Taking a short break & some shopping updates

Hello Gals!

I'm not gonna be posting very often for a week now - My cousin is getting married & I'm gonna be busy with that.

But just to share some info with you guys, I was out shopping today & Pantaloons (Lower Parel) is hosting some major discounts on cosmetics -

PS: Recounting from memory - I could be a little wrong in certain cases.

Faces - 20% off (I love their eyeliners & already have them in 4 colors (grey, metallic brown, regular brown & turquoise) , cheap at 250 (prediscount) - do try those)
Colorbar - 15% off
Lakme - BOGO offer on Lip artists pencils & 9 to 5 lipsticks
Maybelline - 15% off (I think, or is it 10% - not sure)
Revlon: Buy two lipsticks & get one free (the free ones are preselected 3 shades - one in frosty pink, light brown & deep maroon - I didn't like any - reminded me of old Lakme lipsticks - sorry Lakme)
L'Oreal: some 10-15% off plus they are giving away a pink bag on purchase of 1000 plus.

At Lifestyle:
Bourjois (At Lifestyle) has some offer if you purchase 1000 bucks +
Lakme: BOGO offer on 9 to 5 plus voucher worth 250 on purchase of 1000 plus

Accesorise (Paladium) has 30% off on selected items - I got this Dorthy Perkins Bow Ring from there for Rs. 200, in additional to these pale peach colored rose earrings (Rs. 350).

Happy Shopping People!


  1. wow!thanks for the info tanveer. its high time i visited palladium.

  2. will wait till then, but u have fun and come back with loads of cherished memories....where r those peach earrings, btw?

  3. accessorize has beauuuutiful, cute jewellery
    i splurged a lot over there on my birthday. love that ring!
    i love weddings. i have one to attend in the first week of february. :D

  4. Show us some of your makeup looks from sisters wedding if you have time..

  5. Thanks for the info Tanveer! You accessories look really cute and pretty. Congrats on your cousin's wedding..hope you have a great time.

  6. I also want to lay my hands on these lucrative offers... but :( I stay in Delhi ...

  7. Girls in Mumbai!! you're so lucky.

  8. Good offers na..I used the offers in Bourjois and Lakme last week :-)
    Enjoy your time at the wedding..And thet pale rose earring is uber cute.

    @Shalini - Most of the offers Tanveer has mentioned is in Delhi too..I shopped from Delhi only.

  9. enjoy the marriage and break-time!! have loads of fun!!

  10. The lakme offers have not yet hit the stores here. I'm patiently waiting for it. I think its time I pick up a few more colorsensational glosses from Maybelline because i'll get a discount of 7.5 extra. Yippieee!

  11. i went to life style today but they didn't tell me about the 250 voucher..grrrr....i purchased stuff above 1000 and got the eyeliner free though:)

  12. I love the peach earrings too...!...should check out accessorize...and love weddings, esp family weddings, have a good time! :)

    Anamika K,wwww.purebotanicalcare.com

  13. I would love to see any makeup looks that you do from the wedding (if possible!). Enjoy celebrations! xx.

  14. congrats to your cousin babe! all the best to her!

  15. dos earrings r super cute...
    btw i wanted to ask 1 ques..which 3 lip artists do u have ? i want 1 terracotta..which other wud u recommend ?

  16. hi.. we will miss your updates.. Enjoy the wedding!!!

  17. i loved those rings, i just wanted to grab it from the screen itself, super cute

  18. Love those earrings...I recently got a similar one in red color from Vero Moda...So Cute!!

  19. Have fun at the wedding and thanks for the discount updates. :-)


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