Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30 PA ++ Review

What it claims: Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30 provides long lasting hydration while reducing the appearance of melanin and uneven pigmentation. Infused with HealthyWhite™ Complex and light diffusing minerals, this daily whitening moisturiser delivers an even, translucent skin tone.

Price: Rs. 250 for 50 ml bottle

1.      SPF 30 protection (UV-B) & PA ++ (UV – A) protection in a lightweight lotion, this absorbs into my skin instantly and feels very light, I don’t break out in the beads of sweat that I experience with other sunscreens.

2.      Highly moisturizing – I don’t feel the need for a moisturizer the entire day, it moisturizes for a good 9 to 10 hours.

3.      It has light diffusing minerals (you’ll see the lotion glistening when you apply it) that act as a subtle illumination lotion for the skin giving it a very healthy glow , plus my makeup goes on smoothly on top – none of that irritating balling up that happens with some sunscreens.

4.      The packaging is very sanitary – the lotion is dispensed through a pump bottle plus there is another cap to cover the nozzle opening.

5.      I have been using this for 3 weeks and I have noticed that it has made my skin tone more even and also lightened my acne scars (I recently suffered a major acne outbreak – I always get scars when my acne heals – even if I don’t burst them) – also it didn’t make me break out. Acne scars have not faded completely, but are comparatively much lighter. (But these were all fresh acne scars – I don’t know if it is equally effective on all acne scars)

1.      Leaves a major white cast on the face if you apply too much or don’t blend it in well. Luckily for me, my lakme compact is a tad yellow and a shade darker, so it does help me deal with the white cast somewhat – I think the reason for the white cast is the sunscreen in this lotion. I feel it is best to avoid this lotion, if you might be photographed – you don’t what to look like a white ghost.

Will I repurchase: Yes.
I was looking for a replacement for my daily SPF 15 sunscreen, as I was advised to bump it up to 30. Most of the sunscreens I tried were very thick & sticky & didn’t feel so good on my skin. I have dry skin, and this not only moisturizes well – but also combines the benefits of a good sunscreen.  I generally top it up my Lakme compact and the combination seems to be doing well.

If you have oily skin you might find this review on Anamika’s Wiseshe useful.


  1. me too fighting acne spots these days :(, nice review Tanveer as always

  2. Awesome review as always Tanz :)
    i will try this for sure , was tempted to buy this range for a long long time :)
    ur review came and m all set to try this but yeah i will control the application as mentioned it leaves white cast :)

  3. HI Tanveer, good review as always. But you know the Fine fairness cream didn't do anything for me except give a ghostly white cast to my face and I couldn't correct it with anything. so agree with you on that con. Plus it didn't smell very good - it reminded me of a plant(!) Does this lotion smell nice?

  4. hey i like the big comment moderation thingy u have "ON" rt now.its sad that ppl simply post hate comments and such just to ruin a person's day. Even I get them sometimes. It really puts me in a bad mood. ah anyway thanks for the review tanveer.was planning to buy this but the whitish cast claim is actually making me think twice

  5. Great review Tanveer! Sounds like a good one:))

  6. Hi Tanveer,

    Good review. I had tried the Neutrogena sunscreen and found it to be quite good, in the sense not sticky and doesnt make you sweat. Thats the only chemical sunscreen I have. Just a word of caution though - i was reading up on fairness lotions and creams and most of them contain bleach which over a period of time thin out the skin and make it photosensitive - sensitive to the sun. Though am not sure Neutrogena would have bleach in their products, they do say Healthy White complex, but still do check the ingredient list. Here is the article had read it on:

    Anamika K,

  7. Wow, for Rs 250, it seems like a VFM product. Neutrogena has really rethought its India strategy.

  8. @Retnu: Thks :)

    @Rashmi: Even me, my friend had the cream & she didn't like it. So I tried out the lotion, it is nice but it gives a white cast & since u have oily skin - you may not like the illuminating particles, might make oily skin look even more oily

    @Afterglow:I use it primarily as my sunscreen + Moisturiser, I wasn't really looking for any benefits per se, but I was happy to note that it worked well on my acne :).. The whitish cast bit is not nice - but that happens to me with almost all high SPF sunscreens - I guess that causes the whiteness. As for smell, I have never noticed anything offensive about its smell.. It has kind of never registered coz it is quite mild. I'll take a sniff today evening :)

    @IMW: Thks! People post such stupid comments at times - they won't even read the post - will just write "hey! visit my blog".. I know what u mean, just ignore the trolls who write nasty stuff. It does give a strong white cast that needs a bit of blending. :)

    @Rakshanda: thks :)

    @Anamika K: I have their spf 50 sunscreen too, I use when I'm out in the sun for more than 30 mins :D.. & even I like it a lot. Hey! Thks for that link on fairness creams article, I did read it & it did sound scary. But I don't think neutrogena has bleach. I have posted the list of ingredients in the last image.. This is not really like those fair & lovely creams - I don't think it makes you fairer, coz I haven't turned fair in the last 3 weeks - but it has evened out my skin tone a bit (I have some patchy pigmentation remaining from my last chutti :P) - so now my forehead matches my cheeks :), plus my acne has lightened a bit. God knows, I hope neutrogena is not using bleach - coz I really like using this lotion as a daily sunscreen :)

  9. Yeah i hope it doesnt have bleach considering it doesnt sound like one of those - 3 weeks to getting 8 tones lighter, also the article mentions that products which lighten pigmentation are better than those promising should not be bad... :)

    Anamika K

  10. Thanks for the review. I am desperately in need of a sunscreen higher than SPF 20. Will try this out.

  11. great review as always. I used neutrogena fairness cream but it did nothing for me except for the white cast it gave my face. will try this one.

  12. @Anamika K: Ohh no! I don't this makes you fairer, it probably just evens out the skin tone - that too probably coz of the both UVA & UVB protection it offers - so over time, the skin is protected from the sun's rays & the melanin naturally eases up a bit. I hope this doesn't have bleach - it is the first high SPF prdt that my skin can tolerate :P

    @Poohkie: I hope you like it.

    @Amel: Uhh Ohh! I don't think you'll like this either coz this too gives a white cast & honestly I don't think it brings about any real fairness if that is what you are looking for. This is just a simple moisturiser with sunscreen. Regular use of suscreen might help even tone your skin.

  13. Ah, in that sense it is good then... :)and glad it suits your skin...

    Anamika K,

  14. this product looks amazing :) I am gonna try this. Great review.

  15. ohh then i will skip this ... but this range from neutr. is very inviting :) love the white packaging :D :D

  16. Where can I get this neutrogena fine fairness lotion spf 30 made in Korea, not in USA


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