Diana of London Shooting Stars Eyeliners - Review

What it claims: An eyeliner dedicated to all women who wish to enhance their beautiful eyes. With exceptional luminous effect, mysterious glow and extra soft, smooth and brilliant texture.
Gives maximum pay off, glides on easily for long wearing "stay in place" color. Glittering eye liner allows you to wear in various applications and modulate your looks as you like. Can be used as an eyeliner, eye shadow, or a high lighter. Adds intensity and color to your eye. Available in ten rich vibrant colors.

Application Tips
L to R: Mystic Star & Gold Star
-Start at the inner corner of your lid and apply along your entire lash line following the contour of your eye.
-Apply over entire eyelid and blend to give a dramatic eye shadow effect.

Price: Rs. 400 odd (I got these a year ago at a sale – 40% off)

     1.  There are in total 10 different shades in this range – I have 02 Gold Star & 05 Mystic Star – as they both are very unique shades – they go very well with Indian outfits :)

     2. Highly pigmented & creamy in texture

     3. Once it sets (takes few seconds) – it stays put – long lasting (8 to 10 hours) & smudge proof.

     4.  The liner body is the same color as the liner – making it easy to pick them out from a bunch


 This brand is not easily available – I got these from New Beauty Centre (Khar) – but recently the counter there was closed.

In shade: Top: Gold Star, Bottom: Mystic Star
Will I re-purchase: If I come across another counter, I’ll def pick some liners up. I like the very creamy, shimmery texture of these liners. The color payoff is very good & they last long. 

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  1. wow!thats a great review. i will check it out for sure as its so easily available in kerala and most of the big cosmetic centres, they have a counter for diana of london :)

  2. Wowww both the shades are gorgeous!!!! Will surely pick one or two shades if I find them anywhere :)

  3. WOW, great review. Diana of London is available quite easily here in my country. Will definitely check it out :)

  4. omg..i've d same liner in green! agree thy r very creamy. i even have thr lipgloss

  5. I have heard about this brand but never came across any reviews. Nice to see the review here, hope I find it here in Chennai so that I can give a try..

  6. both colors r pretty..esp d gold..

  7. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretty tanz :)
    m def going to pick these
    thanks a lot honey :)

  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! loved both the colors and now I hope I can find this at the Beauty Shop :) Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. BTW..Happy Valentine's Day!!

  10. Wow!!! Those are some amazing colors :)

  11. Are all the colours in this line shimmery?

  12. Both shades look nice! 40% off? Wow! :D


  13. I really like them too...I have only the green shade though but its really nice- very smooth and really rich and intense...
    good review!! :)

  14. Beautiful colors!! Gold Star is gorgeous :)




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