown!!!! i even enjoyed katrina one!!! very helpful!! keep goin!!!
    also can you suggest a shimmery nude highlighter for eyes pls!!!

  6. I loved her in the her entry..she looked WOW..!! stunning was d word..
    later wen she roams around in deserts..she looked pretty normal but beautiful nonetheless...
    loved ur break down..n eyeliner thg..
    n ya..loved ur guidelines for comments :D

  7. Awesome breakdown Tanz!!! Loved her look in the movie and I think u've done perfect justice to the breakdown..

    And I just saw the rules u've added for commenting..LOL at the last one!! Did u really get such a comment ??

  8. Nice one! Maybe the fairer girls can try a bronzer?

  9. @AOYV: LOL! You can steal them - no issues. Just felt like I needed to put things down. This is an really amazing look & I think what makes it look so great is all that dusky skin she sports so proudly.

    @Anamika: yes, the look is very simple. Thks for the reccos on Bronzers :D

    @Rakshanda: Thanks :)

    @Afterglow: LOL! more than Happy.. Even I loved her look in the movie & I agree with you - she is a very pretty girl, I think that seductive combo of dusky skin with light eyes & all that kohl just made her look very nice.

    @Flamante: Thks.. Glad u like it. I use Jordana single eyeshadow in Champaigne as my shimmer nude highlighter for the brow bone.

    @Bhumika: Thks!! :D

    @HD: Thks a lot babes :).. Yea, I have had some pretty crazy comments in the last 2 yrs - once on a post about how to deal with open pores, someone commented about where they had bought their bridal lengha from & went on to give the link to the store that was in Jaipur, I am like, who asked you yaar, & if u wanna advertise on my blog then let me know, I'll send you my rate card :)

    @SpeakingChic: Yup, fair girls will need to use a warm toned foundation (with yellow undertones) and a non shimmery bronzer as well :D

  10. LOVVVVLLLLL @ rate card!! you made my day!!

  11. Really great tips!!! Seem so simple :))
    Nice post!! :)


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