Colorbar I - Define Eye Pencils - Swatches & Mini Review

I’m not gonna do a “propah review” of these, since I think most of you have these pencils.

These are the older sisters (so to say) of the I-Glide range.

They are comparatively very hard - they also tend to tug & pull at the lid, but also last a bit longer than the I-Glide range. I really like 2 shades in this a lot - Truffle (a shimmery brown) & Moss Green (bright jewel green). I have bought these at a price of Rs. 250. I have no idea what they are priced at right now.

In sunlight: L to R: Truffle, Moss Green & Black

In shade: Top to Bottom- Black, Moss Green & Truffle
 While they are nice shades, I will not be re-purchasing these, simply because I don't like the hard texture. A lot of brands now offer similar shades.


  1. I have this in black and though I wanted to buy Truffle there s are too harsh on the eyes when compared to all the creamy pencils available in the market now..

  2. Truffle is to die for!! Too bad I have not seen this brand in Malaysia.....

  3. I've wanted the truffle for a long time, but it's never available in the stores!

  4. Moss Green looks good but the brown 1 is awesome. Thanks for the review :)

  5. Too bad they are hard, the colors are gorgeous!

  6. I bought the black last month coz I forgot to carry an eyeliner in my bag, and yes yes yes very hard indeed


  7. btw, how do these rate vs the maybelline unstoppable eye liners. Those are hard as well.

  8. The Moss green is awesome, i have the brown one and you are right they are hard to apply.


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