Jordana cream blush - review

What it Claims: Nothing

Pink Cheeks & Tan
Price: Rs. 199 for a tub. I have Pink Cheeks (the bright red/pink one) & Tan (brown)

Where: New Beauty Centre (Khar)


1. A highly pigmented cream blush – it is total VFM, especially if you are new to Cream Blushes.

2. It has slighter harder consistency than NYX – meaning that you won’t end up picking excess product & neither is it likely to melt.

3. Coz it is not so waxy, it does last long (3-4) hours on the face. Once set this doesn’t smudge at all.

In shade: Tan on Top, Pink Cheeks bottom
1. This is not as soft as NYX, therefore it is a little difficult to blend when compared.

2. Limited colors – only these 2 are available. (There was a 3rd one also, but if I remember correctly that was *ahem* purple – I was very tempted to get it just for the novelty sake)

3. This might be a discontinued product – I couldn’t find it on the Jordana site

Will I repurchase: Maybe just the Pink Cheeks (pink/burgundy) one. I don’t like Tan (brown) so much – I had got that one very adventurously thinking that I would use for contouring purposes (and also coz it was nicknamed after me) – never got down to it, partly coz it makes me look muddy.

In sunlight: From L to R: Pink Cheeks & Tan

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  1. haha..u got Tan coz its nicknamed after you :D..these seem to be really good for someone starting off with cream blushes :) I have only 1 cream blush and off late have added couple of blushes to my collection so feel like taking a break on blushes but thn whenever I see any pretty blush I get soo tempted :(

  2. very beautiful shades Tanveer...i'm sure it'll suit on your face. cream blushes are good in winter.

  3. very pretty shades ... i love jordana's lip liner .. u tried tan :) .. ur nickname :D :D

  4. of your fave brands na Tanveer?? Sadly I have never found it yet :-( Would love to try the pencils.

    pink cheeks is cute

  5. Vey pretty shades. Lucky you because you get the Jordana. In Kolkata it is available but everytime I try to buy something they say that they are out of stock. What a despair!!

  6. Looks good.... how do you apply and blend it? With a brush?

  7. These look cute! I like Pink Cheeks. I prefer soft n creamy cream blushes, but yeah these are total VFM


  8. @HD: LOL! Yea, very few prdts named after me so I thght I shd get the one that is ;P.. These are nice for those new to cream blushes, VFM. I know what you mean by temptation - new prdt launches everyday really eat into my wallet :)

    @Rakhshanda: thks :)

    @Rashmi: I have their lip liner in sexy mauve & another shade I don't remember - they are total VFm too :D

    @Nivedita: !! too bad, i hope u are able to lay yr hands on it soon

    @Anks: No, I simply use my fingers for cream blushes

    @CZ: Pink cheeks seems to be fav here :).. They are VFM - kinda like u get what u pay for. Even I prefer creamier blushes ;)


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