Do you match your makeup to your outfit?

I don't.

For the simple reason that I feel it is very easy to look dated & tacky in makeup that goes full on matchy-matchy. It is better to just complement your outfit instead.

Complementing means that you stay within the same warm or cool tones. Generally.

So if I were wearing a burgundy colored Indian outfit, I would opt for deep copper toned eyeshadow and would pair it with a deep rose toned lipgloss.

If you wear mostly neutral colors (brown, beige, grey, black or white), a purple or khaki or charcoal grey eye shadow would be great with lips shaded in a natural tone of lipstick, alternatively, you could also do simple neutral eyes with a deep red lipstick.

Gold eyeshadow tends to look really good on Indian skin, so you can use it with most colored Indian outfit.

For western outfits, a fool proof selection is soft brown to dark brown, or grey and make it smokey, if it is night time, pair with a rosy lipstick. Also if your outfit is sexy, keep your makeup simple.

Ok, let's say you still wanna match your outfit - then choose between the eyes or the lips & match only one of them to the outfit. If you are wearing a dress that is blue & pink - don't wear blue on the eyes & pink on the lips & cheeks. Decide between one - either do blue eyes with a nude lip or neutral eyes with lots of mascara & pair it with a bright pink lip.

The only exception I make is when I wear earthy, metallic tones like copper, bronze colored outfits

But these are just some rules I follow, I do know of some people who do wear matchy-matchy makeup & look gorgeous in it. But then they would look gorgeous even with mud on their face. :-)

So what are your tips for dressing up? Do you match your outfit to your clothes?


  1. Well I dont go all u said..either eyes or lips :)

  2. Hi tanveer! I usually like to match my eyes to my outfit. Sometimes I don't. My lips would then depend on what my eyes look like. At times I match my lips to my outfit! I like mixing it up:)

  3. i hate matching my eyeshadow and lipstick with my clothes. it looks horrible!

  4. I never do that. but i do try to use a lippie thats kinda matchy matchy(atleast summin that complements my outfit) with my outfit :) dont know y......but i do it :D

  5. Great post tanveer! I like matching my eyes with my clothes....but not the lippie. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I go with lips sumtyms..or complementing colors..depending on mood :)

  7. I normally hate the matchy-matchy look & prefer to wear complementary makeup. But sometimes, I get these moods when I want something of my makeup to match my clothes. So I use an eye liner which is the same colour as my dress & use it ONLY on the top lash line (very thin line). This way only a very small element of my look is matching & it looks good.

  8. I don't match my makeup with my outfit exactly because it looks too...tacky! I agree that staying within the color tones is more ideal than going for the exact shade of your outfit.

  9. I tend to match my lip colour to my outfit, but not all the time. Sometimes I don't match the colour per se, but the "idea". Like if there's maybe gold embroidery, I might use a metallic lipstick.

  10. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. When I wear something bright then eye makeup is mostly neutral, but I like to add a little bit of the bright color just on my lower lash line or a little in the center of my lids. With that some neutral lippie


  11. Me don't go matchy-matchy either but like u said,some can really pull it off well!


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