How to wear Red Lipstick

Hello Gals! How’s the week coming around?

Posts will be a little slow this week & next as I prepare for my cousin’s wedding. While I have been getting my clothes in order for the events, I have also been mentally trying to line up the makeup I would wear with each, which I discovered is not such an easy task.

Since I mostly wear makeup to office – it tends to be quite routine – simple, neutral lipstick. Brown eye shadow paired with eyeliner. I tend to stay off dramatic shades like red lips or smoky eyes.

But dressing up since the past few days has made me realize that sometimes a bit of co-ordination between the makeup & your clothes can really help you shine! So here are some guidelines on Red Lipstick – which clothes to sport them with.

Please keep in mind that these are just my guidelines, please feel free to experiment & stick to your own gut feel when it comes to makeup.

Wear red lipstick when

1.      You are wearing white/black clothes or even neutral shades like navy blue

2.      It looks especially nice when paired with denim jeans & a white tee / white salwar kameez – dresses up the entire look or even a black sari.

3.      When you plan to wear a deep pink/red blush – try NYX Red Cheeks

4.      Use simple browns/greys on your eyes.

Avoid red lipstick

1.      When you are wearing red or pink – too much matchy/matchy (unless you are wearing a black/white coat on top of the red)

2.      When you are doing smokey eyes – too much going on. Also please don’t pair it with blue eyeshadow. Not nice.

3.      When you are wearing pink/peach blushes – it clashes according to me.

Most of you must be aware that our skin tends to be either warm or cool tones & the best way to get a red lipstick to suit you is to get it in a shade that matches your tone. Below are some shades that might suit you when looking for your perfect red

Cool reds
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Classic Wine
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Au Currant
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Cherries in the Snow lipgloss
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Certainly Red
  • Revlon colorburst  lipstick in True Red
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Very Cherry
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Are you Red-dy?
Warm Reds
  • Revlon Colorburst lipstick Crimson
  • L’Oreal Color Riche British Red
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Ravish Me Red
  • L’Oreal Color Riche True Red
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Summer Sunset
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Red Revival
  • Maybelline color sensational lipgloss in Cranberry cocktail
What are your favourite reds & which clothes do you pair them with?


  1. i love cranberry cocktail sooooo much...its my favourite red lipglosss...

  2. hey nice post, havent seen the maybelline cranberry cocktail, will have a look soon...
    and enjoy the wedding

  3. I dont wear reds that much.but thanks a bunch for the list of warm and cool reds, will be checking out warm reds for sure!

  4. i will keep in mind d list of warm reds now!

  5. Wow Tanveer, great post. Its a little tricky to wear a red lippie but you have simplified it with your tips and recommendations. Thanks a ton dear :)

  6. I don't wear red but sometimes we have to wear red for have given a nice list for red lippies. thanks.

  7. Great tips, Tanveer! I've always been hesitant to apply red lipstick, and the only time I applied it was at a cousin's wedding. But now, I'll try to use it more. :-)

  8. Dont have the confidence to carry a red... :( i saw ur pics on FB though (the one Jugnu taged)

    wow you are glowing!!!! :D

  9. Nice post Tanveer! Red lips are quite a trend this season! I have Revlon Colorburst in 'Crimson' and I've worn it with red T-shirt with a brown corduroy jacket/blue jeans and black liner and on another occasion for my photo tutorial on my blog on how to wear bold lips with a blue skivi .
    Just a small correction here..I hope you don't find it offensive..Revlon CB 'Crimson' is a cool red and 'True red' is a warm red.


  10. I am too wary of red..never worn it..but want 1 perfect red..will check out d warm reds...thanks for the list...!!

  11. I have 3 or 4 red lippies. But I'm too much of a chicken to wear it :P. I'm really trying to work up the courage to wear it.

  12. I have revlon crimson only and it suits my warm skin tone :)

  13. LOve it Tanveer. I so love reds! the chart is quite good. Now I'll go to the store and get what I don't have in my collection. :> :>

  14. Nice post...n the list is awesome! I've been thinking about getting more red lippies :D. I usually wear red lips with white/grey/black


  15. @PnB: It is my fav red night time lip gloss too!

    @Retnu: Thks :)

    @IMW: Yup, you generally wear pinky browns :)

    @Vanity: I hope it helps you

    @Beautydiva: Thks! :D

    @Rakhshanda: yea, there are some people who carry off red effortlessly - with any outfit - unfortunately I am not one of those, so this post came out of looking for my red :)

    @Speakingchic: I hope you enjoy it :)

    @Anks: thks a lot :D

    @Corallista/Ankita: Nice to know you like red as well. Hmm, no I don't find your correction offensive at all :D, we all make mistakes right?, but I stand by what I have mentioned in the post. Revlon Crimson is a warm red with slight orange undertones, True Red is a cool red - it has cool berry/blue undertones. At least that is how they appear to me, when i swatch them. The list is purely based on my opinion.

    @Bhumika: LOL! I hope you find the courage to wear them

    @Poohkie: So what do you do with those lippies? Use them as a stain - just apply with a finger tip - that should help you slowly start wearing them :)

    @Anamika: I have seen pics of you in that Crimson & you look awesome Anks! Crimson is a warm toned red with orange undertones so it wld look good on most Indian women.

    @Nivedita: Thks :)..

    @CZ: Thks :).. Red lippies look awesome on you CZ, as we saw in a recent post :D

  16. Hello,

    Now that's the kind of list i was looking for around a year back for my sis's wedding. That's the only time I wore a red lipstick, and had picked up a MAC one and a Revlon (latino kiss)...dont remember the MAC one - and I think very few people manage to carry off red...esp Indian skin tones, also have fun at the cousin's wedding!

    Anamika K,

  17. "a red lip, like the girl that wears it, is never boring"-lauren santo domingo.

    great post, amazing tips!

  18. The only time I remember wearing Red was on my wedding :P
    But now I'd love to experiment with it..for drama sake for special occasions !
    Ur list will come handy in selecting one.

  19. Hi,
    I will appreciate your help in knowing if someone with a yellowish skin tone can carry off a red lipstick? I would like to add a little colour to my attire but due to my yellow skin tone that tans very fast, I have been a little vary about trying one...


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