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LUSH Babyface - Review

What LUSH Claims: The Baby Face bar is another of our solid cleansers which we developed in order to avoid using preservatives on the skin. It melts on the skin so you can softly smooth it all over the places which need cleansing (it's an excellent make-up remover) then to take it off use warm water on 100% cotton wool or a face cloth and you will be astonished at both how lovely and soft your face feels and how clean the Baby Face gets it. Each smiling bar has four different natural plant butters in it to remove dirt and put back moisture. Its lovely scent comes from toning tangerine oil, narcissus (which we use to make so you beautiful you'll want to look at your reflection all the time) and everlasting flower (to give you everlasting beauty).

It was made as a solid, preservative-free alternative to Ultrabland.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Coconut Oil (Theobroma cacao), Fresh Avocado Butter (Persea gratissima), Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata), Narcissus Absolute (Narcissus jonquilla), Everlasting Flower Absolute (Gnaphalium uliginosum), Perfume.

Price: Rs. 460 for a bar (which roughly weighs 35 gms)

How I use this: I just rub this all over my dry face – it immediately starts to melt on skin contact. Once I have a layer of this on my face – I rub gently for 5 mins & keep adding a bit of warm water to emulsify it into a lotion – after that I wipe it all off with a damp hot wash cloth.


1. It is quite moisturizing for winters, thanks to all the butters & it leaves behind a film of moisture. It does make the skin very soft.

2. Time saving for dry skin. One need only use this as a single step of cleansing & moisturizing.

3. It does take off makeup like foundation, lipstick, concealor.

4. No presservatives, completely natural except for the perfume bit.


1. Very pricy & not economical – the picture above is of the bar after just 3 uses. Maybe I use too much, but I feel like I need a lot of the product to make it work. I have been using it for a month now & that tiny piece is gone, plus the bigger piece is also ¼ over

2. Not a good idea for those with greasy or acne prone skins. Those who like that squeaky clean feeling will not like it.

3. It is not very good at removing mascara or eyeliner. You will need to use a separate cleanser for that

4. It is sold as a open, naked bar – there is no container – you have to buy it separately – making storage an issue. I stored it in this blue plastic dabba I have.

5. The baby’s face starts to look a bit ugly once you start to use it  coz all the cute features get smudged off, plus the one I had broke into 2 pieces!

Will I repurchase: Possibly only once a year for using during drying winters.  I don't like the fact that they sell this only wrapped in plastic - for that price they ought to throw in a container as well.


  1. the name n look is damn like all lush products..finishes off soon..

  2. not for me for sure...i have acne prone oily reminds me of old soap bars which women used to wash clothese..remember ?? :D:d

  3. Sounds good for winters....bad that it finishes of soon:( Great review!!

  4. HI Tanveer, i agree with you review completely. Mine looks UGLY! and the storage is a pain. But i still like it because it does not sting and removes all my makeup. However, I for one don't like the greasiness it leaves behind so I have to use a cleanser.

  5. I like the pros. but honestly speaking the baby face freaks me out. It's after effect of too many horror movies that i have watched in my whole life...:(

  6. Great review!! Very helpful and informative
    im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  7. not for me, hey Tanveer, how were ur bday celebrations

  8. Its so cute :)

    I want to try it, for sure!

  9. i have super dry skin maybe it will suit me but it is so pricey..hmmmm...

  10. I was concerned the first time I used BF, while I was rubbing it on my face, it was greasy and I was thinking, oh no, im gonna regret this, and how will I ever get it off! But I went on... While massaging BF into my skin, it felt soft yet greasy still removing all the eye make-up. I got out my wash cloth and soaked it in warm water, slightly ringing it out i began removing the product. To my suprise, it all came off. I gave the washcloth one more good rinse and my face a clean sweep with the now cool rinsed washcloth. Every minute that passed I could feel my face drying and tightening. End result.... Clean! Not a hint of greasy. In fact, I still feel the need for a moisturizer, but still not as tightning as "other' product junk,(which i can't tolerate) I'm one to wash and moisturize, I don't like the 'tight' feeling on my skin and this gave it that 'tight' feeling after washing.

    I get a greasy face as the day wears on and use mineral powder a couple time a day to get rid of it. Overall, I am happy at the way it cleaned and it left my face clean, soft and even toned. No redness in sight! My skin has never looked better since i started using Lush products. I will use BF every night, only alternateing w/Queen of Hearts and still using Herbalism AM/shower. I'm Hooked!

    I love it! Thanks Lush

    Welcome to my blog at:

  11. the name is soo apt :) but lush products put me off by their price :(

  12. Hello...I had contemplated on picking it up a while back, but back then i wasnt too enthused on using a solid cleanser and also since I dont wear too much make up, gave it a siad completely natural, except the it artificial and fruity??...also is it worth picking up just as a facial cleanser for a moisturising wash? and hope you are having a good start to the new year and belated b'day wishes!...

  13. @Bhumika: I was thinking - It is actually a good thing for LUSH prdts to finish off soon, as they all expire in 6 mnths in any case LOL - rather over than throw away spoilt prdt na :P

    @Anamika: Yea, Sasa Detergent Tikya :).. I think u might like this coz it is very similar to OCM - but then this might be too rich for your skin :)

    @Rakshanda: Yea, it is nice for winters..

    @Afterglow: Yea, they don't look so cute once u start to use them.. it is very gentle though

    @Shoppingaholic: I totally understand LOL!

    @MsShamz: Thks :).. I'll def chk out yr giveaway

    @Retnu: I had a lot of fun Retnu! ;D

    @AOYV: I hope u like it too, only it doesn't remain cute forever though..

    @SSG: It is kinda pricy - but then it has a lot of nice nut butters too. I think it is a nice winter treat ;)

    @Intel: Really! It suited u so well! That's amazing. This is a nice prdt, only a bit pricy. I wld snap it up in a jiffy for daily use - only if they got the price down to 250 Rs. :P

    @HD: I think they shd name it Moon Face - somehow reminds me of this character from Enid Blyton's Enchanted Tree - Even I don't like their prices :P

    @Anamika: It smells citrusy, but in a light way. Since fragrences are personal - I suggest u take a whiff yourself.. This is neither a facial cleanser nor a moisturing wash. This is just solid oils useful for deep cleansing by the Oil Cleansing method. Pls try at the store, before purchase.

    Thks for yr wishes - I did have an awesome new year & b'day too :)

  14. Sounds like a quite a "hatke" product. But like you said, LUSH is on the pricier side.

  15. Really cute!! The concept is very unique...and expensive!!
    nice review!!

  16. im always wanted to know.. how do you store these?
    isnt it a hassle?


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