Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact - Review

What it claims: Instant fairness in your palm!

Presenting the new Multi-mineral skin lightening compact SPF 20* for a visibly fairer skin. It flawlessly blends into your skin making it look visibly fairer and translucently radiant. And it’s great for your skin with UVA/UVB filters for sun protection and the goodness of Multi-minerals.

Its unique formula contains

Oil free, Light-weight , Suitable for everyday use

MRP Rs. 150 (Incl. of all taxes) for 8g.


1. The powder is very fine & blends easily. It doesn’t require a lot of blending or buffing and it also provides light coverage. It does help soften the appearance of pores a little bit. I also apply a light dusting under the eyes and it doesn't seem to settle into lines.

2. Does not leave behind any whitish cast to the face despite the SPF 20. I generally apply this over my Neutrogena moisturizer these days and it goes on pretty well, doesn’t ball up or clump up in any way.

3. This is pretty long lasting – it stays on my face for a good 6-7 hours. The other day I travelled by the local train in the middle of the day, upon the end of my journey – in the cab I wiped my face with a tissue & was shocked to this powder on it. It had lasted on my face half a day through a 50  min auto ride, 10 minute walk, followed by 3 hours in AC, a ride back on local train – all in the middle of the day.

4. Packaging is pretty – there is a nice mirror inside & the price is pretty competitive.

5. Suited my dry skin pretty well – I didn’t experience any further dryness and neither it emphasis dry flaky skin.  


1. There were no testers at the store, the SA asked me to go for 01 Ivory Fair. While it did suit my coloring, it is a tad yellow for me. Nothing major though. But I don’t understand why Lakme has not sent out testers for this.

2. The puff provided is ok, nothing great – ok in emergencies.  It does help apply the powder well. I generally use a dry sponge or a more fluffy puff.

Will I repurchase: Yea.
I got this after reading this product compared to Maybelline Whitestay by Anamika of Wiseshe (read it here). I would use Maybelline earlier, but because it needed so much blending to avoid the white cast – I stopped using it.

This is a very nice, economically priced compact for daily use.

P.S.: Sorry for the standard image, still coming out of my New Year - B'day Party Haze and haven't had time to take pictures.
There are 6 shades in this range. I am reviewing 01 Ivory Fair


  1. Tanveer, how is the coverage with this one?

  2. @Retnu: I hope u like it :)

    @vanity: Coverage is light - mentioned in Point no 1 in Pros.

  3. I have heard very nice thing about will be really good. I'll definitely try it.

  4. sounds very decently priced!!!

  5. Hi Tanveer, was looking to buy a new compact. Was wondering about Lotus Herbals but after reading your review I'll go for Lakme.

  6. Great review..I was tempted to buy this but was pissed that they didn't keep testers! Good to hear that it blends easily


  7. I'm looking to buy a new compact in a few weeks for regular use. Will definitely consider this. I guess testers will be available by then. :-)

  8. sounds gud..wud get it..
    i like ur note from the universe widget..i get dat daily in my mail too :D


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